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Juror Reveals Why Bill Cosby Walked Free

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  1. Dave Erickson says:

    I guess my first question to my fellow jurors would be, if we are to believe what the plaintiff claims, WHY did she wait years to report it?? $$$ ? Juries tend to believe a woman’s claim IF it is reported Immediately!!

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      My thinking too.

  2. Stephen Howe says:

    Why? because he is a negro. OJ all over again…

    1. Ken Thomas says:

      No, he just might be guilty and you can take that race card and shove it up your ass.

      1. Stephen Howe says:

        Bill IS guilty.

  3. Roman Durbin says:

    Like most of the comment makers I don’t know the details, but judging from what I know, there is plenty of reasonable doubt. She did not claim that he had forced her to take the pills, did she? She just claimed that she had felt pressure because he was her boss, but this is what SHE claims SHE felt. It does hot prove that he intentionally put pressure on her. There is more of this sort. And the jurors were not allowed to take complains of other women into account. If he actually did a crime (and it is likely that he did) it is a very bad deal for the lady, but the reasonable doubt is the reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, it seems that many jurors voted on emotions. Otherwise there split would’ve been more in favor of acquittal, I think

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      With you Roman. – The law is the law for everybody,,,,,except for the NWO Marxist (AKA Democrat) elite, anyway.

  4. george briar says:

    this loon will never be free every where he goes people know what he is he can’t run away from it and can’t hide from it. his dismal career is gone he will never get a chance to be alone with another woman besides his stupid wife that knows it as well and is only hanging around for the money she has no dignity. He has no friends, fans, or family that want to see him he’s an island no one cares about any more he lost big time and should be looking over his shoulder every where he goes for the rest of his stupid life.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Yea, he is suffering,,,especially when he is in his brand new chauffeur driven car on the way to his Beverly Hills mansion.

  5. pappy450 says:

    1. He is a black man
    2. He is a “movie star”/actor
    The woman didn’t report it probably because who would have believed her? When more than ONE woman came forward with EXACTLY the same “story” she probably felt like she was “not alone”.
    NO ONE no matter who they are, how “important” they are, or how RICH and famous they are, should be above the LAW. BUT look at what is going on in “government” right now. SCUMOCRATS/RINOS breaking laws right and left and walking out after pleading the “fifth”.

  6. vinny says:

    He walked free because he is a celebrity and a NIGGER!!!

    1. Gen11American says:

      It could also be that Bill Cosby has already suffered as much Karma for his crimes as any man should suffer. On January 16, 1997, Bill Cosby’s son, Ennis Cosby, was shot in the head and killed near Interstate 405 in Los Angeles, California. Since the citizenry of the US appears to be very displeased that he has gotten off without serving prison time, he could be he’ll be making a mistake by going around the country, lecturing on how to avoid being what? Victims of rape by drugs? Since jurors would rather acquit Hollywood icons than spend the time necessary to reach convictions, it could be it’s time to shift to use of panels of three (preferably Conservative) judges to decide criminal cases.

      1. vinny says:

        His son probably deserved it.Their is always something tragic happening to a NIGGER because they can’t keep their mouths shut.

    2. mpdMD1965 says:

      Please do not use that terminology in this setting. There are many very fine black individuals who are more law abiding than Hillary Rotten Clinton could even dream of being. What negative term applies to her?

      1. Mathew Molk says:

        So who’s talking about them? I have many associates that that are hard working good men that happen to be black and actually have 3 close friends who are also black. – Most of them hate niggers more then the KKK does. (Look up the origin of the word some time)

    3. Floyd says:

      Vinny you have showed the world you are a true cross burning demoKKKrat

      1. vinny says:

        Thanks for then compliment.

        1. SDofAZ says:

          And you are right, the race card and the position would have been tough to overcome. The more women who stepped forward the better the argument. Kind of like Bill Clinton. Eventually the women will be believed but only after the slime uses all his other diversions. Time is a factor but not when the person is a powerful person. Then it becomes a question of how many women have been harmed and are they all liars? Hillary are Bill and now this Bill want everyone to think they are. I don’t think so especially if they all have the same story to tell or close to it. That is called the perps MO.

    4. Mathew Molk says:

      He;s not free YET,,,,,,,He’s getting a re-trial, but that goes to the defence more times then not.

  7. mpdMD1965 says:

    How many jurors in this fiasco were on leave from prison cells or were certifiably brain dead? These cases make a mockery of our justice system. Why waste the money when it is a fix on place ? Hopefully the system will change when hillary rotten takes the stand. I vote death penalty in her case. Either that or incarcerate her with Barry O whose punishment is long over do.

  8. Mjollner says:

    How about he was not guilty! Who cares if he was black or white! …Highly suspicious – these woman waited so long to bring charges…highly suspicious – some of them stayed in close contact with him for years after the supposed incident…more female entitlement garbage…just like the fake rape cases on campus…women trying to make an extra buck off a rich man!

    1. Just Saying-2 says:

      But he is guilty. He has admitted to drugging women before sex. He has even paid a few off.

      1. Mjollner says:

        That has been taken out of context.. not in this instance…Geesh, you are not CNN, are you….fake news!

        1. Just Saying-2 says:

          Bull. Read the old stories. And he settled out of court with some of them. He’s a rapist demented POS. Get off the koolaid. He is nothing like the character he played on TV.

          1. Mjollner says:

            Never really liked him, until he began to preach the idea of individual responsibility to the black community….therein lies his problems…the leftist saw him as of the reservation…so they had to get him! Read my comments never have been a Kool-Aid drinker…your position much more identifies with this dysfunctional group than mine. Continue drum beat for the femminization of America…wake up!

          2. Just Saying-2 says:

            That doesn’t change the fact he drugged women against their will to rape them.

          3. Mjollner says:

            Please run back to the Huffington Post they are calling for you!

          4. Gary_L_Thompson says:

            This case bears considerable resemblance to Bill O’Reilly’s. Though Cosby has many more accusers, in both cases the strongest point against the accused was both had paid off to settle out of court. However, it seems in neither case was there anybody who cared, until it was decided the person had to be squelched.

            Even if both were guilty, it should alarm and infuriate every American that sexual harassment has been slimed and perverted in this manner to serve only as convenient weapon to suppress dissent. It shows the left’s true contempt for both women and healthy human relationships ( ). These are not really Americans linked by a devotion to liberty and respect for the individual and his or her rights, but reminiscent of the 20th Century Nazis and Communists who were only interested in punishing political crimes.

    2. Mary Jackson says:

      I believe, and hope that is true.

  9. Just Saying-2 says:

    What color were the 2 holdouts?

  10. vinny says:

    NIGGERS think they are always right. They are wrong for just being born.

    1. Mary Jackson says:

      I guess we know what color your skin is.

      1. vinny says:

        PROUD OF IT!!!

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