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John McCain Spewing More Ignorance About Trump

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  1. dennis cheever says:

    Out of all of the Senators who are worthless, McCain leads the pack. Retire him with force.

    1. John says:

      you mean extreme prejudice?

      1. dennis cheever says:

        Very extreme prejudice!

  2. John Kovach says:

    This old man needs to get out of politics. His days are over and it appears that he is losing his mind. The Democrats are full of nothing but rejects and he seems to fit in.

    1. David Estes says:

      He’s a RINO!

  3. Lillian DeVore says:

    Too bad we can’t vote for or against other states’ representatives. I do not trust McCain.

    1. KDC says:

      He’s a phony RINO.

      1. Craig Vandertie says:

        Many have sunk even lower than that they are Rats and so is McCain.

    2. Craig Vandertie says:

      For 1 would you want the people predominately Looney Libtard States cast their vote for the Federal politicians representing your state?

  4. Nina Ferguson says:

    I want to know why Mr. McCain had all of the Vietnam records sealed until way down the road. Does he want to be dead before these records can be opened and read? WHY are these records not unsealed and allow the people of the US free access to read these and find out what Mr. McCain is trying to hide. I have read a number of things that say that the Mr. McCain’s record in Vietnam was not as “stellar” as what he likes to claim. RELEASE THESE RECORDS.

    1. mikegru says:

      just like Obama

    2. Barbaracvm says:

      I believe Mc is hiding some conduct of his that if known would be detrimental to his reputation

    3. Jimbosidecar says:

      You can read the stories from his co-inmates of the Hanoi Hilton. Takes some digging but it’s on the internet. His fellow prisoners called him John the canary and didn’t think too much of his behavior.

  5. Carolyn says:

    McCain has always been a loser. He couldn’t get elected when he was a Democrat, so he pretended to be a Republican to get elected, and now he’s like a sore on your nose that won’t go away. The politicians have been trying to pressure him into retiring for years. I am sick and tired of these so called reporters printing propaganda about what is said i the oval office. They weren’t there, so they have no clue what was said, and you can’t believe anything a disgruntled employee (Comey) says. Plus, what is it with these liberal democrats these days about Comey being so great? Before Trump was elected, all the liberals wanted his head for screwing up old lady Clinton’s campaign, and they all hated him. So what changed? Oh yeah, a republican is responsible for getting rid of him instead of a Democrat. Talk about double standards… As far as I’m concerned all these Liberals are traitors and should be kicked out of office!!! When are the voters going to stand up and demand term limits for both the House and the Senate and get rid of these power mongering, greedy career politicians, including the corrupt and treasonous Republicians??? I’m never going to vote for ANY incumbent politician again.

    1. KDC says:

      Comey is a Clinton, BO stooge trying to take Pres.Trump down. Ha, Pres.Trump got the best of that idiot!

  6. mikegru says:

    a born looser if it would not been for father he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on Arizona Voters you have been taken

  7. Marvin Barry Cohen says:

    I remember the heroic John McCain standing nobly for America, Where is he? Will someone please Pick this child up and place him in his playpen with his blocks and squeezy toys? His very irritating.

    1. Dan says:

      Agree 100% or maybe Mr. Alzheimer’s has been visiting him !

    2. Tony Rowell says:

      nah, even his military record stinks

  8. Kirk Kahler says:

    well McCain is working for the left ! he has no idea what is going on any longer and he has no plans to help America ! all he has is hate for team trump since he was so badly whipped by trump ! this is the kind of crap that America dose not need and America sees this and I feel that McCain days in office are numbered ! America is looking for people that are willing to be leaders and work with team trump to make America great again ! trump is going to drain the swamp and McCain I hope is on that list !! as trump has stated America needs winners not losers and McCain is a loser and has been for some time that is why he supports the corrupt Obama/Clinton/MSM cartel ! we do not need him in office and the state that he is to support sure the hell don’t need him ! time he steps down and let a fresh young and willing to work for America a person to take over and help team trump make America great again ! safe again ! and rich again !

  9. David Estes says:

    I have included a address that you can read the article on McCain’s hidden debriefing records. He sponsored a bill that became law that sealed all those records. The article is very interesting. Should be shown to the people of AZ and to the republican who runs against McCain.

  10. KDC says:

    McCain needs to go crawl back under his rock. He’s a RINO, elitist with a NWO agenda. Can’t fool anyone anymore, McCain. We know who you phonies are.

  11. John Arribas says:

    Iit is sad that a once highly valuated patriot, is now nothing more that a guy thats outlived his value and reputation. that he was a staunch hard ass patriot there is no doubt. he has outlived that value. It is time for him to retreat to the farm,out to pasture. He is irrelevant and can only smear his diminishing stature HE ONCE COMMANDED. RETIRE GO TO PASTURE YOU HAVE BECOME A BITTER LOSER WANTING TO TAKE DOWN ANY ONE THAT’S A WINNER, AWAY WITH YOU NOW A KNAVE. YOU KILLED THE LEGACY YOU COULD HAVE SAVED

  12. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    McCain needs to retire. He’s outlived his usefulness in the Senate. Mr. Trump needs to allow Putin to release the notes that the 2 Russians have of their meeting with the President. And, exactly WHY does McCain have a problem with the meeting being in the Oval office? What better place than there? As long as no government secrets were given, I don’t understand the problem. And, meeting there guaranteed no spying on them. I’m sick of the media publishing lies!

  13. Rudolph Russo says:

    M c Cain is losing it! I don ‘t trust him. Wouldn ‘t want to share a foxhole with him. He s. Shumer s and Pelosi s friend. I guess he sneeswith those who are trying to overthrow the Government thru Illegal leaking etc. Treason and espionage type of behavior. Not too mention illegal unmasking of Citizens. He makes no sense just the Democrats. They all ate Trump. Arnacy may be next.

  14. Goldengekko says:

    GROW UP Senator! Be faithful to your Party and to OUR POTUS. Stop the hatred and work and speak for the betterment of America.

  15. AL says:

    John was once a HERO now just a ZERO

  16. Craig Vandertie says:

    Comey should have been fired on day one, why Mr. Trump delayed in the termination of James Comey is beyond me.

  17. Charles says:

    This old RINO should shut up and retire !!!

  18. Jay Foley says:

    John, your day is over. Save what, if any is left. Do your last military act & BAIL OUT. Your sun has set. There is only darkness ahead for you. Stay & you will only be looked on a a bigger fool than you are now.

  19. tryscavage says:

    It is called the poison of resentment. People with enormous empty egos will never be able to accept the fact that all humans lose sometimes or if their ego is huge enough they will lose 99% of the time. This is John McCay. Extremely sad.

  20. John says:

    to bad he made it home from Hanoi.

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