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John McCain Is On An Anti-Trump Tear Once Again

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  1. Censored4Watt says:

    Only one thing to say here, with Respect naturally, Dye Earth Scum, Dye.

    1. Phillip says:

      How do you define “Earth Scum”, and what should they dye?

      1. Censored4Watt says:

        Definition shall remain in the readers interruption. eH!

        1. Phillip says:

          Is Earth Scum like pond scum??? PLEASE tell me!

          And, what kind of dye should we use on it? A natural dye, like henna, would be my preference.

          1. Censored4Watt says:

            Obviously your knowledge of, or LACK of in this case, understandings of the English language deserves No Further explanations. Now lets talk about O-bam-ma care Repeal and the vote macCain did and the True reason for his vote. Now that is worthy of an Intelligent Discussion, Right? eH oh by the way it is OK to be a closet Trump supporter. hehe

          2. Phillip says:

            LOL!!! You are cracking me up!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

          3. Censored4Watt says:

            Aloha SnackBar.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            And that is the NON response of a troll.
            A certain admission of defeat.

          5. 1madgrannie says:

            You’ve been cracked for a long time.

          6. ADRoberts says:

            His reason for voting NO? Simple The Bilderbergs are still working at bankrupting the country. And now that we are having a small recovery, it is making that goal harder. The disaster that is Obamacare is key to that destruction. And make no mistake. In order to have ONE WORLD ORDER, they have to take America DOWN.

          7. sandraleesmith46 says:

            TROLL ALERT! The nitpicker is just trolling!

          8. 1madgrannie says:

            OK pond scum, he meant DIE and we all knew it-are you the spell check police?

          9. Censored4Watt says:


  2. William M Durham says:

    McCain is a pure piece of shit, despised by his father and hated by most normal people who respect the Veterans of America. McCain was and is a traitor to the Veterans of America and the pilots he was imprisoned with, since he received special treatment and lived off his daddy’s name, money and fame.

    1. Phillip says:

      Yeah, but what about healthcare? Why was his vote wrong?

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Only a liberal who wants our country to fail would make such a statement. You don’t know math or you would understand. Socialized medicine has TWO guaranteed outcomes. 1. Greatly reduced quality of health care. 2. Greatly increased cost of health care.
        In fact, it will bankrupt the country. There simply is not enough money to give EVERYONE, including the 20 million illegals, the same high quality health care. Check the numbers. And add to that the massive cost of health insurance as provied by the highest paid executives in the nation. It is certain to fail. Along with the dollar.
        Now Phillip. Here is the truth. YOU can pay for own health care MOST OF the time, for less money than they will charge you for premiums, deductible, and copay. That is FACT. WHY? The massive cost of paper shufflers.

        1. Andrew Chiciak says:

          your facts suck…totally unfounded!

          1. Patricia Eddy says:


          2. pappy450 says:

            Perhaps you should check you own “facts” THAT IS, unless you are one of the LIBERAL SCUMBAG WELFARE LEECHES living off the REST of us. Then you are doing “fabulous” living off the backs of “WE THE TAXPAYERS”.

          3. Andrew Chiciak says:

            What you dont understand is that the right wing power brokers like the Mercers are the ones sucking the life out of our economies…;you dickless twot

          4. pappy450 says:

            Why don’t YOU remove your HEAD out of OSCUMBAGS ASS and open your eyes you communist liberal. The only “dickless” ones on this site are freaking LEECHES like you that suck off the government TEAT. (along with the “ELITE” DEMOCOMMIES and RINOS that are afraid OUR president TRUMP is going to put an end to YOUR endless SUCKING)

          5. Dee says:

            Which Andrew probably is .

          6. Hal says:

            Andrew you’re the one who sucks – do the research, dummy – or are you the miserable libbie who knows everything?

          7. Rodney Steward says:

            We know you’re just kidding, you’re really Maxine Waters, that was totally too stupid!!

          8. ADRoberts says:

            And that was the lamest excuse for a rebuttal. YOU LOSE>

      2. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

        Have you not read that insurers across the country are raising premiums 81%, since the repeal failed?? THAT’S why it was wrong. Government needs to stay OUT of healthcare.

        1. Dee says:

          Exactly ! Unfortunately when something is run by the govt it sucks and costs more. Our Founding Fathers Did Not want govt to control things like healthcare .

        2. June Burgess says:

          got that right we had decent premiums and deductibles long before obama self pay no care insurance came along. People with pre existing conditions had no problems getting insurance, I know that for a fact as 2 of my children had Cystic Fibrosis back in the 1960’s and 70′., Not like today where obama’s insurance cost is 600. a month and climbing with deductibles of 12,000.00 before the insurance companies pay a dime. and then the government cant seem to figure out WHY no one wants any part of their POS fake insurance.

      3. sandraleesmith46 says:

        Because AZ was hit hard by obamacare and will be hurt by its continuation! Choices, outside Phoenix and maybe Tucson are nearly non-existent, even for Medicare let alone the rest.

      4. Elena Bowman says:

        Remember that child in the UK. The policies of that country that put the Government and the Courts above the rights of the child and his parents. They didn’t want to spend the money to save that child’s life and they didn’t want anyone else to save him either. Whether you know it or not, the Death Panel also exists in Obamacare. That’s why his vote was wrong. And another reason he didn’t want Trump to win as long as he doesn’t have to pay for the Obamacare that he has that gives him a 72 % bailout so he doesn’t have to pay what you have to pay, Need another reason.

      5. David Estes says:

        Because all of congress have opted out of bocare and have paid subsidies by us so, why wouldn’t he want to vote no. He also seems to hate President Trump because he is trying to drain the swamp of these type of swimmers.

    2. jackhy says:

      William, I hope what you said about McCain’s background is another “fake news” story or that you have facts that bear out what you said. I have lost all respect for McCain due to his betrayal of the party & his constituents. I think of his military experience and POW term as high patriotism from all I’ve read. Maybe his current cancer status will close out his legislative career and life or he should resign or be voted out of office for his political stance.

      1. Thomas The Paine says:

        McCain IS a cancer!

        1. TadhgMcLir says:

          I would agree, but that might be being too harsh on cancer.

        2. harold caton says:

          get out while he can

      2. Mary says:

        Some of us feel President Trump was sent to us to save America and I feel the same, and maybe McCain’s evil attitude today is God sent catching up with him. That’s what i believe. Hope he never gets back into his unworthy chair in Washington.

        1. 78NTSUDE says:

          I feel the same as you Mary. We have to PRAY for President Trump. Maybe God will punish Ryan, McConnell, Graham, Cornyn, & the rest of the RINOs in the same fashion.

      3. William M Durham says:

        check out the back ground on McCain’s actions and statements while a POW/ And just what did President Nixon have to do to easy McCain’s transition back to being an American from his POW days as he had made statements and done things that did not seem to be in line with what other POWs did or said. Really strange he has no relationships with other POWS nor if a hero as claimed received no awards for his hero efforts. And Yes he was shot down on his first mission.

        1. Hal says:

          Right on, William. You are 100% correct with your description.

        2. Dee says:

          And to top things off he never got shit done for Our Vets ! He’s a POS !!
          He’s a traitor and I wish he would just get the hell out of our senate !

        3. jaybird says:

          Like father like son.

      4. David Estes says:

        jackly, if you want proof, why did McCain have his debriefing records sealed thru a bill in congress while no one else did. Most are public records if asked for but not McCain.I also know because I have first hand knowledge from my cousin who was a POW in the same camp as the traitor.

        1. esquire2 says:

          David, … Did POW John McCain have the respect of his fellow POWs? THX!

        2. June Burgess says:

          so was all of obama’s records sealed, so much for truth and transparency

      5. TadhgMcLir says:

        It isn’t, I watched it unfold when it was happening. I saw and heard the POWs he sold out (those that got home) He is a PoS and a DemocRat masquerading as a Republican. He needs to be removed from office.

      6. samw says:

        Look up McCain and Vietnam in YouTube if they don’t delete it to protect him from the truth.

      7. wminaz says:

        I am a veteran of his era and a resident of Arizona. I voted for him in the primary where he lost to Geo. W. Bush and felt clean in doing so. Since then he has been a disappointment and I did not vote for him in the election last November when he was, yet again, reelected. A couple of nights ago the AARP ran ads in Arizona (maybe elsewhere ?) thanking him for his healthcare vote. I took it as the Establishment propping him up from all the heat he has received. I could not agree more with your post, jackhy, it is well said.

        1. Houmid says:

          If AARP was rooting for the PPACA, that’s enough proof for me that it needs to be repealed pronto!

      8. harold caton says:

        my hope is for him to quit, retired ,get lost

      9. Doc says:

        He needs to be banned from the senate due to the lack of a brain.

      10. FStookey says:

        jackhy, William M Durham is correct. I am sorry to inform you that John “song bird” McCain DID receive special treatment during his incarceration in the Hanoi Hilton as a POW. I retired from the military as an aviator with twenty six years of service. A portion of that service was in Viet Nam. Over the years I have been privileged to know other POW aviators who witnessed John’s deplorable behavior while in prison. The stories are true; and, I recommend you might want to research further. His treasonous actions are in print. I am an Arizona resident/conservative voter, and I am continuously apologizing for his irresponsible actions in the US Senate. John can’t spell ‘conservative’ any longer!

        1. jackhy says:

          Many thanks, F.S., for the McCain POW clarification which I was unaware and I admit that I had not seen any of this data on public record. I have 2 cousins who were in the Navy & AirForce as pilots, one died in service and the other was an Academy classmate of McCain (always singing his praises!!). Thanks for your service. I was a ground pounder in the Army–Korea era and a loyal Republican!

          1. FStookey says:

            jackhy, thank you for your service to our country as well sir.

      11. Mark Plenn says:

        McCain almost sank his aircraft carrier when he mistakenly fired a middle while still on the ship. The errant middle set of bombs on oth

      12. klsparrow says:

        NcCain is 100% pure shit. His name name is songbird. 134 men died on the Forrestal because McCain was bullshitting around and caused a fire. He was removed from the Forrestal never to return because they were afraid that someone might kill him. Admiral John Sidney McCain was head of all forces in Vietnam 68-72 (CINCPAC). Notice the name that is why he was never punished for the fire on the Forrestal. Most of his injuries were from his plane crash. Admiral McCain was the reason McCain was offered release but declined. That right there will tell you he was not tortured are mistreated. He has sucked off that prisoner of war crap for years. Go on line and look up the people who were there with songbird and see what they went through like Floyd J Thompson 9yrs, Everett Alvarez 8yrs, William Robinson 7+ yrs. None ever talk about McCain

  3. Phillip says:

    Trump promised on the TV that “everyone will have the best health Care” but now he’s pushing a bill that will cost 20,000,000 people (including ME, probably!!) their insurance.

    WTF, that’s not why we elected him! HE LIED TO ME.

    So, the way I see it. Mr. Maverick McCain saved the congress from making DJT’s promise of great care for everyone a “locked-in lie”. Now, DJT can work with M.McCain to make sure I don’t end up dead because I couldnt afford my pills!

    1. beast48 says:

      I don’t believe like you that Trump lied. Thanks to the recalcitrant republicans that are supposed to have his back, he didn’t get a chance to install a proper insurance that definitely would have been better than the miserably failing mess that is obamacare. I am still also surprised that the 20 million number of people that will lose their insurance is still being kicked around. We’ve been told over and over again that at best there is only a little over 10 million on obamacare, yet if it is repealed 20+ plus million will lose their insurance? Really? is this the new math the liberals all love?

      1. Phillip says:

        You can’t blame this on Congress. Trump never a presented any kind of “really great insurance for everyone” plan. Had he done that, he wouldn’t have needed many people from the GOP, as the Dems would have loved it. Face it, like so many other things, he told us things (and we voted for him and those promises), and now he’s doing another.

        And, the numbers come from a politically independent congressional analysis office. And, keep in mind that ‘all politics is local’… in this case that *I* might lose MY insurance!!

        1. beast48 says:

          I can blame this on congress. I never expected the democrats to along with anything Trump does, that goes without saying. But to have the republicans do what they did was cowardly and should pay a price come the 2018 elections. Ted Cruz put up suggestion that most would agree was infinitely better then obamacare. But they couldn’t find the spine to go to a vote on it.
          As for the numbers, again, how can you have 20 million un-insured when only 10 million are enrolled? The CBO has never put out reliable numbers and are usually wrong, as in this case. I don’t care how so called independent they are.

          1. Phillip says:

            For me that he never even presented his “really great insurance for everyone” plan, and then pushed congress to pass the current TERRIBLE proposal is all I need to know that I was lied to.

            And, have you read the full report from the CBO? If not, what are you basing your estimates on? Actually, their projections from when Obamacare was first passed were remarkably accurate 7 years later.

            [Anecdotal as it is, I was in the ER a few weeks ago. From what I could hear, more than half the people in there were uninsured. And, they weren’t there for minor ailments.]

          2. beast48 says:

            First off, I’m sorry that your are having problems physically. I guess I would be where you are, about insurance, whether it’s about obamacare or otherwise. Given what we now know about how obamacare came about it’s hardly fair that anyone would call Trump a liar. Obamacare was passed under complete falsehoods and with architects of this farce depending on the “stupidity” of the American population, their words, not mine, along with the cooperation of all the democrats. They couldn’t tell the truth of what a disaster it would be so they lied. That’s a fact. I still believe that Trump is not going to let healthcare reform die. He will push until he get his way. Count on it! Phillip I pray all goes well with you sir.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            Don’t feel sorry for Phillip. This is America. And as an American, he could go out and try to find a solution. He could even go to Samartan’s Purse and join them. This is just one more person who has gotten used to BEING TAKEN CARE OF.
            News for you Phillip. We all die. No matter how much health care you get, you are still going to die Time to get ready to meet God.

          4. beast48 says:

            I understand your sentiment. As a believer in Christ, Phillip is one that although I may disagree with him totally, I know that he too is a child of God. As such I will pray to God that Phillip find healing but more importantly, if he doesn’t do so now, to go to God, ask for healing and direction in his life,… back to Him. I agree with you Mr Roberts that decisions are his to make. Instead of blaming everyone else for your plight, help yourself as much as you can and trust in the Lord. Have a blessed day my friend. .

          5. ADRoberts says:

            Excellent analysis and statement.
            Our part is doing our best. And God is trustworthy to handle the rest. It must be remembered that GOD’S WAYS are not our ways. What we see as bad, He redeems and makes good.
            One more thing to remember. Last days. The time of the Gentiles will end. I do not know all that that will imply. “Iniquity will abound. The love of many will wax cold.” And God WILL declare an end of His patience and willingness to give those who reject Him more and more time.
            Look up what was said of Ephraim.

          6. sandraleesmith46 says:

            I offered him a solution for his problem above; I doubt he’ll take it though.

          7. beast48 says:

            As someone who I read earlier said, it certainly comes down to the decisions we make. It’s hard to understand liberals who want to keep obamacare after seeing what a disaster it is. Who are they fooling other than themselves? As for the dems they are only looking to save their political lives with the help of the lame stream media to fool those that are the most vulnerable, like Phillip. I question that if obamacare is so wonderful then why is he in the sorry position that he claims he is in? What has it done for him. And if he so afraid of losing his insurance completely that means he has no other means, or at least has not investigated any other means of getting help for his condition. Seems to me if Obamacare is such a failure for him he would be glad that maybe someone is doing something better to help him. Unless of course he is ingrained in the liberal point of view that the Republicans are only looking to hurt guys like him. As a democrat as he, then that is a decision he has to live with. Again, it all
            comes down to decisions as to what best for ourselves. I don’t know what possible solution you advised him of, I pray he considers it closely and again, make the right decision for himself. Have blessed day Ms Sandra.

          8. ADRoberts says:

            You have made it clear that you are a Democrat, posting on this site as a troll. And you have indicated that you have no intention of accurately portraying what is going on in Congress. The Democrats are against Trump. The Republicans are against Trump. Neither of them care about the American people. They LOST in the last election and are now working hard to make sure that the RECOVERY that occurred as a result of the POSITIVE attitude that so many have now, will not continue. Yes, they will do ANYTHING to prevent Trump from succeeding. Including continuing to bankrupt the country.
            Now you and they have a problem. The subsidies to the insurance companies are about to expire. That means that the premiums that those companies charge for all of those UNWANTED required coverage will by necessity increase MASSIVELY. Guess who gets credit for that happening?
            The media and YOU will try to point the finger at Trump. WE, the Americans people, AREN’T BUYING IT.
            All we want is REPEAL NOW. Go back to the way it was before. As if Obama had never existed.

          9. RedRiverD says:

            Well if we weren’t GIVING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FREE everything we could afford our insurance. Where do the illegal immigrants come off getting FREE everything over our own citizens that can’t get affordable ANYTHING? We have to pay DOUBLE for everything so that the ILLEGALS in this country can break our laws and are given anything they want.

          10. sandraleesmith46 says:

            Not just the illegals but ALL the Muslims as well; refugees and otherwise; they refuse to buy any kind of insurance so obamacare was written to provide them coverage for free.

          11. sandraleesmith46 says:

            Rand Paul presented a plan; it was “rejected without a look”! Others have also done so over the years all of which have been ignored by Congress.

        2. RedRiverD says:

          I would like to see your proof that DJT has not done what he promised.
          From ALL (reliable) sources that I can find he has done more in 6 months FOR America than BHO did in 8 years.

      2. RedRiverD says:

        Great point, great point indeed.

    2. Freedom Rules says:

      WTF Is Wrong With You, Blame Congress POS McCain He Is The Cause Not Trump..

    3. sandraleesmith46 says:

      Who makes your pills? Nearly ALL pharmaceutical companies have a “low income” program where they subsidize meds for those in need, themselves; contact them and get set up for that! And STOP whining about “poor little you” being hurt by the repeal of something you apparently aren’t paying for!

    4. Terry Edwards says:

      You really need to read up on what you are talking about. Look no farther than Venezuela. Or Great Britain. If you dare to find out just how good it is.

  4. Phillip says:

    And, about the transgender part…sexuality is a mess here in the USof A (and it certainly got worse with last week’s BM tweets about transgender people in the military!)

    The way I see it, if you’re willing to take a bullet to protect our freedomS, whether or not you have a willie, or dress like you do even if you don’t, etc., you’re fine by me!).
    … but really, why aren’t we talking about health care? Trump promised on the TV that “everyone will have the best health Care” but now he’s pushing a bill that will cost 20,000,000 people (including ME, probably!!) their insurance.

    WTF, that’s not why we elected him! HE LIED TO ME.

    1. Freedom Rules says:

      Trump Didn’t Lie To You, Try Congress, The Repeal And Replace Bill Would Have Pasted If It Weren’t For McShame, POTUS Trump Is Just As Angry. And As For The Transgenders In The Military They Go In To Get Free Surgery To Change Sex Sorry But Us Taxpayers Don’t Want To Pay For This, And We Shouldn’t So Have It Done Before Joining..

      1. sandraleesmith46 says:

        Except not one of them ran on “repeal and replace”; they ALL ran on “REPEAL” only! Then they slid in the “replace” notion and couldn’t do that either! Fact is they did lie; NONE of them ever intended to get rid of obamacare!

    2. ADRoberts says:

      So much misinformation from you. First did you only get insurance after Obamacare went into effect? If so, you must be one of those outlyers. I see nothing wrong with letting it go back the way it was. Those who did not get health insurance back then either paid their own costs or were covered by country welfare or forced the doctors and hospitals to treat them and then did not pay. So who are you. “The fact is that of the 20,000.000 that you clim will lose their health insurance the majority had insurance before and it WAS CONCELED. by Obamacare. So YOU are the one who is lyiing
      As to the transgenders, I don’t care if they are willing to fight for our nation the ONLY reason they are now joining is to get the extremely costly SEX CHANGE operation paid for by the military. And in now way does any service they might offer make that reasonable.
      Now bright boy. Tell me about all the times that Obama REALLY DID LIE.

    3. RedRiverD says:

      There are people now that have the (UN)Affordable (DON’T) Care Act that do NOT have insurance.
      YES we pay outrageous premiums (because we are FORCED too),
      YES we have insurance.
      YES it covers pre-existing conditions,
      NO it does NOT cover a damned thing until you pay at least $5,000 out of pocket, called deductables,
      NO it does NOT come even CLOSE to what we had BEFORE the ACA,
      NO it is NOT really insurance and some companies are staying in the game but on ly after RAISING premiums by 55%, “to cover losses” imposed by the ACA.
      So you tell me about how many people are REALLY loosing healthcare insurance, NONE because they really don’t have any now.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        You know. Too bad yo can’t convey that factual information to those who are being paid to come on her and post against Trump and in favor of Obamacare. NO ONE believers that this guy is real.

        1. RedRiverD says:

          I do every opportunity I get.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Don’t forget to make your priority that which will never fail. Seek the promise of John 14:1-3. You probably already are.

      2. sandraleesmith46 says:

        Exactly; all you have is a worthless piece of paper that says you complied with the law; not health care at all.

    4. ADRoberts says:

      You must have cut and pasted that. You said the exact same thing up the way a little.
      Transgenders are NOT patriotic. They want their expensive elective surgery paid for by the military. I am not willing to pay for their mental illness. And that is what it is. As per the real doctors.

      1. sandraleesmith46 says:

        And more especially when that surgery doesn’t resolve their real problems in any case! That just makes the expense all the more onerous!

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Real problem? You are right. But the real problem is sin and a determination to be deviant and perverted.
          As to Phillip, he is all about what HE wants to receive. That is so typical of many Americans who want to lay back and TAKE.

          1. sandraleesmith46 says:

            Well, exactly; and NO amount of surgery will repair that problem! You’re right about Phillip too.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            It would be nice if I weren’t. Like Corinthians say. Now WE see through a glass darkly. Then we will KNOW even as we are known.
            The truth is that everyone IS known for what they are. As many try to hide it with clever wording and deception, it remains. Everyone YOU or I know, we are certainly aware of who and what they are. There is NO hiding.
            Just self deception.

          3. sandraleesmith46 says:

            It would be nice; I have times like that too, when I’d rather be mistaken, but alas…. People do know you for who you are, whether you know yourself so or not.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            “O wad some Power the gifte gie us, To see oursels as ithers see us. ”
            But along with free will, we have ego, pride and a degree of selfishness until we have DIED to self and are filled with the Holy Spirit. Even then, it is not possible to be objective about ourselves.

    5. sandraleesmith46 says:

      We NEED the gov’t to get out of health care entirely and have insurance go back to being for the catastrophic only. Without all the “middle man” costs, the general costs will drop and docs are more free to work out payment plans for their lower income patients, which might even include work for service, as they used to do. Electives need to be out of pocket along with routine care, not foisted on insurers or others buying that insurance.

  5. JS417 says:

    I used to like McCain. Not anymore. I think this tumor of his, has made him loose his mind. I do believe that the Republican party should kick him out. If he likes and defends the Demo`s so much, go join them you Traitor.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      His voting record is 40% on a conservative scale. Yes, he does vote WITH the Democrats. Just like McConnell and Ryan.

    2. sandraleesmith46 says:

      No; he was like this long before he had the tumor! Can’t blame it for him.

    3. Bob Hunt says:

      I don’t think the tumor has anything to do with it JS417!

  6. daneagle says:

    I think I finally understand why McPainintheass is doing, he tries to think but Doctors have removed most of his marbles he had for a brain! Now he has to rely on his tumb,,,,,,,,

  7. Clifford Rollins Jr. says:

    I’ll be glad when he’s helping the flowers grow !

  8. Daniel Graves says:

    John McCain is so jealous of Trump that he will do anything to try to hurt him. He is riding on his War Record and it is wearing thin. I hope he is defeated when he runs. He still depends on his father for money.

    1. Carol Hyndman says:

      Has he not recently won re-election? I don’t believe he will last until he is eligible to run again. P.S. I lived in Arizona at one time but am glad I left after 7 years even though I loved my job. Now I am glad I have been out of there since 1978.

      1. sandraleesmith46 says:

        Yes, last fall; and I don’t think it was won so much as bought; no one I know of voted for him, and yet….

    2. sandraleesmith46 says:

      He’s riding on his Daddy’s and Granddaddy’s war records; his own wouldn’t hold water!

    3. Bob Hunt says:

      Actually Daniel he couldn’t go very far on his war record !

  9. Frank Meccia says:

    Don’t worry, he won’t be around much longer, that tumor will do him in, just like the 98% who have had the tumor before him

  10. ADRoberts says:

    McCain has a very short time to repent and give the country restitution for the damage he has done. Then he will face God and be condemned. He is a wicked and evil pawn of ONE WORLD ORDER. And we all know that they, according to the Bible, are destined to become the ANTICHRIST.

  11. Robert Dimmock says:

    Someone called this two faced backstabber a hero, they had to be wrong; RIGHT? Or is this the real guy from Hanoi ?

    1. sandraleesmith46 says:

      Oh he’s the one: Songbird himself.

  12. RedRiverD says:

    At one time I thought McCain was a patriot, but NOW he is nothing short of a TREASONOUS, double dealing back stabbing, phony.
    He NEEDS to retire IMMEDIATELY for health reasons.

    1. sandraleesmith46 says:

      He was only a patriot in his own mind, and maybe a few VC minds, although I doubt them.

    2. 1madgrannie says:

      McCain used that POW crapola ad nauseum. His dad and grand-dad know he is the black sheep and would not be where he is had Nixon not pardoned him, which he did so because he respected the senior McCains that served with dignity. John himself-well I suggest you check with any of this fellow pows and then decide..

      1. sharon nye says:

        He is no more a hero than all the others that were captured with him. He uses his captivity as a political prop. The TRUE HEROS are the ones that died.

  13. Maggietish says:

    John McCain has become a detriment to the United States and American people. He has allowed his hatred for President Trump to affect him to such a degree that his actions, or lack thereof, are disastrous for the United States and the American people and in essence he is betraying all of us. It’s more than time for McCain to go He can no longer ride on his record of being a war hero in Vietnam because he’s doing nothing but disgracing himself now and harming the United States and the American people. One can sympathize with his health issues but thay can’t be used as a crutch for his anti-American behavior and decisions. McCain is proving, asso many other lifetime politicians are proving, that term limits are an absolute must. When it gets to a point that the Congress and Senators actually commit traitorous acts toward our country and the American people, as John McCain has done, it is long overdue for him to be removed from office and others like him.

    1. sandraleesmith46 says:

      Hon, he didn’t “become” anything; take a closer look at his record in USNA and beyond; he was no hero, EVER. Sympathize with the tumor if you must, but don’t believe his propaganda about Vietnam ! And he’s been a lousy “public servant”, serving HIMSELF only for decades since.

    2. Bob Hunt says:

      Maggiefish I like the way you put that, couldn’t have said it better myself!

  14. Patricia Anderson says:

    Brain Cancer indeed! Soul and Spirit cancer too!!!

  15. Jimmie Stevenson says:

    I’m on a anti- McCain tear! Send this anti-American asshole back to wherever he came from.

    1. sandraleesmith46 says:

      Panama! That’s where HE was born!

  16. SouthernPatriot says:

    Since McCain compromises with the Democrats and he never gets the Democrats to cross over to the right side, he is a failure. Not only a failure, but indifferent to the many thousands in Arizona who faced much higher health insurance premiums and were unable to afford that increase and had to pay the IRS a huge fine of millions of dollars. This did not matter to John. John’s word did not matter to him as well. What mattered to John was the pat on the back by the Democrats in the Senate and the praise by the leftist demented MSM.

  17. Barbara Johnson says:

    Johns McCain will go down in history as a traitor to his party the American people and of course his country. Once you peel that away there is not much left of him as a person.

  18. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    McCain NEEDS to be made to retire. He is a waste


  19. guest says:

    I am of the opinion, you cannot legislate sin. Especially sin of benefit – abortion. Let them sin, their sin, let them abort, their, sin, let them defy the way GOD created them, their sin. The difference is, NO One should be made to partake of their sin. NO One should be forced to support, condone, or be taxed in their sin. THAT becomes our sin.

    Cancer has been known to follow bitterness.

  20. sandraleesmith46 says:

    WORSE: he’s betrayed Arizonans yet again, abominably!

  21. Sunny says:

    McCain needs to go home receive his chemo and enjoy his last days with his wife, kids and grandchildren.

  22. Linda Faye White says:

    I don’t have to add my comment , Y’all said it for me /

  23. Ron haymaker says:

    Has he ever quit being a butt-hole?

  24. Michael Kovacs says:

    OK, First let’s correct the misleading headline. McCain did not betray Trump, there has been animosity between the two since the campaign debates. The two do not like each other and I can’t imagine the president being foolish enough to place any trust in a man who has made a career out of being a professional turncoat. Therefore there can be no betrayal if there was never any trust to begin with. Still yet there was a betrayal of a far greater nature as McCain and others betrayed the voters who gave the GOP a majority to repeal the atrocity that is “The Affordable Care Act”. So no I don’t see McCain as betraying Trump I see him as betraying those whom he supposedly represents. Which is the greater betrayal, I wonder?

  25. Arielle says:

    OMG, I am SO tired of this “Maverick” (TRAITOR), ruining whatever President Trump is trying to achieve. He and Lindsey Graham, are the 2 TRAITORS of the Republican Party, and I cannot wait until they are BOTH out of Office FOREVER !

  26. Willie Reeves says:

    Mr. McCain did what he thought was right for millions of American people unlike the rest of those fools in congress and you the fools who support this clown at the head of this government now. All of you fools and insane one who support this clown of a president Mr. McCain had enough balls to reject this clowns BS and the rest of you and those other worms in congress. Its no such thing as betraying that clown trump only you are the fools and racist fools that do. Its never about party its about doing the right thing and its evident that you fools and crazy one insane creeps fail to realize. This clown in office is a crazy many and jack in the box so called leader as well as the ones in this administration as well and you know what that make you the same. This man have fade each of you from day one lines of BS and if you have not discovered it yet with his actions and misdeeds you are beyond the BS you are just plain stupid. These are rich and uncaring people you serve not that you really care at all but you or them will ever win the fight maybe a battle or two but the fight will always continue until this clown and those like him are gone, impeached and put in jail for hos treason and traitor ways. That’s right keep believing his BS he and his kind will keep getting rich on the American people along with his friends and stupid ones like you he and his kind will never take the time to care about others and its you as well. The ones who think healthcare is just for them how stupid can you be, healthcare is a right for all like it or not and the noes who can’t afford it need it much more because if the cannot afford healthcare its many other things they cannot afford.

  27. Terry Edwards says:

    I know he is a war hero, but what he has done this time, bragging ” lets see him make America great again”, & braking is promise tells me it is time for him to go. He is not the only one but he really need to go.

    1. Bob Hunt says:

      I cant imagine who you’ve been listening to Terry but McCain is far from a war hero!

      1. Terry Edwards says:

        Yes he is.

  28. DonRS says:

    John McCain is little more than a tiny little man, attempting to amount to something, after a lifetime of failure, bailed out of trouble by his father and grandfather. Much like a roman candle, he is near the end. His cancer, a very, very aggressive cancer, has an average life expectancy, after diagnosis of 12 to 15 months. He will be gone, soon!

  29. John Clemmons says:

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham are Obama ass kissing Republicans ,They Need To Go. That’s Why We Need Term Limit’s.Serving Is Not Supposed To Be An Occupation.

  30. Bob Hunt says:

    It would appear that the word betrayer has stuck with Mr. McCain for most of his life!

  31. Thomas The Paine says:

    John McCain: Colludinf with the enemy since 1967. . . And a lousy pilot too!

  32. What a legacy to leave behind, no hero, BIG POS TRAITOR

  33. James Higginbotham says:


  34. Bill S DiMenna says:

    McCain other then POW had a dismal record in military (Daddy saved him) a dismal record in senate. McCain is all about McCain. The ultimate elitist

  35. Esther Villarreal says:

    The cancer will not kill him; his bitterness and anti Trump venom will. I remember when the POWs arrived he looked pretty good compared to the others. I don’t know why people honor his service so much over those thousands who were there, who died and came back to a country who has forgotten them. He was a traitor then and a traitor now.

  36. NB Yankee says:

    McCain is a fuckin’ POS. He’s a traitor and not a war hero. He sent his guy to London to bring back the Trump Dossier. He gave it to Comey, another POS. Hopefully God has the time to take of him, six months and Cancer will kill him. Not a minute to soon. And everyone of the assholes that talk about how great he is should go with him. BYE BYE Johnny. Take your piece of shit daughter with you.

  37. gmhunt4 says:

    McCain is not a Maverick. He is a liberal democratic and should have retired 20 years ago or changed parties. The cancer has made him brain dead and he just needs buried now.

  38. Phyllis Schultz says:

    All three of the Gop traitors should get out of DC before they completely destroy America and the GOP. They are a disgrace to the party.

  39. Mary says:

    Who on earth could wish him well??????????????????

  40. oldk says:

    Dummies!!! we should not be guided by the principle of anyone who wants to serve his country can serve his country. Rather we should be bound by the principle of building our armed forces with what makes our armed forces the strongest! Our nation has had most of its military recruits from rural areas where there are not the most opportunities. Many boys from these areas will not feel comfortable bunking with a trans or some other deviation from norm. Having the trans in the service will hurt cohesiveness and recruiting. Some of you remember when JFK said: “ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country”. Some of our senators and trans would do well to remember and heed those words.

  41. Edward Marquez says:

    He the Jane Fonda of our times. He must of lost his mind in the hole the VC put him in.

  42. nancy says:

    “songbird” is the perfect nickname for McCain as he sang like a canary for the Viet Cong! This cowardly little weasel was a traitor during the war ! He even managed to get 2500+ POW’s killed after the war ended!! This pathetic excuse for a human being is a prime example of a Democrat …corrupt ,lying ,greedy ,traitorous amoral and incompetent !!!! He should be not only booted from his senate seat but should be placed in a cozy Gitmo cell !


  44. 78NTSUDE says:

    mccain is an embarrassment to himself. If the system wasn’t rigged he couldn’t be elected as dog catcher.

    1. sly311 says:

      Open primaries in AZ. The Dimms put him in every time.

      1. sandraleesmith46 says:

        NO they’re not; you only get the party for which you are registered’s ballot for primaries. You can switch registration pretty easily, but you can only vote in the primary of the party for which you’re registered.

  45. Mimi says:

    I can’t believe McCain wants to “end up” in this hateful condition. Obstructionist – not aware of how the masses feel and are suffering with this Obamacare problem. These career politicians are really showing their true colors. I want term limits so the temptation for favoritism and special treatments come to an end. They are supposed to be “public servants”, but they are self-serving and nothing more.

  46. ny2223jv says:

    F U John you should marry Jane F same same

  47. Hal says:

    John McCain is finally suffering from his brain cancer. It’s affected his ability to think rationally, and to speak truthfully. We all have known he has been a first class RINO. Now he speaks like the democrap he nominally is.
    Old over-the-hill asshole.

  48. Brabado says:

    Sen. McCain has always been a RINO “opportunist-manipulator, a carpetbagger ” who has milked his “alleged” war hero status, to the end… He has turn “manipulation” into coward art!…. Any doubts? Ask the men that were POW with him, in VN – understand that there is even a book about it!

    This Jurassic individual must be replaced, soonest, by a True Conservative Republican who loves our Country, and not only think about his Sad existence.


    Semper fi.

  49. sly311 says:

    Hopefully McCain will be gone by year’s end.

  50. Herb1949 says:

    Brain cancer would explain his inability to think clearly and why he became a liberal.

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

  51. Charles Wolfe jr says:

    Hopefully cancer will be the end of the traitor McCain.

  52. esquire2 says:

    Months ago, I lamented for Megan McCain, serving dutifully as his daughter. She, so far … at least, appears to be a true conservative who has been misled by her Father.
    After traitor John’s disgusting betrayal of his senate colleagues, she may also reconsider whether he actually colluded with his captors in Viet Nam … as claimed by some of his fellow POWs.
    Megan, YOU now have my Sympathy!

  53. samw says:

    McCain only votes pro-Trump when enough others are voting against Trump. That way he won’t stand out as the globalist garbage he represents.

  54. Linda says:

    McCain is a back stabbed and needs to be removed from the Senate because he doesn’t know up from down. He is just plain “sorry”.

  55. Rodney Steward says:

    No wonder this man was one of Obama’s favorite lap dawgs along with his bathroom buddy, Graham!! TRADERS TO THE BONE!!

  56. Robbie Grandeur Cairns says:

    McCain is a total trader ass!!! He needs to go ASAP. . .

  57. Tango God says:

    John McCain just needs to go somewhere…..but congress.

  58. Tango God says:

    McCain just needs to go to HELL.

  59. Tango God says:

    I didn’t want to say it. But he needs to die quickly.

  60. CharlyO says:

    McCain was a traitor then and he still is. He does what he gets paid to do like Waters and Pelosi and the rest of the tribe.

  61. John W.H. says:

    John McCain should have retired in 2008 after he got his ass handed to him by a queer muslim from Kenya !The SOB is the reason that Obama ran this country into the ground and made us the laughing stock of the world for the last 8 years !! McCain can eat shit and die, and I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire ~!!

  62. jim jones says:

    It’s called, THINKING THINGS OUT, not being a sheep and doing what is right for the PEOPLE, not kissing Trump ass, when he has NO plan for health care. What we have is broken, but a pig in a poke isn’t the answer. Develop a workable plan and then ASK for a vote.

  63. LC Jr says:

    McCain is a seditionous, treasonous traitor that needs to be executed. Tokyo Rose of Hanoi.

  64. Irvan says:

    Maybe that cancer will rid us of the two-faced BASTARD and we can get on with Trump’s agenda.

  65. Scott Puckett says:

    I have no use for Senator McCain because he has always been a RINO. From what I’ve read, until he was shot down, Senator McCains’s service record was nothing to brag about and he has lived on his time as a POW for his entire career in the Senate. In regards to “transgenders” in the military, those who identify as a gender other that what their biology shows them to be are suffering from a mental illness. Because of their mental illness/mental instability they are a threat to our military’s stability.

  66. gimpy says:

    Drop dead you bastard, drop dead John McShame.

  67. klsparrow says:

    Putting this POS 6ft in the ground cannot come soon enough. Kennedy had the same this average time from detection to death is around 15mo. in this cane that is 14mo and 29 days to long. the GOP should declare a holiday on the day

  68. rudyf says:

    John McCains life record is not one with much glory. He screwed the pooch and darn near sunk his ship by clumsily triggering a missile that his plane was armed with while still on the flight deck, then gets shot down on his first mission over Viet Nam. Bad luck or bad piloting ? His record as a POW is not all that impressive either, and now we see him carrying out a vendetta against Trump who is the leader of his Party every chance he gets. Me thinks not much of a American Hero.

  69. Statesman Patriot says:

    McCain needs to succumb to his brain cancer and Hatch simply needs to step down. Both have been there way too long and have become incompetent through cranial dementia.

    Beware people of Utah, Hatch wants Mitt Romney to replace him. Romney, like Hatch, are not true Utahns. Hatch was only in Utah for a year or so when he ran.

    Romney only moved to Utah in the past few years. He was actually born in Mexico and has a dismal record as a liberal Republican governor in Massachusetts. If not for Romneycare, we would not have Obamacare! He is also quite anti-Second Amendment even though his record in MA doesn’t look that bad.

  70. Carolyn says:

    McCain will be remembered as a traitor. His legacy will be dishonor and treason. May he burn in hell, soon.

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