James Woods Just Laid The Smackdown On Virtue-Signaling Parents

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  1. valinmpls says:

    James Woods is SO right – and Neil Patrick Harris knows not of what he speaks – his knee-jerk reaction is just SO typical of leftists these days – Hey Neil – how about THINKING for a change – or weren’t you taught critical thinking in our government run schools – just like a LOT of other people and so therefore you can only go by your “values clarification” teachings (which pretty much took away little children’s and adults thinking skills”!) Neil – did you even THINK that maybe Mr. Woods was right?? Just because someone is using their child for propaganda in a cause you believe in doesn’t make it right!! And this is NOT right – this is a CHILD and he has NO say over what his misguided parents do to him – and what if Mr. Woods is right that when he grows up he may turn on his parents for doing things like this to him – hmmmmm? Start THINKING man!! Don’t just “knee-jerk anymore – you’re MUCH too intelligent for this! Thank you for listening – Just care – that’s all!

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