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James Comey’s Deep State Might Run Very Deep

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  1. Ken Thomas says:

    Action, action, I’m tired of the word games. Put all of these pricks in prison where they belong.

    1. Frank B. says:

      Shut up, fool! You ignorant jerk! LOL!

      1. Ken Thomas says:

        I’m really getting bored with your black ass, go elsewhere pimp.

        1. Frank B. says:

          No bytch. You threatened to shoot me– So come get some you punk-ass cracker!

          1. stopspending4 says:

            yeh, Frank, we are all going to accept your party and ideas now that you have stated so eloquently your beliefs.

          2. Frank B. says:

            I never asked you to accept shit. And I really don’t give a damn what rednecks like you think.

        1. Frank B. says:

          I do not view plagerized material.

      2. stopspending4 says:

        Thanks Frank for the name calling. Everytime some leftist shouts out some name calling that is supposed to shut down conservatives it actually sends the conservatives to the voting booth. We really need your help, and of course don’t forget dear ole Nancy, to help get out the vote. Why do you think the gop has won 4 out of 4 special elections since Trump was elected? Dems continue to push the resist, name call, identity politics, destroy Trump narratives when the voters want POLICY.

        1. Frank B. says:

          If you right wing crackers don’t like my name calling then I suggest that you ignorant rednecks refrain from the name calling yourselves. In other words if you can’t take it– don’t dish it out bitch.

  2. Lillian DeVore says:

    I trust the House more than the Senate, and no longer trust the Judiciary since they started playing politics. Now I wonder if the Intel community can really be impartial if investigating their own?

    1. stopspending4 says:

      All the Susan Rice records have gone to the O library and will not be opened for 5 YEARS. The dems will cover for their own until the cows come home and nothing will be done – look at Lois Lerner sitting pretty with a pension, Hillary who Comey said was too stupid to know she was breaking the law, Holder with his gun running, Lynch meeting with Billy boy, etc, etc, etc.

      1. charlie says:

        and these records would be retrieved and brought back if congress and the courts were not anti America. they bolong to us not to the mus-slime traitor oblunder

  3. KDC says:

    “Comey has liberals fooled that he’s trustworthy despite his obvious bias “… Comey plays both sides. He can’t be trusted by anyone. This guy is in it up to his neck. He’s going to reap what he has sowed.

  4. rick meek says:

    Comey and his buddies LEAKED a lot more than ya’ll think……

  5. rick meek says:

    The dems are blocking more witnesses and only taking the ones they have screened….

  6. vinny says:

    Liberals are a bunch of ASSHOLES!!! They will fall anything.

  7. US Patriot says:

    Lock them all up! Looks like the Deep State is just criminals covereing all the illegal acts perpetrated by political leaders of both parties, this inclused the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obama’s.

  8. Delbert Townley says:

    Shucks, well, What else is new?????????

  9. Ram Rod says:

    It seems like the more the democrats dig into this witch hunt the more wrong doing they find from there own party and the Obama administration.

  10. Carl Looney says:

    Comey may be a great guy and may be very smart. But he should NOT be in law enforcement. He is out now and that is good for the U.S. Let’s get back to the business of the U.S. now – the charade is over and the Clinton gangsters will never return (but I worry that they will kill more people unless we put them in jail).

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