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Hit TV Show Cast Has Anxiety Because They Didn’t Work Harder For Hillary

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  1. Jmanjo says:

    Who cares what anxieties they had! They should have been scared to death if Hillary had won! That nitwit would have ruined the nation for good! Underhanded, lying, pay for play political frump!

  2. bub says:

    Never saw or heard of their virtual reality show, and never will unless I’m captured by leftists and tortured. But I will never relent to their insaniry, and Conservative Christian ethics will eventually prevail …. we know the ending to the real story.

  3. Catherine Stephenson says:

    I think these people are fubar. Why anyone would want a criminal like her as president?

    1. Jim says:

      What is “fubar” ? I am not too with it on some slang…

      1. Catherine Stephenson says:

        Well, it’s fu&&ed up beyond all recognition. Appropriate huh?

        1. Lorraine Boyer says:

          Jim must be a civilian…..LOL

  4. Jim says:

    I’ve never seen that “soap opera, propaganda” and will definitely not watch it in future.
    Or anything ANY of these scum bag lefty’s are in. Starting with Streep. And I do feel she is a very fine actress..

  5. Lorraine Boyer says:

    Who? What? Never watch the show. Saw some commercials and decided not to watch such trash.

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