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Harry Potter Author Just Got In A Whirlwind Of Trouble For This Anti-Trump Reason

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  1. msueh says:

    why does this non-person apparently get to tweet huge messages where we peons are limited to 144 characters?

  2. Betty says:

    Sorry to hear an author I really liked feels she has the right to critize my president, and not to appologize when proven wrong. Will not read or buy her books again.

    1. sharon nye says:

      I wouldnt let my son read her Satanic books. That is what they are. And she needs to worry more about the UK than President Trump, unless of course she is inviting the new muslim community into her house.

    2. ves says:

      Hey!! Remember that she STOLE Harry Potter and His Plot Line and then had to be taken to Court in Order to make Her do the Right Thing!! She in reality is Not a Nice Person!

  3. DrSique says:

    Perhaps people weren’t uncomfortable around Rowling’s wheelchair bound mother. Maybe Rowling, herself, made people antsy by being an arrogant elitist douche……………

  4. Pam Rusnell says:

    I wish these people and I use the term loosely would just shut up and go away if you don’t like it here then just leave no one is holding you here so go somewhere you feel more comfortable PLEASE!!!!

  5. Tommy p says:

    Until she get ass raped by one her muzzie fans,she’s just another Twunt.

  6. Houmid says:

    Rowling is entitled to her opinion. But for a beneficiary of intense capitalism, she’s still stuck in old school socialist-fascist mentality. Stick to writing fiction J.K.; you don’t know enough about reality to be redesigning it, much less criticizing those in other countries trying to fix their own problems.

    1. kingwarren says:

      People like Rowling shouldn’t be allowed into this country even as a tourist. What she thinks isn’t relevant to any thing going on in this Great country. Houmid great comments!

    2. ves says:

      Hey!! Remember that she STOLE Harry Potter and His Plot Line and then had to be taken to Court in Order to make Her do the Right Thing!!

    3. Dick says:

      I thought her comments about President Trump WERE fiction.

      1. Palma Menno Rice says:

        They Are Fiction! That’s what JK Rowling writes. She’s not an American and doesn’t understand how Our Government Works! Let her stay in Europe where she may be more relevant!

  7. SouthernPatriot says:

    A leftist bloody Brit criticizes Trump while her snowflake leftist government imported huge numbers of unvetted Muslim rapists and law enforcement killers to live off the socialist government there. At some point the UK may be blessed with another Maggie Thatcher. Rowling will have a stroke!

  8. Chuck Smith says:

    Well hell she is a billionaire she probably does not care what I think I guess she thinks folks who are proven liar’s should be the President!

  9. Tony says:

    I always thought this women was BS, she thinks she knows everything and such a big shot, maybe it is the money that dose it to her, she should start giving some away, also keep her BS to that scummy little island where she lives not in the United States , they need it more, she married to somebody, if so I pity that poor guy or girl

  10. Bob Hunt says:

    J.K. Rowling is a nincompoop, albeit a very rich one!!

  11. Ron haymaker says:

    This is probably where all these “ONCE UPON A TIME” “FAKE” stories are coming from!

  12. Wes says:

    President Trump is a great leader and loves America.
    This British b..tch can stick her books and opinions where the sun doesn’t shine.

  13. laulau says:

    She was also wrong and lied about mocking the disabled man. Trump never met him, but made gestures that he often makes when talking about Trump haters.

    1. peregrine says:

      This time she was falsely criticizing Trump for overlooking a disabled boy in a wheelchair. However, video shows that he leaned down and very cordially greeting him.

  14. GeneZ says:

    When a witch lover hates another for doing good, and calling it bad? That is a good sign for the one being hated.

    “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

    These kind of people have been with us from the beginning of time. It should come as no surprise to find such ones amongst us in our day.

  15. KT says:

    Really! Is it, that all these people with money….have way to much time on their hands. So, they think they have rights to discredit, harass and judge people. Who are for good and want to see America get back to being America???? Lady, who is into occult writing…..keep your nose out of our Nation’s business! We do not need your opinions! The British are so rude & out of line majority of the time. Most of all if hate someone that bad, your no better than them….get over it!!! People are stupid sometimes & especially these Liberals & Progressives……they are lovers of themselves….. disgusting!!!

    1. reggie says:

      She was on welfare before she was an author. Now she’s just white trash with money.

      1. ves says:

        Hey!! Remember that she STOLE Harry Potter and His Plot Line and then had to be taken to Court in Order to make Her do the Right Thing!! Reality is that She Is NOT a Nice Person!!

        1. reggie says:

          Thanks, forgot that part.

  16. burrus1206 says:

    Rowling deserves CONDEMNATION for her HATE.
    Loved her Potter books and films.
    Will no longer buy one or view one.
    That would be supporting someone deserving condemnation.

    1. ves says:

      Hey!! Remember that she STOLE Harry Potter and His Plot Line and then had to be taken to Court in Order to make Her do the Right Thing!!

  17. mousekiller says:

    I can’t wait till so steps over the line and gets arrested, prosecuted and goes to jail for threats to the President. Some have come very close but only got toes over the line. As they get bolder it will happen and then you will the screams of unfair I have a right from the lefty liberals like a storm siren. I think only one person from Hollyseird left the country and now is coming back to the US because it is safer here. GEE you think?

    1. reggie says:

      Yeah, what a joke he is.

  18. SILENTHAMMER says:

    While J.K. Roachling is criticizing the President with her nose in the air, her own government is refusing to allow a young boy, Charlie Gard, to seek the very best medical care in either The United States or The Vatican!
    Isn’t there an old saying, something like, “Actions speak louder than words”, that applies here? Hey, J.K, what did YOU do to help Charlie Gard and his parents. hm?

  19. My country says:

    No ! They like to make millions off of the American people .Then they stick their UN-wanted mouth and nose where it doesn’t belong . She had better “Worry “about her own country .Her country is being overrun by raping Muslims and the towns are looking like ghettos .Perhaps if she really understood what having a President means to people that actually puts Americans first she would be really ashamed since that’s not what her country has .Apparently she is one of those who think women deserve to be raped in public by the so called refugees that are just freeloaders.Being brought in to do the same thing as here in America .But this stupid women has no idea that we are really going to fight to save our country from her kind .So please leave and take your opinions with you and while you are at it take Hollywood with you .

  20. Robert Buckholz says:

    its amazing how someone who has no business being evolved with the running of the United States Government has so much to say about shit that does not relate to her …..

  21. Robert Buckholz says:

    well i dont care what anyone not of this country has to say about OUR president you did not vote so keep your damn mouth shut ……………………

  22. ADRoberts says:

    It is simple. When you are a brain dead, liberal and are desperate to find fault, you will jump to conclusion at every opportunity. The surprising thing is that she withdrew her attack and appears to have apologized. NOT a usual liberal action. They NEVER

  23. Bill Walker says:

    I wish these British and also the Canadian twits would just mind their own business and elitist beliefs instead of poking their noses into our Country’s affairs. The fact she was so ready to believe that short clip, the degrading description of what it purported to reveal and her need to immediately forward this misinformation to her mass of followers shows everything we need to know about her bias.

  24. Gary Hull says:

    As we all know by now, anything President Trump does is criticized and condemned by the Dems and their supporters. Even if it is perfectly ok, they will twist it so they can find fault. Mueller’s completely bias witch hunting team is a perfectly example. We will find something that we can distort to prove our case. This is going to come to a head soon, and many are not going to like the results. Gary

  25. Holy Joe says:

    I fomerly admired Ms. Rowlings and her rise through economic adversity in creating her stories and characters that led her to becoming a Billionaire. But her success seems to have addled ber brains into misguiding her in the belief that now her political affinities are of great concern and importance in criticism of the man who is not even the head of her own country of origin and residence. On the negative side she has encouraged children to believe in the Powers of Satan. Sadly when more matured into young adults, perhaps they will have been permanently damaged by exposure to Satanism ?
    Witchcraft becoming their future source of hope and aid rather than honest Christianity. She has ample and more worthy targets in cwn country such a the overlauding of Islam and Islamic Mass Migration into the U.K. by corrupt and corrupting British Politicians. She should ask herself why London has a activist Islamic Mayor – except that she is probably aware that her life would be quickly over if she ranted against him – the Islamics have such a systematic and sadistic distaste for women such as herself. The first ever Islamic British Prime Minister woud have her quickly up on a tumbril and headed for her public stoning for such brash & silly commentaries. Too much mony is addling her brains.

  26. Shawn Sapp says:

    Does she think that just because she made millions off of a few children’s books that she is more intelligent than everyone else. She just showed how intelligent she really is. She better stay her butt in Great Britain too. She is not welcome nor wanted here. She has no right to stick her nose into our business in the first place. She doesnt live here, so how could she have any idea what the President has already done to MAGA. Just sit down and shut up JK.

  27. TadhgMcLir says:

    Rowling should keep her opinions on Our President to herself. I wonder if she would like it if someone over here started nasty comments about the Queen.

  28. Pacman5 says:

    Everything I have read about that woman indicates she is a nasty person, hence her comments don’t surprise me. Just another ignorant, leftist dolt.

  29. Michael Dennewitz says:

    Wierd how some shit turns out, huh? Next thing we’ll probably hear is that walt disney is/was 100% faggot and especially liked little boys!? What the hell is this world coming to?? ?☹?

  30. Canesmang says:

    You lost me with your Ant-American stand on our president, madam!. Common sense eludes you based on your lack of insight into what’s best for America!!! You come across as an ignorant flaming liberal!!!

  31. Connie Eggen says:

    Who really cares what her opinions are. Because she has a public name, people take what she says and run with it. She has no expertise and should be treated as such. Take care of her own business and keep her nose out of ours.

  32. Jane Maxwell says:

    I used to love the Harry Potter series (even though it was a rip off of “A Wizard of Earthsea” ) But Joanne totally ruined it for me. I can’t even look at anything Potter now without being aggravated.I spent many years buying the books and seeing the movies..ugh. She won’t get another penny from me though.

  33. russellleetackett says:

    Another liberal idiot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,enough said

  34. Hank west says:

    When I first began reading the Harry Potter books! It was written with decisiveness.Then after several books she lost direction. Asking help from fans! Could it be she stole the book from the older man in the coffee shop! As he stated he told her about 3 books worth of stories! She probably isn’t the real author of Harry Potter! She is a hack! And continues to show that she is nothing!

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