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Guess Who Chuck Schumer Blames For Obamacare Failure

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  1. thelostpatrol says:

    Term Limits!!!

    1. GRAMPA says:

      bullet box not ballot box.

  2. ernldo says:

    Schmuck Schumer is the posterboy of the demotard party, stupid to a fault….

  3. GRAMPA says:

    I see the main problem with the democrats input. their answer is more spending and total government control untill we can have a conversation that doesnt contain taxes then we have little hope.

    1. Richard Bagenstose says:

      hay grampa , the answer to any politicians problem is to spend more and cross your fingers, they don’t care how much of your money they waste

      1. GRAMPA says:

        as accurate a statement as one can get

  4. Isaac Reiff says:

    When will the Liberals wake from their collective Coma? This phony, Tear Jerker, needs to be ousted from his seeming tenured position. He’s a total POS who panders to anyone who might vote for him…. Send him a clear message, next time you go to the voting booth.

    1. Ed Shick says:

      When has any Democrat ever admitted he was wrong ?

      1. Bobby Tucker says:

        When have they been right?

        1. mlmaston says:


    2. pappy450 says:

      Fine idea, BUT the only people that keep sending his POMPOUS ass back to “serve”, are the big city SCUMOCRATS that LOVE all the freebies he and his party “shower” on them to keep them FIRMLY on the Plantation. We “NORTHERN” N.Y.ers have tried to OUST him for YEARS , BUT like in all States, the “big city” votes always outweigh the “little people”. THAT is why we got stuck with “prince andy the greedy money grubber” for governor AGAIN. It is getting to be “voting time ” again, so stay tuned, he and ALL his ILK will be out showering “grant” money and “favors” for “votes” again.

      1. Barbara Paolucci says:

        Have to agree. You’re 100% correct and I’m a resident of Manhattan. Let’s hope Trump gets at voter fraud and d & straightens out the voting mess in so much of the country. I don’t believe he’s ever been legitimately elected so much as once!

        1. pappy450 says:

          I feel sorry for you having to deal with TWO a-holes. “prince andy” seems to be doing all he can to attempt to remove the rights of N.Y.ers and deblsio seems to be doing the same thing in N.Y. city. It looks like a constant battle of whole can out-screw the other one for more CONTROL and POWER. I am 22 miles from the border of Canada and happy to be so.
          “Our” representative are trying to make “our” Northern tier area OUT of the jurisdiction of N.Y. City/Albany bureaucrats.The only thing they LOVE from up here, is the “tax dollars” we are FORCED to pay so they can keep their cushy lifestyle.

        2. DrSique says:

          As a fellow NY Stater, I have to agree with you. It certainly is odd that the most liberal states are the ones with the biggest illegal alien populations and that doesn’t take dead voters into account. New York, California and, now, Texas is even having difficulty staying conservative. I would bet the ranch that millions of them are voting. Any honest American should want fair elections but liberals have bought into the Alinsky tradition of “by any means necessary.” If President Trump can clean up our elections, conservatism will have a fighting chance again.

        3. Countryman12 says:

          He and the destroy america party are complete ediots as they shown many many times.

        4. John says:

          Poor Barbara!

      2. William L. Ramsburg says:


        1. pappy450 says:

          THAT is why “We the People” need to PUSH for TERM LIMITS! Writing MY “senators” will do NO GOOD, because chuck-you schumer and gillibrand, as well as the ‘local” SCUMOCRAT/RINO “representatives” want to continue to make life miserable (except for themselves $$$$$$$$) until they CROAK.

          1. Kenny Albert says:

            Congress will never make a term limits law that limits themselves.

          2. pappy450 says:

            I am afraid you are correct, BUT “We the People” need to TRY. I for one, am tired of seeing some “old fossils” with OLD CORRUPT “ideas” basically having to be CARRIED up to the podium to TRY to make a “speech” and can’t hardly even talk. The SCUMOCRATS and RINOS just seem to attempt to push their old outdated “recommendations”, and continue to FIGHT OUR President because they do NOT want to see their CONTROL,POWER, and those precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that fund their cushy lifestyles, taken away by President Trump’s agenda, And the POWER and CONTROL returned back to where it should be with “We the People”.

          3. Ron Myers says:

            Pappy, Whoa.. wait a minute, I’m considered an “Old fossil”, (85) but I “think like you” I may not be able to walk or’run “FAST”, BUT I don’t have to, I have a CCW permit.

          4. pappy450 says:

            I am a few years behind you at 62 (and also have a CCW permit.) Been on the disabled list since getting hit on the back of the head with 680#, BUT I too, can still “maneuver”. I meant no disrespect, but in “government” OLD ideas from stubborn democommies and rinos, so they can keep their POWER, CONTROL, and those precious taxpayer dollars that fund their cushy lifestyles. get my dander up. President Trump has basically thrown a monkey wrench into their “visions” of complete “takeover” and they will fight tooth and nail to keep all their “goodies” and “special benefits”, and do anything they can, to STOP President Trump from KEEPING his campaign promise to RETURN the POWER and CONTROL back to the American People where it SHOULD BE.

          5. Ron Myers says:

            Pappy, Yea, I still agree with you, I too, got “screwed up, fell partially through a roof and got stuck, which messed up my sciatic nerve. I just wish both parties would,just once, come together, and work for the American people. They could get a lot done, if they would.

          6. John says:

            The very fact that the Democrats and the RINOs fight against President Trump tells everyone that they care nothing about the country, but only about themselves and their twisted ideas of socialism. Unfortunately, the Young in our country have been brainwashed by liberal teachers and professors in our schools. They have been taught a twisted history of our country and the world, and have no experience with communism, socialism or fascism and they think these horrors would be good for the country! This is socialism at work!! How sad!

          7. pappy450 says:

            I have to agree with you. My wife worked for a college and I could not believe what these so-called “professors” are “teaching” these kids. This is what I call “liberal brainwashing 101” Or “How great it would be to be a COMMUNIST 101”. I guess it even starts as early as preschool up here in my COMMUNIST STATE Of N.Y. Not only SAD, but SICK how young minds are being indoctrinated. Welcome to “common core”, or “communist core” as I call it.

          8. John says:

            Look at Article V of the Constitution and join the cause.

          9. Robrolo1 says:

            That is why we have to, Article V of our Consttitution

          10. Marlin Brown says:

            No, but the Individual states could put term limits on people they each elect to the U.S. congress.

          11. mbnick says:

            Does not happen as barely 10% bother to vote in the primaries.

      3. Bruce Wayne says:

        To pappy450.another reason the democrats in NY keep getting re elected is because of the voter fraud
        that is being committed.They bus democrat voters around to the different burrows with multiple fake id’s to vote for the same person.Voter fraud exists on both sides of the isle.With the democrats,it’s at the polls.With the republicans,it’s with mail in ballots.

        1. pappy450 says:

          Thank you, Bruce Wayne for being one more voice that said the same thing I DID quite a while ago and was called everything but white on these blogs. THIS is also true in the smaller “races” in N.Y. State to keep SCUMOCRATS firmly in control. We had ILLEGALS up here in NORTHERN N.Y. that couldn’t even speak English being allowed to vote, the same way as they were “allowed” in N.Y. city (by “orders” from deblasio and cuomo. BUT the only one “party” that is fighting MANDATORY voter ID are the SCUMOCRATS, NOT REPUBLICANS.

      4. Up Huff says:

        You might also note that is PRECISELY why we have an Electoral College! It’s to prevent the big city idiots living off the people from being able to force them into doing whatever the cities wanted, meaning they wanted to prevent the city “grasshoppers” from living off the work of the rural “ants”. If you remember that old tale.

        1. pappy450 says:

          I DO remember the old tale. Problem is living in N.Y. state, OUR tax dollars are MOSTLY sent to the “grasshoppers” in N.Y. City, Albany, buffalo, Rochester etc. etc.
          We “ants” are forced to put up with what ever the big city “grasshoppers” vote in.
          We “ants” in NORTHERN N.Y. have no voice. I am thankful for the Electoral college, otherwise we would be stuck with the clinton crime cartel running the country.

      5. margie says:

        Trump is trying to eliminate illegal voting.

    3. Drberlat says:

      The words of an avowed Communist who openly supported the only totally ineligible White House occupant in American history! Schumer is a disgrace to the Senate, his constituents and the office he holds! He represents politically what the dying state of New York has become, especially the city! He needs to be removed from office for his efforts to undermine the office of the President and his underhanded criminal actions! Foul would be the best way to describe this piece of work!

    4. rick meek says:

      THEY control the ballot box —- with the help of liberal judges…..

      1. johnny b says:

        crooked federal judges…. there are 6 good judges…. the rest are Democraps….

    5. Dee says:

      Amen to that !

  5. Richard Bagenstose says:

    can we get a manditory insanity test to give all politicians , if they fail they get committed

  6. david says:

    That’s what happens when you can’t read fool. No use blaming anyone else ,but your dumb democrat team.

  7. meangreenMarine says:

    Has this ill informed self-serving New York Democrat even read the Obamacare Act? Nancy Pelosi said, “You have to read it to know what’s in it” I doubt this overbearing loudmouth has ever read it!!
    It’s failure is far from any Republican’s act!

    1. HAWK says:

      Good post but Nancy can`t read.

  8. vinny says:

    All time low from a big time ASSHOLE!!!

  9. Lillian DeVore says:

    People probably will blame republicans if they don’t do something. The democrats always blamed the failure of Obamacare on republicans, because republicans refused to throw more money at it.

    Sounds like more and more people are favoring single payer, but I think it would be a mistake to give the government this much power and control over their lives. I don’t trust some of the politicians who engage in crony capitalism with our tax money. Co-ops sound like the cheapest route, at least for the less populated states, but would be a lot of work to implement.

  10. ernldo says:

    Schmuck is a traitor, and a rather stupid Senator as well. C’mon New Yawkwers…you can’t find a quality human in all those Empire staters?

  11. Monica says:

    TERM LIMITS. Hey Chuck we want the same health care package you have with the same “subsidies” to pay for it. Oh I forgot Congress had the option to opt out of Obamacare. Stop playing with the lobbyists and give us the type of health coverage you and all the others have. Plain and simple.

    1. HAWK says:

      Good poiints but chucky doesn`t have brains enough to understand your post.

  12. davesnrakleberger says:

    PUT IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE, CHUCKIE. You are part of the obama ass kissers that gave us this nightmare.

  13. HanosunnesWoom Root says:

    last line is a doozie!!

    “And he should be banished from Washington D.C. for all his asinine and delusional comments.”
    and so should most , if not ALL, of the other obstructionists!!

  14. Nutmeg Man says:

    If this moronic scumbag wasn’t SOOOOOOO obnoxious and stupid, it might be funny. Instead he often challenges Pelosi, Waters and Warren for being the most dangerous politicians since the world’s biggest liar and worst president in history who thankfully had to leave the White House in January. They’re quite a collection of disgraces and embarrassments to mankind.

  15. Richard Hennessy says:

    Obamacare doesn’t need any help from anyone to collapse from its own fatal structure. There was no way from the very beginning that it could survive. It was woefully underfunded and could only survive through massive tax increases to pay the costs of this huge new welfare program. Democrats knew they couldn’t get it approved if the real costs were known. They only hoped that getting large numbers of people hooked on the subsidies would result in enough purchased votes to keep Democrats in power to enact the needed tax increases. Now RINO Republicans are intimidated into trying to make good on the Democrat lie–how pitiful that they won’t just say that Obamacare was a lie; that the “health coverage” was never real.

    1. smithleeroy21 says:

      Please do not blame any democrats for the failures in this country including Obamacare. The real reason for the failures is the spineless gutless Republicans and working Americans that get paid every week only to see their take home pay getting smaller and withholding tax getting larger. When we the working class get enough, nothing is going to change.

  16. GodIsOneAndHisNameIsOne says:

    It almost doesn’t matter who runs against Sen/ Schumer at the next election, as I will likely vote for that person (unless [s]he is a Hitler character)

  17. Ronald Topolski says:

    I have the misfortune of living in this over taxed and corrupt democratic state. Chucky is not a stupid man he aced his sat’s and went on to standford I don’t use caps because it shows respect. Chuck is the embodyment of being morally bankrupt.

  18. James Pollock says:

    They keep saying come do it the democrat party way, compromise. They’re HANDS are EMPTY just like the paper their plans to fix health care is Supposed to be on.

  19. John Kovach says:

    Millions and millions of Americans have been hurt by this Obama Care crap. If anything Obama has sabotaged the health care system and have lied to the American citizens for his own benefit. President Trump is trying to make our health care system better and more affordable and has asked the Democrats to pitch in and help with the process. Like Democrats are they want to RULE but not LEAD. All they seem to care about is being in control but not making our country better for our citizens. They are trying to ruin our country. They need to stop and work with our President Trump and his administration. It’s called team work Democrats TEAM WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! You work for the citizens of this country we do not work for you. UNDERSDTAND??????????????

  20. KenZimmerman says:

    The alt-right, white militia on full, loony display. What a crock of horseshit!

  21. Jack Montalto says:


  22. jim mccollum says:

    He’s a Leftist Jew. What do you expect?

  23. Robert Morrow says:

    First of all Schumer is not a true Senator, but a slime ball corrupt Politician and would never make a pimple on a real U.S. Senators backside. How come this slime never mentions that Obamacare took Reid to bribe two other slime ball Politicians to get Obamacare passed. I heard nothing about that Reid should of been arrested on bribery Charges. When I contacted our Corrupt Politician (not Senators) all I got was the silent treatment. Letter to these slime did not help as the return reply was a put down. What is really more and more is to Clean the Swamp and these corrupted Politicians like Reid and Schumer put behind bars.

  24. smithleeroy21 says:

    Has this “DUMBASS” lost what little sense and logic that he had? Does he not remember that he was one of the leading idiots that passed Obamacare in the first place? President Trump would you please ignite the American people into pressuring congress to pass term limits? That way, we could get rid of scumbags like Schumer.

    1. HAWK says:

      That sure help clean out the swamp.

  25. Ron Alford says:

    The Democrats would blame Jesus if He was still on earth today.

  26. johnny b says:

    Chuckie Schumer is such a schmuck that it is unbelievable that even the morons in NYC would keep returning this munch back to DC for as long as they have…. Why haven’t they elected someone that represents them instead of himself and the special interest????

    1. HAWK says:

      I agree but a schmuck is part of a man. Chuckie isn`t even close.

      1. johnny b says:

        You got me on that point….. Crying Chuckie is a waste of air…. he should be in Kalifornia with the rest of the fruitcakes…..

  27. rosalind servello says:

    Chuck time for you to get a check up mentally. Do you not here what the American people are saying, They cannot afford Obamacare, not Trumpcare, but Obamacare., insurance companies are leaving states because they cannot afford to stay there. Democrats are idiots.

    1. HAWK says:

      True someone should tell McCain and the rest of the RINO`S

  28. David Estes says:

    When the democrats get flustered, they call people names and blame everyone else but themselves for their failures. Between the democrats and RINO republicans, who are the swamp swimmers, will not let President Trump get done what he has promised. President Trump needs to fire ALL obamer holdovers and maybe the leaks will stop.

    1. HAWK says:

      I Agree.

  29. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    This is why term limits ARE necessary. Gee, I had no idea Trump had anything to do with Obamacare except trying to get rid of it. This has to show EVERYONE and even those in N.Y. how much of a asshole he is and kick his ass to the curb. His mind must have left when Obama left. Not sure if he had it then but Obama got his vote.

  30. Jmanjo says:

    Schumer and the Democrats have never helped anybody! They don’t want to work with anybody especially the Republicans. Obamacare has never worked well, they know it and the whole DNC is corrupt all the way down to their Russian collusion fake news!

    1. pappy450 says:

      It is called CYA. This is the usual tactic employed by SCUMOCRATS and RINOS. If you FAIL, you BLAME everything and EVERYONE around you to take the Heat off YOU and YOUR “party”.
      AKA “hitlery” Just try to remember everyone and everything SHE blamed for her FAILURE. It will boggle your mind to “remember” them ALL. NOTHING will ever get done until the SCUMOCRATS and RINO OBSTRUCTIONISTS are GONE… PRESIDENT TRUMP has been trying his best , but has been
      obstructed at every turn by people like chuck-you schumer, OSCUMBAG, SOROS, their minions and the LAME STREAM FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

  31. Jimmie Stevenson says:

    It’s the fault of the American people, we are smart enough to recognize I bad deal when we see it. I think we should be on the same plan as the Congress, and clown boy Schumer should retire!

  32. HAWK says:

    Chuckey had good teachers namely Hillary and the walking Zombie Barbara Pelosi. It`s never their fault ,losers are never to blame. They belong to the Zombies cult she`s teaching them how to use theire hands to make the point.

  33. Paul Anderson says:

    Schumer Marxist ideology won’the allow him to support a Republican administration. Their ideology instructs them to do whatever is necessary, to achieve their Marxist goals. If Hillary had been elected, I doubt America would have survived Communism.

    What’s disturbing: the fact Millennial’s have little if any knowledge, as to what Marxist Socialism is. Only a fool supports something he or she has no knowledge

  34. Bobby Tucker says:

    Chuck Schumer is another liberal idiot, what more needs to be said?

  35. George Hilliard says:

    Doesn’t look a bit like Nancy Pelosi, but talks just like her. Must be another democrat trying to demonstrate gender equality. Congratulations Nancy, and of course you, Nancy. But really, didn’t he know it was going to fail before they even passed it. Or, like the other Nancy, you really don’t have to read it, Nancy.

    1. HAWK says:

      Your giving her too much credit she can`t read.

  36. William L. Ramsburg says:


  37. Hey You says:

    How’s that “democrazy” thing working out? Seems that it’s a lose-lose situation for all but the politicians!

  38. Hey You says:

    This democrazy thing is pretty stupid when a person really thinks about it.

  39. James in Texas says:

    I’ve said it before and I will repeat myself……………”Chucky Schumer give an IQ to a post-turtle, Period! ObamaCare has been falling apart ever since it was called-out as a “stool sample” by Madam Stool Sample! I’m hoping that at sometime in the future it is found just how much money Obama, Hillary and most of the other thugs and criminals were given to create this monster! It has nearly destroyed the healthcare of this country and Chucky wants it to be made “bigger and bigger”, we can’t afford it the way it is, why would anyone want it to be anything than “flushed”! Take away all of the “freebies” and the Damn thing will die within days!

  40. Doxie says:

    UP-Chuckie is such a lying *itch, a pandering wussy and a useless dirt-bag all rolled into one piece of cesspool sludge. (actually, the cesspool coughed it out…it was TOO rancid)

  41. dennis cheever says:

    Schumer is far from the only person who should be banished from Washington. There are thousands.

  42. Chief741A says:

    ObamaScam was designed to fail, just as Obama 3.0 ascended to the throne in the form of the Hildabeast. S/he would then have pushed for single payer government controlled health care – and the grubers would buy it. Only when it was too late would they discover that those CAT scans were now booked 6 months in advance, and you now have to go to the Philippines for a new hip.

    Chucky-boi isn’t stupid. He knows exactly what is going on because he is one of the people who planned this finely tuned steaming pile of dung.

    The only thing that Chucky-boi didn’t plan on was Trump winning the election. Of course he is going to blame Trump for the failure of the system designed to fail. That is his job!

    Sure would be nice if his constituents would wake up as see what a corrupt piece of fecal matter he is… but I won’t hold my breath.

  43. paul says:

    Schumer’s an asshole and always will be. Between him, Gillibrand, Maloney, deBlasio, butthead Cuomo and the rest of the idiot Democrats, NY is screwed.

  44. Gammi2Anna says:

    The statements made by Chuck-n-Cluck Schumer reveals that like all the others, he supported and voted for the ACA (aka Obamacare) without having read one word of the bill. The ACA was written to completely destroy our healthcare system, opening the door to fulfill Obama’s “dream to bring Universal Healthcare to America”. He stated that plan in a 2007 campaign interview. Had anyone from either political party bothered to read the bill, they would have known that the bill was written to create the pathway to Universal Healthcare. Schumer is doing what so many of our politicians have done. In my State, the Democrats stole the Senate seats, the Governorship and most of our local political positions. They all were quick to bring in lazy Americans and illegals, placing them primarily in the Northern part of our state, quickly getting them addicted to living the life of dependacny on Welfare benefits, and ensuring the Democrats a permanent source of votes so they get re-elected over and over. We have three big jobs ahead of us America. Destroy Obamacare, which has little to do with Healthcare but everything to do with Control of people, demand Term Limits of all politicians and shut down sanctuary cities/Welfare scammers. Until we complete these task, there will not and cannot be any change in the corruption that is stealing the future from our children and grandchildren.

    1. thelostpatrol says:

      Well said!

  45. gotcha1 says:

    Chuckie talks like he wants to be on ObamaCare too! Go ahead Chuckie boy join in! Then watch how quick this mess would get fixed!

  46. Christine Glass says:

    Calling Chuck Schumer a clown is an insult to clowns everywhere. As long as we are talking about health care, he is a tumor that needs to be excised. Until the left can come up with something substantial, the only agenda they have is to stand in the way of progress. Good going, libs. That is what America needs—more road blocks.

  47. koala says:

    Remember when the last president said the out of control National Debt was Bush’s fault? Problem is, if a democrat says it liberals think it must be true.

  48. rick meek says:

    Time schumer toured the jersey pine barrens……

  49. Ed says:

    Before we vote to get these POS out of office, we need to make sure of zero voting fraud! Like no dead people, no illegals and no county jumping!

  50. kas5221957 says:

    Obamacare is failing all on it’s own due to the Democrats plan for Obamacare that they RAM ROADED DOWN EVERYONE’S THROAT. Now they are trying to blame Trump for what they have done. typical.

  51. Fortuneless says:

    Send this damn New York Jew back to New York where he belongs. He is a total disgrace to himself and the country as a whole.

  52. Bruce Wayne says:

    “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it”,Nancy (JACK A**) Pelosi.Those sons of BEOTCH Democrats knew EXACTLY what was in that single payer system ObamaCare bill.THE GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU WHEN IT IS TIME TO DIE,you don’t get ANY CHOICE,IE baby Charlie Gard,UK.Socialized healthcare doesn’t work ANYWHERE or at ANY TIME,DUMB A* * DEMOCRATS !!!! It didn’t work in Nazi Germany,it didn’t work in the USSR,it doesn’t work in Canada,(they come here for treatment,
    but not for long if the Democrats and RINOS for hat fact have their way),and it doesn’t work in the UK.Again,IE Charlie Gard,UK.
    The US congress needs to pull their heads out of their collective

    A**ES,because collectively they have ONE brain cell STUCK ON
    STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. HAWK says:

      Excellent post.

  53. Jerry Kimbro says:

    This low-life is a joke. Obummercare was railroaded in by the DemonRats and everyone knew it could not
    work. It was passed tho it was based on LIES (Obummer lies).The only people that Obummercare is good for are those that get it for free. The rest of us can’t pay for it.

    1. libsrtheh8ters says:

      Actually throwing another 11 million people onto Medicaid helped no one. Coverage does NOT equal access. Medicaid is already an overburdened P O S with low doctor participation so patients have a difficult time finding providers & most of the time get stuck seeing physicians assistants & nurses. Also good doctors can’t afford to provide services for little compensation so those on Medicaid get the bottom of the barrel in healthcare.

  54. BIG STAN says:


    1. HAWK says:

      Carefull you will make Chuckie cry.

  55. Jerry Kimbro says:

    Eric Holder should be in prison with hiLIARy, Lynch, Obummer, Scummer, Rice, and many others from the Obummer crime syndicate.

  56. W. Coyote says:

    Sen. Schumer is exactly right on this. The primary motivation for Trump and other Republicans to “repeal and replace” is spite. Since Obamacare is not failing, they have to resort to sabotage. No concern for healthcare- it’s all politics.

    1. HAWK says:

      If you really believe that B.S you posted you should see a shrink or maybe it`s the Kool Aide you must be drinking.

  57. CBUJAN says:

    Schumer is trying to convince people that Obamacare is good when the majority of Americans want it repealed. The guy is an idiot. The only people that benefitted by Obamacare are the poor who couldn’t pay for it, they got it free because the cost of their plan was added to the middle classes premiums, and that is why their premiums went sky high.

  58. mlmaston says:

    Higher premiums?? Less care?? Millions losing coverage?? What an obtuse asshole… that has been happening ever since this debacle was foisted on the American people in 2010. Trump had ZERO to do with this bullshit law. Obama and his Democratic cronies own this TRAVESTY lock, stock, and leaky barrel. Try Again.

  59. libsrtheh8ters says:

    8 years of fascism, lawlessness & making a mockery of our Constitution & other than a handful of House & Senate members not a word was said. The GOP was so terrified of the leftist billionaires & their propaganda media arm that they let Obama do anything he pleased. They funded his agenda when they got control of congress, they refused to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the plethora of Obama & Clinton scandals & refused to say a negative word about Obama’s racism, lawlessness & arrogance. Keep in mind that Ryan had no problem telling Trump to go fvck himself on funding the border wall & has blocked his agenda every step of the way.

    Most Americans get their healthcare coverage through their employer so they are clueless how damaging Obamacare has been to small & medium sized businesses. Also lost in the ridiculous wailing of people dying in the streets is the FACT that NO ONE was dying in the streets 5 years ago before the Obamacare mandates kicked in. Since the lying P O S govt. refused to give REAL numbers we can only estimate how many uninsured gained coverage under Obamacare. Some say 14 million but there is evidence of double counting so the figure is probably lower. Out of the “14” million, 11 million went on Medicaid, an already overloaded pile of CRAP program that dictates the medications, tests & surgeries you can have.
    Anyone who thinks socialized healthcare “helps” people needs to go to Canada, population 40 million, & wait MONTHS to see a specialist or to get a surgical procedure. Or just go visit the VA where the 18 million vets wait months to see a doctor & DIE waiting for care.

  60. 09dogg38 says:

    The Mad Woodpecker has spoken. ……………..FUCKING MORON!!!

  61. Big Ed says:

    Schumer says Republicans want to go down a path leading to higher premiums, less care and millions losing their healthcare. I think Schumer is confused (again) because the path he describes is the very path Obamacare is currently on. All of the bad conditions he cites are being met, in spades, with the program that currently backs up our healthcare system. Higher premiums-check. Less care-check. Millions losing their healthcare-check. I don’t know for certain if Obamacare covers having his head removed from his ass, but if it does he ought to have it done soon, because Obamacare is dying. Hopefully, the Republicans can fix it.

    1. HAWK says:

      Good post but we have to get rid of the RINO`S who are a bunch of spineless worms.

  62. Dennis says:

    In the first place the people in this country did not want Obamacare and you went to your dark late night back rooms and made this pass against the people’s wishes. You should be impeached, everyone that voted for it. You have no sense of what the people want or do not care about what we want, so in that case it could be taxation without representation!! Think about what happened when the British ignored it too. Something you should seriously consider instead of being in bed with big Pharma!

  63. Pauline Kasper says:

    There still will be people in New York who will be dumb enough to vote for him!

  64. Connie Eggen says:

    What a joke Schumer is. Years of Obamacare and when it is failing and depleting the government funding, this A$$ would have to dig to find someone other than the responsible parties and try to pin the blame on Trump. Did Trump somehow slip in as president years ago and no one noticed?? I think not. Obamacare is a welfare program fronted with supposed health care and never properly funded. It is a disaster and it has done what Obama wanted. Welfare health care and break the insurance companies, remove competition in the market place and destroy health care along with our government. So glad he is gone and no one would miss Schumer either.

    1. HAWK says:

      Hopefully the can share a cell together very soon. Better yet put them in cells with the big boys for recreation.

  65. Gary Smith says:

    If you looked up asshole in the dictionary you would find a picture of Schumer

  66. Steve Fye says:

    Schumer will soon be serving time in prison for pedophilia.

  67. Pete says:

    Chuckie seems to finally have a glimmer of an idea that the democrat party as it now exists is in a political blind ally. If they do not make a major shift in direction the party is terminal.
    As a staunch conservative I sometimes hope the progressive/socialists keep on doing the same old thing that has cost them so much in state and federal governments. The only trouble with that is the harm they continue to do in the places they still control, Detroit, Chicago Etc. With Ben Carson involved we at least have a chance of breaking the grinding poverty & hopelessness of those inner cities, he lived it as a boy.

  68. uhptony says:

    Schumer has always been an obstructionist and needs to be voted out of office a s a p. Actually he is a worthless p.o.s.

  69. curly says:

    I wish he wasn’t one of my senators. He is so clueless as to what is going on with the average American family and healthcare. He needs to live in the “real world” for awhile.

  70. Up Huff says:


    Uh, Senator Stupid?,,, errr Schumer?
    Obamacare was dying before you idiot Dumbocrats signed it into law. It was designed to fail. And you know it.
    Trump has not caused most of the insurance carriers to lose tons of money and pull out of the exchanges. YOU did. Trump wasn’t even the candidate when more than HALF of those who offered had already pulled out, while several others signified their intentions to do so should their cash outflow continue to exceed the premiums YOU voted into place.
    Sorry, “Senator Stupid”, but YOU get to wear that anchor around YOUR neck. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, Senator Dumdum, you are no longer the Majority Party BECAUSE you passed it.
    Do the Nation a favor- go crawl off and go back under whatever rock you came out from under.

  71. CindyLouTerror says:

    Chuck “the schmuck” Schumer is a national disgrace that borders on treason as do his demoncrap cohorts. Preet Bhara was his waterboy and chuckles is pist at losing this valuable tool. Upstate NY has long wanted to separate itself from NYC; if Buffalo could be gifted to Canada and Utica freed from Obama’s muslim gifts, NY State could again become the Empire State, not the Vampire State.

  72. FL_Stingray says:

    Calling Schumer a schmuck is an insult to schmucks

  73. Bill says:

    Someone has to have some compromising photos of this clown..Or maybe it’s payback for allowing that talentless daughter to be promoted as a comedian. Either way he shpuld be voted out of office. When will the sheeple learn ?

  74. Discusted says:

    News Flash for Schumer … YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE !

  75. June Burgess says:

    what we need is a list of every person, democrat or republican that voted against the repeal of the insurance companies money grabbing obamacare so we can get rid of whoever voted against the repeal is voted out in the next election. NO ONE should be FORCED to pay for insurance, NO ONE should be FINED for not buying something they dont want or need, NO ONE should be forced to pay TWICE for insurance. Federal employees have MANDATORY obama self pay no care insurance taken from their salaries EVEN IF THEIR SPOUSES HAVE BETTER COVER and end up paying twice for healthcare, on top of that the INSURANCE CO. are the ones that receive the monies for the fines. NOT our treasury dept. SO with the votes against the repeal you NOW KNOW WHO THE INSURANCE COMPANIES HAVE IN THEIR POCKETS. AND WHO ALLOW THE INSURANCE COMPANIES TO CONTINUE TO RAPE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. WE NOW KNOW WHO TO VOTE AGAINST IN ANY UPCOMING ELECTION.

    1. June Burgess says:

      Too bad obamacare wasnt shove down the politicians throats instead of being able to OPT OUT if would have been tossed in the trash where it belongs.

  76. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    No surprise! Obama blamed George Bush for everything that went to pieces.

  77. Anna says:

    Funny, sad really how Schumer and others are criticizing the healthcare bill put forth by the republicans but nobody saw Obamacare before they, 51 of them, voted to pass it. Only people who love Obamacare care are the people getting it for free or subsidies at our expense. Senator McCain just threw the people of Arizona under the bus. Their Obamacare’s going up 115%.

  78. stephen1337 says:

    When I left the democratic “party”……….my IQ IMMEDIATELY jumped 40 points! Now as an outsider looking in, I see a level of stupidity that is beyond shocking!!!!! that party is comprised primarily of lemmings who follow without questioning, without researching for validity the points that dems share. I challenge you, become an independent. I have my issues with the Republican party, too, but conservative thinking has to be restored. If the level of HATRED espoused by liberals and “progressives is true, then I, as a combat Marine who has seen what hatred really does, see you as being no different than isis and other hate mongres….which makes you an enemy of those of us who support and defend AMERICA AND THOSE WHO LOVE HER. GOD BLESS AMERICAN!!!!!

  79. Ancient Mariner says:

    Why is it that any politician would want to perpetuate this abomination of a healthcare law? It was written by the insurance industry for their benefit. They take 20% right off the top for “administration”. The same is done in Europe for about 3-4%. The whole thing needs to be repealed and a new more rational and fair product started from scratch.

  80. mbnick says:

    Now crying Schumer will tell us why the ACA scam is only covering a NET 3% of the population. And IF it so great why do Dems have to threaten people to sign up for this “great” deal? Why does the S Court say it is only legal as a tax? Why is ER use UP at our expense since this scam started?

  81. John says:

    Now, we all know that Schumer has a brain, but how did it get so messed up, confused and so one sided to socialism? This man really, truly needs to be replaced. He is so biased and prejudiced against our President that he will sacrifice the country in order to do things against the President.

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