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Fox News Just Made A Huge Change

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  1. Deplorable Texan says:

    Fox News is truly committing suicide right before our eyes. I used to have it on all the time, but no more. They continuously show the same old news bits from MSNBC and CNN so I change the channel and don’t come back. I watch OAN network now. Fox seems to be oblivious to the fact they are alienating their entire audience, or maybe they just don’t care. Nor are they “fair and balanced” anymore either.

    1. meangreenMarine says:

      Their new slogan should be “Weird and Unbalanced!” It used to be my
      Favorite Channel…but No More!

    2. Lillian DeVore says:

      I alternate between Fox and OAN. It’s refreshing to see just the news without opinion or interpretation, and you can see a lot of news in a short period of time. More real news than you would see on other networks.

    3. Rodney Steward says:

      I’ve heard about OAN news, but can’t get it and hadn’t seen it!!

      1. livefreeordiehard says:

        You can get it online at least. I have DISH and they have not picked it up yet.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          That’s what I have is Dish, thanks for the Info friend!!

        2. Countrysunrise says:

          Why would I want to pay my provider to use up my GB, just to watch the news, when at least I have FOX News?? They have some decent programming, at least, and there’s always Newsmax on Dish.

        3. Cheryl Detar says:

          Thanks. I just bookmarked it.

      2. VINNY BARONE says:


      3. Amargomate says:

        If you got Direct TV is channel 347. Another to watch is 349.. MaxNews..
        We too used to watch Fox news 24/7…
        Not anymore… Only Sean and Tucker… and Gutfeld and Cavuto… the rest not important anymore.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Thanks for the info. friend, and I like the crew you picked there also, and I like Waters too! 🙂

          1. Amargomate says:

            Yea… sorry, I forgot and left out Waters, Brit Hume and

            Eric Bolling…. they are good too

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            We’re on the same page!! 🙂

          3. Amargomate says:

            Yes… we are!!

    4. wrauschuber says:

      I agree – I too have stopped watching FOX News regularly. I only watch 2 sows a day and one is on Fox Business. He has the format that Fox News should follow. I tired of hearing all the idiotic Democrats that appear on the Fox News. Dump them with the Bath Water. Follow Lou Dobbs typew format.

      1. Darlene F. Donston says:

        I watch Lou Dobbs every night and he is always on target with what is going on and I love his commentary. I also have stopped watching FOX News pretty much. But do watch Judge Jeanine. Oh, I also watch Varney on the Business for about 1/2 hour since his program runs too long for me as it would take up my whole morning! lol So you are right The Boys have ruined FOX News with all the Liberals!

  2. disqus_xhoTljOoA4 says:

    Fox made a big mistake getting rid of Bill O’Reilly and moving the Five. I like Tucker Carlson but his guest are not of the quality of O’Reilly. They need to add a little variety to their line up. Every show is the same.

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      You’re right about moving the Five, but I don’t miss O’Reilly. Didn’t watch his show half the time, and the other half, I just kept it on for background noise. He was getting a swelled head, and just kept talking about his latest book to buy, and all the others he wrote – killing this one, killing that one. Fox killed him!!

  3. N Ortiz says:

    CNN unfair and unbalanced! Fox news will join you shortly! Just like their viewers unfair and unbalanced!

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      Just like I think you watch MSNBC, just like the Senator Shooter!! Enough said.

  4. charlie says:

    of course we know. It is the new management. But that is ok we do not need them. We see this kind of thing pretty often when the kids take over something that they are not qualified to do. Let it die we do not need fox, there will be another rise up and bring the real news, lets just wait and then support them as we did fox in the past. I for one will not support those that are promoting what is against my beliefs and especially inaccurate and false news in the name of news. They don.t like what daddy built then close it down so they cannot profit from it. Let them reap what they sow.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Yep, I heard these kids were Hillary fans also, from the way they’re destroying Fox I believe it! I just want to see Hannity taken care of somewhere, he’s one of the only reasons I watch a long with Waters World showing the world how stupid our young people have turned out!

      1. charlie says:

        shut them down, Hannity and the others that have been affected will find a place, in fact they have the money to start a real news service of their own– look at the money the have been paid. drive fox out so the kids have what they deserve-nothing-. We built it, it is up to us to see it close

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          I’m with you 100% my friend, let the snowflakes fall!

        2. Cheryl Detar says:

          O’Reilly just turned down a million dollar offer. There is talk of him and others, starting their own network. Wouldn’t one with him, Tucker, Hannity and a few other be awesome?

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            Yes it would Girl, it would be great!! 🙂

      2. Charlie U. Saferstein says:

        Tucker is a great interviewer……….rips the lefties with facts and logic all the time…….watch his show and you will become a fan

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          YES, I totally forgot Tucker, love his show also, Hannity , Tucker, and Waters is about it now for FOX!!!

          1. Countrysunrise says:

            Don’t forget that Cavuto helped to build that network from the beginning, along with O’Reilly!! The Five is good to listen to. You get the day’s news, but in a more relaxed setting. Some days you can even laugh, and Waters is even on there!!

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            OOHHH my goodness, I totally forgot Cavuto, he’s great also, I try not to miss him either!! I love Waters showing our country how well our educational system is!! 🙂

          3. John Wagner says:

            I like the Five, but hate that stupid Williams on it. Still thinks obama is president.

      3. Charlie U. Saferstein says:

        Thank GOD for Hannity and Tucker……….great lineup of guest opinions too.

        1. Rodney Steward says:


    2. Countrysunrise says:

      There are still some of the originals on FOX that will help the sons to see the errors of their ways, and steer them back to the old ways. Just give them a little time to experiment. All of the shows aren’t bad, if you just give them a chance. It’s not like they outright lie, like the other networks with their Corporate Jihad!!

      1. charlie says:

        if you believe that maybe you would be interested in this big ole bridge that I can sell you cheep cheep.

  5. RightWriter says:

    What nonsense! When CNN or MSNBC ran second or third for month after month after YEAR, nobody said THEY were “going under”! Fox has to retool its lineup (i vote for MORE EXPERIENCED NEWSPEOPLE and maybe not so much emphasis on having the biggest stable of gorgeous “newsreaders” and a little more attention paid to teaching those lovely ladies to PRONOUNCE the names of people and places correctly (it may look like you should say “Katarr,” but the name of the country is really pronounced “Guttr”) — and getting CONTENT right as well!)
    Beyond that, Fox just needs to find the right combination of beauty, brains, and gravitas — people of both genders who can be taken seriously as newscasters because they give the impression they know what they’re talking about.

    1. mharris2012 says:

      The other Day on the Specialist Kat pronounced at least 3 people names Wrong Personally I don’t like that Show

      1. RightWriter says:

        I don’t like Kat (and the Specialists) either. I’ve noticed the same thing about Kat not having a clue how to pronounce even English-language names more complicated than, well, “Kat.”

    2. Gen11American says:

      The reason FoxNews was so successful for so long was because they were the only Conservative voice in a sea of liberalism. If they cease to be the voice of reason, and just become another Liberal MSM outlet, there won’t be any reason to watch them. But we can’t fix either stupid or foolish. Both groups have to learn things the hard way, and Murdoch’s liberal sons will be his empire’s downfall.

    3. russmohr says:

      Correction- Guttr is wrong, I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for three years and the Saudis all pronounced it as Katarr.

      1. RightWriter says:

        Interesting! I don’t doubt you, but I wonder if it’s a matter of it being pronounced one way in Saudi Arabic and another in Qatari Arabic? The colleague who “corrected” my pronunciation was FROM Qatar, which is why I assumed he’d have known how to pronounce it.

        But I do know, too, that various Arab nations have somewhat different accents — not unlike regional American speech or the difference between American and Canadian or British (or Aussie or Kiwi) English. Maybe that accounts for the difference. Just speculating….

    4. Countrysunrise says:

      That just shows you haven’t been watching!! There are both sexes doing the shows, as well as all Nationalities on weekends!! So you are talking out of…. ummmm FOX is doing well, and the other networks don’t know what they’re doing!! CNN has been losing in court for their FAKE NEWS stories, along with losing their biggest sponsor, ADT!! MSNBC is right behind them, for committing Corporate Jihad. If you don’t see that, you are totally brainwashed, since you can’t think for yourself!!

      1. RightWriter says:

        Before you take me out for being brainwashed, you should read my post: I AM SAYING PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING YOU SAID. Fox IS doing very well; they had ONE bad ratings report — BIG DEAL! I agree with you about both CNN and MSNBC, too. So if you want to complain about what someone is saying, make sure they’re saying something different from what YOU said.

  6. pappy450 says:

    THAT is what happens when “progressive LIBTARDS” “took over” and are now running the show. Fox’s reputation will be retired to the ashbin of history as far as being fair and balanced ever again. OAN on the internet for me now.

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      I don’t feel that they went liberal. Just because O’Reilly is gone, doesn’t change the make-up of the network!! He was getting a swelled head, anyway, and is now a man without a network!! Shows what a big catch he is!! FOX just has younger talent, and is a little more relaxed, and I think that turns off a lot of the older viewers.

      1. pappy450 says:

        I guess you missed the fact that they ALSO tried to get rid of HANNITY ..THAT didn’t work. (YET) The network is run now by LIBERALS that contributed heavily to the HITLERY campaign (and one of the WIVES works for her.) SO please tell me WHY you think that FOX isn’t going to eventually going down the “liberal” path also. Stay tuned.

  7. jim mccollum says:

    They have been infiltrated by Liberals, just like our schools, our churches, our financial institutions, our political bureaucracies, our medical services, and Hollywood. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure our that they are no longer fair and balanced nor are they honest. This is how it is when liberalism is present.

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      I don’t know how you can say they’re not honest. Is it because they report about the President?? They report about EVERYTHING, and when it comes to politics, they still try to have both sides so you can make up your own mind on the issue at hand!!

  8. bunky doodle says:

    who watches fox now. not us. oan, yes. blaze, yes. newsmax, yes. alt media , yes. youtube, yes. free media yes. fox, nbc cbs abc msnbc abc cnn = NO

  9. phillip M. Freeman says:

    FOX bring back O’reilly with a public apology. The FIVE is not good entertainment. We all miss Miller and the many other great guests Bill kept bringing on for commentary! I enjoy Tucker and Sean but they both still need lots of help. The kind Bill O would display every day! Get him back!

  10. Mathew Molk says:

    Let’s make this short ant to the point


    1. Chi Sam says:

      The word ‘and’ is not a difficult concept.

  11. US Patriot says:

    If they become a Libtard Network I will be sure to never watch their programming. We have enough Libtard networks that spew 100% propaganda for the Global New World Order Elitists!

  12. Jan says:

    All the public news networks are failing; since the U.N. has decided to control the world’s major media; of course with the help, & “money”, of George Soros. We are on our own to find the truth in ‘any’ public news channels. The only thing we can do is to find our own “private-non-interpretive” news networks. Watch out; because “Uncle Sam” is watching! I am also sick & tired of all the public internet nudity ‘uncensored’; that is slapping us in our faces. It’s getting absolutely vile, & discussting.

  13. Mary Catherine Huffman says:

    Fox News is NOT and never has been “fair and balanced. We quit watching this right-wing extremist channel a long time ago. Hope it goes away.

    1. gil ewer says:

      That’s because you have three stupid names. Lesbo

    2. RightWriter says:

      It’s not going ANYWHERE. It may have lost a bit in the ratings, but will bounce back before long, and I can PROMISE you it will be in business LONG after CNN and MSNBC have died and gone to liberal hell.

  14. Darlene F. Donston says:

    First of all, Colbert is ugly and isn’t even funny, 2nd Queer Madcow is #1 at MSN?? No wonder it is a terrible thing to watch which of course I would probably throw up looking at her?/him! But then since the Stupid Liberal Murdoch Brothers have wrecked FOX News we hardly ever watch them anymore. FOX and Friends is the only one on besides Hannity and there are a couple on the Business Channel that is good. Charles Payne’s Making Money, Lou Dobbs and the one with Liz McDonald, and of course Varney! That’s it. We don’t have time to watch the ones in the morning or afternoon usually. Hopefully the Murdoch Brothers will pay the price!

    1. wrauschuber says:

      Lou Dobbs has a good show. Fox News should try his format. They will fail if they continue down the same path they are on. The new management doesn’t know. People are getting tired of the liberal guests on the Fox Network. Throw them out with the revamping of the network. if I wanted to watch them (i can list them) I would turn the dial to CNN, CBS, NBC, etc…

  15. Jack Lachance says:

    You are missing the point. For my part I don’t want fair and balanced, I want the TRUTH upfront and personal. Replacing O’Reilly who is a sexual perfert was necessary and Ailes has been misbehaving for years. I am glad they replaced O’Reilly with Tucker Carlson it was a brilliant move, way beyond what surfices for a news analyst. Tucker is way more assertive and knowledgeable than O’Reilly or Kelly. Tucker will take you on if you act the fool or don’t know what you are talking about. I am 100% behind Fox news but I also like ONE America News (channel 347 in Phx) too, Especially Liz Wheeler and Graham Ledger. OANN is after the truth upfront.

  16. cam94z28 says:

    It doesn’t matter to me what happens to Fox news. I’m going wherever O’Reilly, and Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” end up.

    I used to watch Fox all day every day, especially pre-2016 Election. Lately, I’ve been watching reruns of Impractical Jokers, rather than turn on Fox News. If Tucker or Hannity goes. Fox News might as well rename themselves CNN2. But, then, unfortunately, there will be no high viewership conservative network, and I fear what the MSM may do with a full monopoly.

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      Waah waah!! One person gets canned for improper behavior, and you stop watching!! Your loss!! Stay uninformed like the libtards, then!! There are a lot of Anchors that FOX got rid of, and although I wasn’t happy about it, I continued to watch. The network has its’ reasons, and this time they didn’t want to pay out millions in losses. Would you??

      1. cam94z28 says:

        Considering what happened to their ratings after dropping O’Reilly, I would say it would have been worth fighting for a member of the “old guard” that has been with the channel since the beginning. Did you notice that the left made up sexual charges to try and frame Hannity, but he lawyered up, and wasn’t having any of it? You just don’t have this many people accused of sexual perversion on the same network by simple coincidence. There were definitely ulterior motives at work here.

  17. JRR says:

    Sorry, Bill OReilly is conservative? He is a fake. And so long as Shep is still there, ratings will go nowhere. Its only saving grace is how awful everyone else is! Let’s hope OAN takes hold. It’s head and shoulders above the rest, even with the greatly inexperienced staff!

  18. allessior says:

    Fox News lost many loyal viewers well prior to the O’Reilly firing. No matter what Trump did or said, O’Reilly and Hannity could never find it within themselves to criticize Trump.

    Even now, as Trump supports this fiasco called McConnell care, and calls the House version “mean”, Hannity just keeps singing Trump’s praises. I supported Cruz, then Trump after Cruz pulled out, but, when Trump does stupid things, like breaking his promise to bring the US Embassy to Jerusalem, nary a negative word from Hannity.

    When Fox covers the “opioid” crisis, they NEVER bring on guests who represent the needs of patients with chronic intractable pain. Instead, patients with intractable pain suffer even more as the only net consequence from the government restrictions on opioids is the innocent pain patient is kicked to the curb, while the addict and criminals simply go to the black market and buy or steal drugs.

    No, Fox is far from fair and Balanced. Their new slogan should be “One Sided and Clearly Unbalanced”.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Sorry, but Jerusalem didn’t want the US Embassy there, it wasn’t Trump!!

  19. Connie Halsey Dassance says:

    So far, Fox Business seems to be okay. Trish Reagan, Lou Dobbs and Charles Payne are my favorites on that channel. I gave up the regular Fox News a while back, except for Tucker, Hannity and Judge Jeanine. I also watch OAN on DirecTV channel 347. I have tried watching the biased news just to see what they are saying and I just can’t stand it. I have to turn the channel after only a few seconds!

  20. Floyd says:

    It was only the truth. Now they have more Commie bull crap

  21. Bobby says:

    Could turn to good. I’ll get to why. Need to know and good news, coming. I’ve sent tweets to Fox, and individuals from winter 2016, on. Most about you base your shows on false, lying Demo, so called Polls. Lord told me, and you will say on election night, ” Shock, you the American people, have spoken loud and clear. Trump Wins Epic Landslide. A clean sweep for Trump, Republicans.’ Much more, and details to so-called experts.Including your ( Fox), so called swing States and a few that you call, blue. ON F and B. Fox, lose the so called F & B. You have leftist liars, with fake studies, liars. Topic twisters, and interupters. Get their rehearsed, talking points lies,in. No hosts wise enough, to call out their lies, answer with the truth. Shoot them, down.Time to end this, and be the only true Conservative Network. Viewership, would increase. If we want to hear liars, deceivers #FakeNews, we can change the channel. If not, Creator Lord Jesus, already knows. God has had enough of MSM. Will transform, and raise up a truth news, all Conservative Network. His wise to the big and small picture,bold truth, Christians. That He has gifted and prepared. No lying atheists, on. Top expert guests, in every area, and level. Who get to talk on what they think is important, for a while. Not like you Fox. Who has mostly yes men and no, guests, with simple and basic knowledge. Who get boxed into one question. Can’t make their full point. Get interupted, Then a Lib liar comes on. Same guests, no Frank Gaffney, Clare Lopez, on and on. Jay Sekulow, gets cut off, quick. The Lord’s new Network, will have more in depth, true, wise, higher level. For viewers to enjoy,grow and learn, new and important things.US Laws, Constitution, true history, Christian founders, also. Good news, too. Viewers will learn. Enjoy. True reports. Like fraud Obama, criminally gave all of the shipping ownership, area and control of all incoming and outgoing shipping containers. To known terrorist. An Iranian Nuke scientist. At Port Canaveral. Which is used by 3 close by, US Military Bases. Very strategic for our Republic. Exposing Globalists, the heads, evil acts, plots and puppets in Gov. Politicians, Trump, team, etc.Would also see and know vital things, to change. Not just, so basic, Fox. We the People would be more informed and able to act on things.Or Traitor Rubio with Senate Demos, treasonous law, the House needs to kill. Stealing our number one Creator given Right. Free Speech. Written by Islamists. Handed to Rubio and Senate Demos, would make any talk about Islam, Muslims, a hate crime. The worst rights theft in our history. A treasonous so called law. Minneapolistan. Has illegal and other false, satanic god following; Islam. Muslims calling police 24/7 falsely accusing all non-Muslims. Over loading the system, trying to all others arrested, steal their property, etc.Right now, only proven threats can be a problem. Under Rubios, they could and would. Have all they they accuse, arrested. I’ve sent tweets to the House, and groups in to Stop traiterous Bill. H.Res. 257. I sent a video. Said, House, Speaker, a few commitees, freedom causus, and individuals.. ‘Kill Traitors, Rubio, Demos. Treasonous Senate Bill. Attempting to Steal our #1 Right to free speech. Bill written by shady Muslims groups. Stealing our Free Speech,Islam blasphemy law, biggest theft of our Creator given Rights, attempt.Prison, for so called hate speech. To put We the People, in prison.Kill this treason Bill! I hope that may more, contact them, and #ExposeTraitorRubioDemsBill. Plain English in our Biblical Constitution. Creator given, that no man is allowed. to take away. Please contact them, White House, etc.

  22. VINNY BARONE says:

    FOX making big mistake by hanging its FAMOUS saying…When craphouse cnn beats you its bad add msnbc its ridiculous! Stay tuned to OANN n FOX Business networks, until FOX NEWS wakes ups and sells the ratings again!

    1. RightWriter says:

      And WHO do you think runs Fox Business Network, you idiot? SAME PEOPLE as run Fox News Channel! If one is going to hell, so are they both — but it’s not true of either one!
      OAN is trying and may one day make it — but it doesn’t match Fox in either professionalism of its on-air personnel (though Fox has slipped a bit there, picking too many “beauties” and not enough “brains”) OR in reach for REAL news stories. Basically, its on-air people read the newswires. That’s not a news network; it’s a local station that wangled a slot on some cable systems.

  23. Countrysunrise says:

    I’m unable to get OAN on my channels. CNN has lost 2 Court cases recently, due to their FAKE NEWS reporting. In one instance, a Doctor lost his job, because Anderson Cooper decided to tweak his show to get ratings, and said some unflattering things about this heart surgeon. Not only did the surgeon lose his job, but he received death threats after the show aired!! I hope Anderson is happy!! After his girlfriend Kathy Lee Griffin was fired from their New Year’s Eve gig (I know they’re not an item), ADT, the network’s largest sponsor, dropped their advertising!! So CNN is slowly becoming a memory. MSNBC is right behind them. It turns out that the Senator shooter was an avid watcher of Rachael Maddow, and she takes no responsibility for it. At least Bernie made a comment on the Senate floor when he got the news!! She’s a real piece of work, and would give anyone seizures at best with her facial expressions and hand gestures!! Then you also have the Morning Schmo, with Mika, who only got the gig due to her Daddy’s shirttails!! She’s another dumb bottle-blonde!! Look at their line-up, and you’ll see that they had to dumpster dive to come up with people to sit at the Anchor desk!!

  24. The Murdock dinks are going to destroy FOX, will soon become just another liberal liar lame stream media FAKE NEWS channel. It is ashame, but predictable given the liberal owners. RIP FOX, your days are numbered. I await a true conservative news channel to arise with O’Reilly, Levine, Malcolm, Hannity, Waters, Gilfoil, Carlson, and all the other departed, Jenna Lee, could be great.

  25. David Linton says:

    I used to turn Fox on first thing in the morning and it stayed there until the evening network shows started. Since O’Reilly was railroaded the only time I watch is if it is Hannity, Waters or Tucker. The clown Rupert has let his spawn James & Lachlan torpedo the network and it will only be a short time until they will be at the bottom of the ratings. One good thing has come from this debacle, I’m getting caught up on all the movies I was missing on Netflix, HBO and Showtime.

  26. Patricia McGehee says:

    Every hour on the hour all I hear on Fox is Russia, Russia, Russia. Makes me think of that sitcom with the kids. Do you remember one saying, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha?

  27. Major Ray Salas says:

    I have been saying for quite a while that Fox is losing its message as a whole. Too much noise, too much talking. Breibart needs to start a broadcasting network. No background noise. Its time that we Trump supporters grow up and get “really” organized. Folks, we are “really” in a war for our survival. We must destroy the Left!!!

  28. jerry1944 says:

    Guess we know they are going to be like CNN and dont want to lie about it . That would be strange for a news that does lie The lieing women took them down with there crooked descrination laws and the dem murdock brothers and there wifes

  29. Wanda Dixon says:

    This network is slowly changing into a Liberal station and I don’t like it one bit.

  30. James Dugan says:

    FOX is still the only way we can get information in a more open context as compared to biased mainstream media with regard to Tump and his administration. Guess Trump will increase his tweeting. Ugh!

    If they drop their “Fair and Balanced” slogan, it would be an admission that they are in trouble. If they don’t have the ability to function without O’Reilly and some of the others who left FOX, then they demonstrate that they are no longer committed to ” Fair and Balanced” and that would be a shame for loyal FOX listeners and the general public.

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