Former NFL Superstar Gives Colin Kaepernick Honest Advice

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  1. ldazzle says:

    Did Lewis explain to Kaep how he dodge being Carruth cell mate?

  2. richard black says:

    thank you ray !!!

  3. Dan says:

    Way to go big man

  4. dude says:

    right it’s about time somebody stood up and tell it like it is …way to go lewis and brown …if you don’t meet and talk and find out the facts and devise a plan of action how are you going to fix the problem…lewis said it the way it is or should be

  5. Babsan says:

    Oh boy,this is not words the Democrats want to hear.Actually help the inner city not just pander.My God this doesn’t bode well for the Crime Syndicate Democrats

  6. Bilgeez says:

    “Urban” areas wont change until the occupants change, which means; get off their asses and get educated somehow, get a real, honest job, not dealing drugs or selling bootleg movies, stop ignoring and putting up with crime in the neighborhood, start teaching your children to respect and work with authority, not fight them or buck the system all the time, quick looking for the government to “fix” or “take care of” everything, YOU are responsible for your neighborhood, not someone miles away!

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