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Former FBI Agent Alleges Shocking Treasonous Behavior From The Deep State

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  1. pupster40 says:

    This garbage about starting in a woodshed, should be more like in a Gulag in Pelosi’s winery.

  2. John Kovach says:

    We all know that we have some very sorry Democrats in our politics and they need to get the hell out. They work for us. we do not work for them and they need to be stopped!!!!!

  3. Phil Auten says:

    CLEAN HOUSE NOW, Donald! If you don’t, this BS will continue giving you heartburn!

    Phil in TX

  4. Lillian DeVore says:

    When subordinates see their leaders doing this, they think it’s okay for them to do it. The media commentators tried to tell us the special counsel would HELP Trump, because it would shut down all reporting regarding the investigation and the daily drip. How’s that working out?

  5. Tonya Parnell says:


  6. Dimas John Rodriguez says:

    Leave the monstrosity of self denying regards half said for you cannot deny the appeal of modern methods to compensate for boredom.

  7. Robert Dimmock says:

    it’s time to get rid of all the Obummer people in Washington. If not these left wing communist are going to kill the country. wipe the slate clean, get rid of all of them .

  8. johnny b says:

    Since the legal system isn’t going to do squat about crooked democraps, isn’t it about time for President Trump to announce his amnesty program wherein any Conservative that acts like a fruitcake liberal and shoots a democrap will be pardoned….
    That will fix the country in a hurry and drain the swamp….

    1. Brenda Sinclair says:

      way i see it until obama is arrested for his hundreds of 8 yrs crimes against america, then hillary on down the line this violence,confusion in america will continue gay muslim obama is the anti-christ i have o doubt of this fact, satan is a hard enemy to fight but with prayers and God on our side we will win

      1. johnny b says:

        That and a case of ammo for each an every conservative….. just insurance…..

      2. Michael Lloyd says:

        Yes and many of those millions are stashed in secret accounts.

      3. pepie says:

        your bank account that is . no ours ,Kenyan fraud,dope smoker and seller and we elected that fraud ,Democrats don’t even run for office DON’T run for dog catcher ??

  9. Grant1959 says:

    Extremely well written summation, Bravo! Most of know this and that is why we are so damned mad and it is even more infuriating that Republicans are not howling like skinned cats. Shut the Democrat Crime machine down, charge as many of them as possible under the RICO statutes and confiscate every thing they have and let them be saddled with Public Defenders from Bumbutt Nebraska somewhere.

  10. Grant1959 says:

    The Hillary Gang MUST face prosecution along with all of her co-conspirators and collaborators and we will all be amused by how many commit suicide by two gunshots to the back of the head before they can testify. Seth Rich was murdered for a flash drive that he used to download the files from the DNC computer system. The file transfer rate proves it was not done by any foreign entity overseas, it could only be achieved via a USB flash Drive device, no LAN, DSL or even satellite hookup could transfer the files at the rate that was found.

    1. Brenda Sinclair says:

      last week hillary had another sucide, the man was to be a witness in court against her, this makes 160 bodybags

      1. Lakshmi says:

        Jeff Sessions! Do your job! ARREST the murderers, war mongers, TRAITORS, liars, thieves, pedophiles, con artists, sex traffickers, drug pushers, HILLARY & OBAMA and their Satanic Globalist DEEP STATE ORGANIZED CRIME CRONIES. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE DEPENDING ON YOU FOR JUSTICE & PROTECTION FROM THESE EVIL CRIMINALS!

  11. tryscavage says:

    The heart of this group is the State Department. Tillerman MUST clean house there.

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      The Justice department is pretty screwed up too!

  12. Brenda Sinclair says:

    i can not comprehend why so much crime has went on in washington, yet no one had been arrested ,indicted, put in jail for one murder one crime..seems one rule applies for washington government and another for the american people until we stand up demands justice against these criminals they will get away with it all

    1. Michael Lloyd says:

      Sessions is Hillary’s worst nightmare? How and when? She’s laughing at him.

  13. ONLYJB1 says:

    When will we witness our first political criminal hung? Hung by the neck until dead!

    1. pepie says:

      we won’t because of lib scum democrat nothing but let them off with a hand smacking. This has to stop murders i don’t care who they are hang them then no more , sorry in a way but no

  14. Dave says:

    President Trump. Fire Mueller, McCabe and any body else. Hire this guy,John Ligato, to be the head of the FBI.

  15. ConnieJ says:

    Nothing will be done. Trump’s hands will be tied by the RINOs who are closet Democrats, and who are hip-deep in the corrupt swamp that Trump is trying to drain. The corrupt Democrat media will continue its attacks on Trump and his folks who are trying to save this country. There’s little hope left for our few remaining freedoms and our once-great Constitution. More people need to speak out against the corruption, while they still have a voice.

    1. pepie says:

      problem to many republicans are in bed with democrats false republicans like MCcain and others dam it you are a republican not and ass hole third grader any more support your President . remember you have to run again we won’t forget you be sure of that . we will vote in a trash collecter over you even a scum bag muslem rather then you

  16. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  17. SeaDragon says:

    Beyond Excellent article ! Now if there were one or more decent patriot’s working inside the agencies that would come clean ( even like deep throat for suicide purposes) and expose the COMMUNIST TRAITORS Running this country into her grave. And my RSAL HOPE IS, President Trump will dismantled ALL the agencies and rebuild only a few with laws and overstep to rein in treasonous criminals who begin to get a God complex.

  18. Tom says:

    When we talk about draining the swamp we have to include some republicans . First on the list is McCain , he’s nuts. He has signs of Alzheimer’s. Paul is next and there are about 10 that need to go. Democrats all need to go except for a few. The count is less then the fingers on your hands.

  19. Joe Irwin says:

    Actually, the first victim was Comey who was fired directly by Trump for doing his job investigating the Russian situation to start this whole mess. Of course this made Trump the victim of his own direct actions as President.

  20. Jacky says:

    This former FBI agent has pointed out all these crimes and is appalled that the present FBI director has do nothing. I believe he should be fired and prosecuted along with the others. All found guilty of treason should be executed and the others give appropriate punishment for the crime committed. What will it take to get prosecution of these criminals–It is treason and punishable by death. People riot in Ferguson for change in police matters involving a criminal. We hunt down the Boston bomber and shoot him hiding in a boat but for treason that will destroy our country we do nothing. Where is our justice for America. Do we sit idle and watch her destroyed from with in????

    1. pepie says:

      get rid of democrat lib judges and maybe the system will work but not now ,Obozo put theses people in there for a reason and see it’s working dam

  21. davegrille says:

    The secret portion of the permanent bureaucracy certainly needs restructuring.

  22. mrp15 says:

    In addition to President Trump’s advice to let Obamacare fail till they come begging for a solution, it is time for Congress to have their healthcare repealed and replaced by Obamacare. Why should we taxpayers subsidize Congress’ superior plan, when we have to get stuck with Obamacare?

  23. Glenda Trull Kee says:

    I agree that the Democrats, gravy train must be taken from them ” NOW. “, Obama needs to be banned from politics. He had the golden opportunity to improve things while he was in office, however his devious ways ways were only hurting our most wonderful NATION, almost to the point of destruction. He and Hillary soled us out. President is doing all he can to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, yet the evil doers of the Democrat Party are hell bent on destroying him. WE CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN. WE WON’T LET THIS HAPPEN. Father God Please Help Us, to rid all of the corruption from our GOVERNMENT. IN JESUS HOLY NAME I PRAY.

    1. pepie says:

      How did S. Rice make 50 million $$$ when she didn’t work for it 174000 a year tell me how i want to know tell

  24. Jeff says:

    Well if this report doesn’t spell it out for the leadership in office now, I don’t know what will, he not only connected dots, hell he got rid of the dots and drew straight lines to all the conspirators and co-conspirators, I’m so sick of the republicans in office, who have the majority and have held it for a little over 6 months, they should have done something by now, how much brighter can one shine a (flood) light on the evidence, these are no longer just question of guilt they are facts of guilt! If it were a regular citizen we would have been buried under the jail, his example of Martha Stewart’s lieing and consequently being jailed was classic and so true, and she had a little bit of money and was somewhat famous, and yet she goes to jail for a lie, what these folks are doing and continue to do, is so harmful to our democracy it’s unreal, we need to stand up folks and say enough is enough, don’t elect another democrat into office until we see heads roll and the atmosphere torwards our President change! This was never excepted under Obamanut so why should we excuse it now, because we’re independents and conservatives, I say take the gloves off and get in the trenches and take all those lieing cheating and unlawful individuals down.

  25. davegrille says:

    It is likely that there has been extensive skullduggery .

  26. Andrew says:

    All left over from O and those who used to work for Hillary should be investigated, prosecuted and imprisoned if found guilty. Andrew.

  27. Lakshmi says:

    Fire McCabe, Mueller, Priebus, McMasters. They are globalist Satanic TRAITORS & your ENEMIES!!!!

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