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Former DNC Chair Might Cut A Deal On A Potentially Massive Investigation

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  1. a_goodtarheel1 says:

    The Awans won’t be long for this world if the JD grants them special immunity to roll over on Hildabeast.

  2. Kirk Kahler says:

    well I am sure that the Clintons and the corrupt DNC are not happy that she is trying to save her own ass and looking to make a deal to do so and if the Clintons think that any thing she tells could do damage to them then I am sure there will be a new body to add to the count !

    1. grnjllybn says:

      The “Clinton crime family” needs to disappear entirely and forever!!

  3. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

    Put the screws to her and make her squeal, this disgusting misrepresentative threatens the DC police, blames the people that set safety policies for secure files for not stopping her from violating their policies. She is colluding with an enemy and breaking workplace laws and rules by keeping her pet Pakistani’s safe and well funded. Make her swallow every thing she is guilty of, make her tattle on the other sh^[email protected] too and still throw her onto Gitmo forever. This is an avalanche I would love to witness
    !, the more Demscum she brings down -the better!

  4. David Drezek says:

    Everyone needs to see what is on this computer , or is this ANOTHER coverup

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