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Former DNC Chair Is Sweating Bullets After This Arrest

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  1. pateboo says:

    Sounds like the Democrat House of Cards is finally starting to fall.

    1. SD of AZ says:

      At least some of it. But every bit of the things done in the dark are now going to come to the light. What the do nothing congress does with it or the political judicial branch is still to be seen. With Trump at the helm I do not thing the executive branch will let this one just linger around. Sic em, payback is a bitch!

    2. Marilyn Z says:

      Not enough to suit me.

    3. Temple Ascue Jr says:

      It has been 400+ years since slavery and the house of Democrats still haven’t fallen.

  2. Dave T. says:

    She is “sweating bullets” as the lead in says.
    And Imran Awan will be “collecting” them in a botched robbery/suicide 2 shots 2 the back of the head!!!

    1. dude says:

      she ain’t sweating bullets no more that hillary they won’t prosecute either cause they would not have a dem party if they did and the rep. party would srink quit a bit to I think but that’s what needs to be done …then they will know that money and power won’t let you break the law and you will be held accountable for you crimes like everybody else…be nice but I don’t see it happening and that’s sad

    2. SD of AZ says:

      Seth botched robbery all over again and likely in jail. Hum?

  3. MILES E DRAKE says:

    The trail will likely lead from the mohammedans to Washyourhair Schultz, and will show this harridan to be the partner-in-crime of The Drunken Lesbian Witch. The talmudist termagant rigged elections and sold national secrets from her smashed computers, while the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke used her bleached and smashed devices to solicit bribes and sell uranium. We will need a wing at one of the federal women’s (to use a term loosely) prisons by the time this is done, preferably one that also has a mental health unit for Mad Maxine. When espionage and massive election fraud has been established, the investigation should focus on whether these computers were used to arrange the murders of Justice Scalia and Seth Rich, and to hire and train Barney’s murderous protege Hodgkinson for mass assassination. This is what we should be investigating, not the ever-expanding tissue of Russian lies and canards being spun by the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder.

    1. SD of AZ says:

      Very well put and exposed the devious nefarious bunches plots and obfuscating and lying, cheating, thieving very well without the profanity I tend to lend to any talk about all these deviants!

    2. John says:

      Screw the wing at a federal prison, EXECUTION Squads!

    3. Rani says:

      Well said. You covered the whole mess very nicely.

  4. Bruce Kellar says:

    Such a loving and well intentioned person being persecuted by that Russian mobster, Trump and the rest of those deplorable Americans.

    1. C. LeSaint says:

      It is the communist democrats who are so tied up, twisted up, in bed with the Russians!!! After all, it was Obama who told a Russian official that he, Obama, would do more after HE was RE-ELECTED!! How did Obama know that he was going to be re-elected and the election was MONTHS AWAY!!!

  5. dude says:

    nay! awan will most likely turn up dead a suicide no dought like all the other suicides that witnessed against or tried towitness against the dem. and hillary clinton like seth rich

  6. KDC says:

    Okay, Schultz colluded to bring down Bernie Sanders. Take her and lock her up. Will you please go after the “king” pin in all this crooked mess? Hitlary Clinton. You know Debbie wasn’t doing this on her own. You know she’s was taking orders from the Clinton cartel. These are the ones who need to be put away.

    1. Marilyn Z says:

      ABSOLUTELY but we know it will never happen. Hitlary has too much money and power from others behind her…IT AIN’T HAPPENING.

  7. Jesustheonlyway says:

    NO one in our government has the gumption to investigate this mess much less prosecute it! They just roll right over the American people. These people have committed treason among many other high crimes and nothing will happen to them – but they’ll turn around and charge we the little people for a hang nail!

  8. Kirk Kahler says:

    well we all know that he will role over on every one and every thing to save his ass ! and not that damaged hard drives and the computer are in the hands of the FBI I am sure that they will be able to recover most of what is on them and that is why DWS is having a little brake down and I am sure that there are some other people on the left that will be in the same boat !! I think that it is so funny that the corrupt left just a few days back came out with there new plan A BETTER DEAL they call it lmao and now not only is there going to be people in trubble for spying and unmasking and obstruction but now they may have the smoking gun on who put the Russian probe in play who the people are that were working with Russia and other country’s to harm team trump ! now we just have to hope that these bad actors don’t turn up dead ! that all ways seems to happen if the Clintons are in the mix !

    1. Jimbosidecar says:

      That’s IF the FBI isn’t corrupt themsel;ves. They certainly were under Comey and I’m sure there are still plenty of swamp rats still there

  9. Jmanjo says:

    Jail time honey!

  10. Bud William says:

    No Doubt a botched robbery, 2 nicely placed shots in the back is about to play out again. No doubt this
    kind of stuff will continue to be the “MO” for the Democrat Party.

  11. Censored4Watt says:

    ooops, was this foreign national NOT to be trusted with US government secrets and or sensitive information? The funny thing is that the folks in south Flori-daH still would vote for her. Now that is America.

  12. Jersey_Prophet says:

    Funny how Blabbermouth Schultz is quiet like a church mouse now. Cat got her tongue?

    Maybe she needs to take that boarding pass from her IT guy Iman or what’shisface. who wasn’t allowed to board his flight to Pakistan to escape his wrap.

    Or better yet, Blabbermouth should seek exile in Cuba where she’d be safe like the cop killer from NJ.

  13. William M Durham says:

    I hope that the scummy bitch is indicted and sent to prison for a long time, along with lots of her friends

  14. SD of AZ says:

    Oh goodie, could not happen to a nicer bunch. Karma is coming for the dem wits and the rinos had better pray the dem wits do not have a whole lot on them as well!

  15. VINNY BARONE says:


  16. Frank W Brown says:

    Please oh please, let’s put an END to the demoCRAP party, NOW would be good!

  17. chuckie2u says:

    Just all a part of the crooked establishment. The RINOS and Democrats will blame it on Trump and this will all be pushed under the political rug..

  18. Sinnie Kemp says:

    Now we know why the DNC refused to turn their server(s) over to the FBI regardless of several requests, because they didn’t want to expose their traitorous crimes involving their Muslim IT guys.

  19. robert sanders says:

    hang this bitch

  20. Rodney Steward says:

    Just another idiot of the New Un-American Dem. Party, puts her in the class with Waters, Pelosi and Warren, and all take orders from Hellary!!!!

  21. Gammi2Anna says:

    I seriously doubt Debbie blabber-mouth Wasserman-Schultz is sweating anything, much less bullets. Remember, she has the ”right connections to the Teflon coated Clinton Cartel”. I’m certain they can get her coated with a little Teflon to keep her quite long enough for her to suddenly decide to commit suicide.

  22. She will end up dead before she ever testifies, after all, she was another HiLIARy diehard supporter, and the operative word is diehard, mark my words, she was being blackmailed by the IT criminal, why else would she pay them $4M for part time consultant work? Nothing about this makes any sense, but when it all unwinds, the Clinton Cartel body count will once again rise. WAKE UP AMERICA, politicians are all corrupt cesspool dwellers, well below swamp level. RIP demonrats and your day is coming repukelicans McCain, McConnell, Graham, Ryan, and all the rino traitors.

  23. Netencho says:


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