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Disney’s Stock Way Down For This Liberal Reason

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  1. porkexpress says:

    I think the major problem is the price to get into one of their parks. The Liberals want everything for free and their minions do not want a job. Seems like a Catch 22 situation to me, LOL. Mom and Dad need to step up to support these blights on society.

  2. KDC says:

    “This is exactly why people are tired of ESPN”…and all the other biased, fake news networks. Keep up your lies and damaging rhetoric because you’re only hurting yourselves. You think the constituency hasn’t any brains. ( well those on the left may not), but true patriots won’t put up with it. As for Disney movies…some people have no integrity or standards. I will not condone such garbage.

  3. David VanBockel says:

    People get tired of queer boosters masquerading as a “Family Channel”.

    1. searchtruthnow says:

      Yep you got it. Good point.

  4. worried american says:

    Why does everything and everybody have to be politics. I’m sick and tired of it. I notice many times on the news they have the audacity to refer to our President as Mr. Trump…It’s not Mr. Trump. It’s President Trump. Period. Whether you voted for him or not..Whether you love or hate him, it’s President Trump…Can you imagine the outcry from the liberals if we had started addressing President Obama as Mr. Obama…
    OMG..Send a letter to ESPN telling them why you are not watching them anymore…Once people stop this tirade of political BS, it will die down. But not until people get their message across that they are sick and tired of all of it…


    How has it affected me? I will probably never ever vote for a woman…When I see how our country has turned because of an election, it unnerves me. There is no sense in voting some in because they are a woman, or are black, or is not black or is a male. SICK!!!! My guess is next time they will try and put someone in who is outwardly gay…Why? Because they are a good leader? No, and Hell no…Just like Hillary..They will want them to run just because they are gay…

    When I vote, it is NOT ever based on color, religious preference, gender,…etc. etc….I vote for the person I think will make a good leader…No other reason…and I do a lot of reading and go way beyond what anything on TV says..research, read, listen…think..

    1. searchtruthnow says:

      Unfortunately we have been so submersed into this agenda that anyone can be associated with politics, and lobby’s – everything seems related to payola. It’s everywhere like a fungus. I agree with you – I am sick of it all too but this is what the reality is…and we have to vote with our pockets stemming from our convictions and integrity. I boycott anything Disney…you can read my post above for why I boycott them….if you want to read it.

    2. stopspending4 says:

      worried, the only politics the left has is “identity” politics. They shout that you should vote for Obama because he is black, vote for Hil because she is a women, if you vote for Trump you are a racist, rep want to throw granny off a cliff. From the results of the last several elections, more people agree with you and do not vote for someone because of their identity. Trump telling poor blacks “what do you have to lose’ shed some light on how the left has been treating their “victimhood” voters and I think “victims” are getting tired of being portrayed as a victim.

      1. worried american says:

        I hear you…If anything, anyone playing into the victim “scheme” in order to get votes should be ashamed of themselves. No one should be painted that..I have seen many people from poor areas in which parents were working for minimum wage, barely having $ to buy food. And have seen parents working 2 or 3 jobs to feed their children. But…it left a positive picture for their children, knowing and appreciating how hard their parents worked, and promised themselves they would do better. Many I know spent years paying their own way thru college. NO FREEBIES. And when they were done, they stood tall and proud knowing every once of energy and strength went into making them successful. By successful, I do not mean millionaires – I mean people who look in the mirror and the image they see is something they are proud of. I had no freebies, it took lot of years to take evening courses at night while working. I grew up in the north and when we ran out of fuel oil, we had frost on the inside of our windows. Good or bad, it didn’t kill me – my family never took a freebie. NO PHONE…SOMETIMES NO HEAT..A FAN IN THE SUMMER WAS THE ULTIMATE DREAM. I lived…I thrived. Though I would not want people to necessarily have to go thru that, it did teach me that just because I don’t have something, it’s not the end of the world. I ended up working for a company for 25 years, and was promoted because of my work ethics and my desire to learn. And yes, I worked side by side with those of color, and those of different religions. Not ONE of them had the YOU OWE ME attitude.

      2. boone1 says:

        Will liberals do think 90% of all blacks are stupid and don’t know how to get an ID card and too poor to pay for one when most ID cards are free too start off with.

  5. worried american says:

    Disney under fire for a gay caricature? Spare me. I saw the movie…I loved the movie. I enjoyed it all…Did I notice a gay character? Yeah? So?..
    Let me repeat myself…I saw the movie, I loved the movie..I enjoyed it all…DONE DEAL.

    1. stopspending4 says:

      worried, if you had taken the time to read the article – it clearly said the movie part of the business is doing fine. It is ESPN that is not meeting profit needs. People are tired of the leftist spouting when they just want to watch a sports program. We watch news shows when we want news/politics. We watch sports shows to see SPORTS. Fire those that think we want to hear their leftist (or any) political views.

      1. worried american says:

        I did read the whole article – top to bottom. I DID read the movie part of the business was doing fine. I just happened to NOT like the gay part of it even brought to anyone’s attention. What was the purpose of even mentioning it?.. That’s all. ESPN. I do not watch it. And if you noticed the headlines of the article and the first part, I was thoroughly disgusted when I realized it also concerned ESPN. BUT WAS THAT THE HEADLINES???? NOOOOOO….The article should have been about ESPN and the headline should have been about ESPN.

    2. Mathew Molk says:

      Why don’t you go hang with your queer pals then. – This site is for Judaeo-Christian AMERICAN Men and Women so get lost.


      1. worried american says:

        What the hell is that comment about moron? Just cuz I didn’t take offense of a gay caricature? Geez…Go get a life. Yours is lacking if that’s all the comments you have to present. Sorry Pal…was brought up Catholic…Even Baptized. LOL…This is a joke, right? I say I like freaken Disney movie like most of the world and you say something stupid like this is a Judaeo-Christian American Site?
        Go pull your tights up – I think they are either throttling either your brains or your cajones…Not sure which…probably both.

  6. searchtruthnow says:

    I hope Disney and it’s affiliates go to hell. Back in the day Walt Disney made propaganda programs for the gov. There are many sneaky things going on even in the children’s movies. Disney has been ‘commie’ or liberal, same thing, for decades now and they deserve the boot. Anyone can look up the relationship between Walt Disney and the gov and it’s worse now since Walt died. Just saying……

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      TRAINING films for the armed forces, NOT propaganda films for the “government”

      Now they do make indoctrination films for the LGBQRSTMZ alphabet perverts, thoigh.

      1. searchtruthnow says:

        According to an interview in which Walt says himself- That he made propaganda films for the gov.

  7. Darthinton says:

    First and foremost, for me, The slithering slide in ad’s that covers so much of subject.

    Now; I know I am a squeaking wheel, but to the subject: I am truly discussed by disney land’s used long time employees and forced people who worked a disney to train Illegal’s to be trained and to be able to put the actual employs out of work over already trained people..
    I can only hope disneys yards fill with tanzie rag wart leaves and brier bushes.

  8. d peters says:

    Can’t stand to watch ESPN anymore. Too liberal and biased. Quit the liberal comments and just be a sportscaster!

  9. Mathew Molk says:

    I don’t watch ESPN anyway, and I’m sure Walt is sick to his stomach over what happened to the company that gave us Johnny Tramain, Spin and Marty and good Ol’ Davy Crockett,,,,and all the training films that made. It WAS an All-American company ; Now it’s just another MWO Marxist front.

    When are are going to being back the HUAC?

  10. Allen Crump says:

    It seems that every time you listen to the news or sports or talk shows someone is sowing discord. There is nothing positive on TV. People are getting tired of this. My wife and I have canceled our cable subscription. We now find a FEEL GOOD movie from the past and watch it. When we go to bed now, we do not feel agitated and have an insatiable desire to go out and LYNCH a couple of Trump supporters. The media needs to start having some principals and integrity. If they keep sowing discord, then I do not see any thing but desolation for the future of this country!

  11. Jimmie Stevenson says:

    I’m running out channels to watch!
    If they start with their opinions, I stop watching. News,sports,late night TV can’t be trusted they are all biased. I will make my own decisions.

  12. boone1 says:

    I don’t watch ESPN and I have never taken my kids too Disney.Both can go out of business as I care lees about both.

  13. Debbi MacCallum says:

    I hope the Disney stock tanks …. start selling if you have any. I am so tired of these
    conglomerate trying to spew their bias to the American people. We want the facts when it comes to news … not some Liberal biased opinion. I believe that we patriots must stand against this poison that is spreading through America via the mainstream media as well as through our education system. George Soros is contacting advertisers of conservative programs to “persuade” them to stop advertising with them so we, The People ” will only continue to receive false news and biased opinions through the mainstream media. I am so tired of all this crap and we must continue to fight this… even if it means that we have to do the same — do not support those that support the lies. No more Disney trips or merchandise will ever be purchased by me, my family or friends. NO more buying tickets to movies or buying DVDs. No more music CDs supporting wacked out pop stars. I do not watch NBC – CBS – ABC – CNN – MSNBC. I hope their ratings plummet until they realize that them need to keep their opinions and false information to themselves.

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