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Democrat Caught Committing Election Fraud

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  1. US Patriot says:

    The only reason Democrats get elected is thru voter fraud!

  2. Lillian DeVore says:

    Just think — if there were no voter fraud in Minnesota, we may not have Obamacare.

  3. Ross Blankert says:

    There used to be reasonable people who voted Democratic. They were workers in the union who felt that if they kept the Democrats, their jobs were protected. Not so much any longer. It is Democrats who want to close alll the coal mines and build windmills at sea, as long as it did not obscure their view of the ocean. There were Democrats who actually valued the military but now apparently we don’t need them because we will talk them to death. There were patriotic Democrats and some who actually were presidential. JFK but then he went up against the globalists and communists and they shot him. We now have DJ Trump, elected president by the people but the Democrats are doing everything in their power to cause him to fail. Never mind what the people want. So illegals can vote, dead people vote, people are bused from state to state to vote in the same national election. This is what voter fraud looks like. Democrats do not want people to have to show a proper Identification in order to vote. Some how that is racists. Clearly it is racist to fly on an airplane or get into the Democratic convention because they required identification. In fact there are many many things that you need to show ID for. Illegals have it manufactured because they need some kind of ID to work legally. Only they can’t legally work and they don’t have a birth certificate or history in the country. They can’t prove where they went to school and they have to steal a social security number. Of course BHO was one of those illegal aliens. Democrats are for cities and states to break the law and give sanctuary to criminal illegal aliens as long as they all vote Democrat. Democrats are all for Black Lives Matter and their anti police and racists chants but then they are the chief supporter of killing as many black babies as possible at Planned Parenthood. The hypocrisy is thick but never mind, the media will cover for us..

    1. Procius says:

      You seem to have it pretty well covered in one short post. Good job

      1. debrabaxter says:

        I heartily agree!

    2. joeinz says:

      Bravo, Mr. Blankert ! Well, stated ! The only point that is unnecessary is the BHO, illegal birth point. I DO believe he was born outside the country . . . but, due to the nebulous law that if either of your parents are American, no matter whether they were professed Communists . . . you are born an American. Though, it still puzzles me why BHO went to such lengths to create a bogus birth certificate. PROOF ? The listed hospital of birth did not exist in 1961 . . . it was named something else prior to 1964. LOOK IT UP, you skeptics !!
      Anyhow ! You make some poignant remarks that accent the pure hypocrisy of today’s leftist Democratic party. The distressing element is that 50% of the country’s population . . . you know, the tolerant . . . well-meaning . . . free speech advocating side of the aisle are totally immovable on the subject of objectivity !

      1. Anthony Nelson says:

        Sorry to inform you , but under the Constitution ; to be a ” Natural Born Citizen ” ( which is needed to become President of these United States Of America ) BOTH parents have to be U.S . Citizens & you have to be born on American soil . American’s born over seas on a Military Base are considered ” Natural Born Citizens ” ; if both parents are U.S. Citizens , otherwise they are U.S. Citizens . I like Ted Cruz , but he is not eligible to be a U.S. President ; he was born in Canada so he is a U.S. Citizen , by his mother being a U.S. Citizen ; but not a ” Natural Born Citizen ” .

      2. Patricia McGehee says:

        Why did Obama hide his transcripts? Did they show “place of birth”?

    3. Red Steiner says:

      The system is broken and those who helped to break it need to be charged, convicted and sent to GITMO. President Trump can and will fix it but we all need to stand with him and support his efforts if we are to have an American Nation for our children to live in.

    4. chucklc says:

      Very good and comprehensive. I for one have never understood why the GOP has allowed the Democrats to continue to foster their erroneous claim that by requiring valid I.D. discriminates against minorities.

    5. Carl says:

      The obstructionist Democrats and their allies in the DISHONEST media have done everything possible to thwart the election results…that’s not surprising….what is surprising is the FECKLESS Republicans who sit on their hands (rather than support Trump) so as to curry favor with the media (who still despises them). These RINOS need to be challenged in primaries and retired….

  4. KenZimmerman says:

    Asshole. 50+ studies over 30+ years say the same about voter fraud in America. “It’s not a problem.” So why are people like Trump, Ryan, McConnell, and Korbach willing to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to try to show that it is a problem? Obvious! To stop as many Americans (all in opposition to them) as possible from voting. About as un-American a thing as possible. Un-Americanism is in their hearts. Put them where they belong – on a park bench with no power to destroy America and American lives.

    1. Procius says:

      Obviously a left wing, commie, democrat, socialist non loyal or patriotic Democrat that cannot understand or accept the fact that the only way a Dem can get elected is by fraud. BTW this is a TROLL

    2. Procius says:

      BTW, if your statements above are true, how come they continue to uncover more & more voter fraud all the time, including those who confess to it, and those who get convicted of it. Oh, I forgot, those are FACTS, and the democratic party does not believe in FACTS only their BS stories.

      1. Tom24 says:

        Please forgive little kenny , the poor fool gets all his news and views from CNN’s Fake news network, he can’t help it if the only common sense he has is the two pennies in his pocket , that his mommie gave him.

    3. Jeffrey hamilton says:

      and you have your head so far up your ass there’s no possible way to get any life saving oxygen to you shriveled up brain! DUMB ASS!

    4. Rani says:

      You’re the one that would destroy America with your crazy idea. The voting rolls should be kept honest with no dead people on them or people who vote in multiple states. That’s what is wrong with the voting process and it has to be cleaned up. What’s wrong with keeping it honest and it should be tightened up and kept clean. Show your damn drivers license when you come in to cast your ballot or some other honest I.D. My State has people seated at tables with the voting list which has your name and address in front of them, and when you come in, you have to show your driver’s license and they check your name off. You then proceed to the booth and cast your ballot. There’s no way people in my state can cheat or vote multiple times. More States need to do the same thing.

      1. George Reed says:

        My state also.

      2. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

        That’s a good start but many of these illegal voters have multiple IDs. There are activist groups that bus them across state lines to vote there also. we need a national database with picture and fingerprints or dna/retinal scan to ensure ONE vote per person. A second vote triggers immediate arrest, no bail, minimum of 5 years in prison (NOT jail) and LOSS of voters rights for a minimum of 10 years.

        Also provisional and absentee ballots are ripe for fraud. Pittsburgh has precincts were the Dems kick the Reps OUT and lock them out while the D’s stuff ballots into the machines. WA state lost 2 governor races to fraud when 30,000 ballots suddenly magically appeared in a trunk of a car that was used to transport ballots from precincts, another time same amount ere found in a locked room off of where ballots are counted, a room ballots were never supposed to be stored in BUT then came the CRIES of ‘count every vote’ Disgustingly if military ballots arrive a day late or do not have ‘appropriate postage’ (which legally they do not need, they are bagged on foreign base and shipped back on military vessels -well those ballots aren’t screamed for to count every vote- instead they are considered ‘flawed’–BUT that might change now that BO made the military a [email protected] swamp of mixed up sexuality and a ticket to free transgender surgery but previously MOST of the military supported Republican candidates.

        During the primaries there was a report that quickly disappeared about 50,000 ballots for Hilary being ‘found’, in Ohio I believe. Story wasn’t retracted-it just disappeared…

        1. Rani says:

          BO made sure that he screwed up everything. I don’t think there is one thing that doesn’t have his dirty fingerprints on it for being a mess. This is what BO calls his “legacy”. I remember hearing about 50,000 ballots for Hillary that were found, but they never said anything else about it. As usual, her whole campaign and election was a cheat. This is why the Dems are so infuriated because they can’t understand that with all the crooked crap they pulled, she didn’t get the nomination. This is where I believe divine intervention interceded. The Dems hate President Trump so much, not to mention that he has revealed what a mess he inherited. BO sure made a mess in the eight years he had to try and bring down this country. Voter fraud is out of control in many States and it definitely needs to be cleaned up. It’s years of neglect in keeping the voting rolls clean. Thanks to the Dems and BO. It’s a mess of a legacy. BO hated the military and even that he made a mess of. Now thank God, President Trump is having to put everything together.

      3. tmmwint says:

        Democrat or Republican makes no difference. Dead people, illegals, felonies and just plain voter fraud… With these illegal votes, what chances do we the legal people have to make it right?

        1. Rani says:

          That ‘s right. Shouldn’t matter who you are Republican or Democrat, I want to see a fair voting system. This cheating by illegals, felons, people who vote in multiple States, and dead people still voting, has mucked up the whole system. It’s like being in a sport and you know you’re not doing anything illegal, but there are those that are. You should have won, but the winner is the person or persons that cheat. These cheaters have no values and should be put in prison and fined for making our voting system a mixed up mess.

    5. George Reed says:

      You are absolutely full Demo. Bull Sh+T its the ONLY I repeat ONLY way a demo would get elected.

    6. rockyndallas says:

      You lie. We all know this is a massive problem, particularly in leftist controlled states and counties. We are fed up with the rampant criminality of the democrat party. You democrats know it too but you have neither integrity nor honor.

      1. TinStarred says:

        …… can’t convince some people regardless of how much credible evidence is unearthed. We are in an age where the “truth” has become hate speech. They are acting like good little Communists. If there is nothing to hide, you would think they would jump at the chance to put this to bed once and for all and hang it around the conservatives necks. They know what we all know……….. this is a major problem and they would be nailed to the barn door.

    7. shavager says:

      KenZimmerman–did YOU not understand Spieles is jailed for VOTE FRAUD? Did YOU not understand that Loretta Sanchez won her House seat by VOTE FRAUD–ILLEGALS voting for her? Did YOU not understand that Al Franken won Senate seat by VOTE FRAUD? How ’bout ACORN CAUGHT in 1998 FORGING 400 voter registrations in Arizona? ACORN being convicted in Denver for VOTE FRAUD in ’05, ’08 in Conn.,’09 in Florida and NUMEROUS cases and STATES=Missouri, Indiana, Michigan,Minnesota, NC, New Mexico, Nevada, etc? How ’bout NAACP Exec Director Lessadolla Stevens CONVICTED of VOTE FRAUD in Mississippi? OR DemocRAT poll worker Melowese Richardson CONVICTED in Ohio=VOTE FRAUD=5 YEARS in prison. DemocRAT NY City officials have be JAILED for VOTE FRAUD, DemocRAT Fla. legislator and city officials in south Florida have been CHARGED in VOTE FRAUD cases. Former DOJ lawyer J. Christian Adams uncovered MORE than 1000 ILLEGALS who voted in Virginia in recent elections. EVERY TIME a national election year approached–Obama administration and AG Eric Holder SUED ‘swing states’ to PREVENT photo ID LAWS from being enforced, WHY? To PREVENT UNCOVERING ILLEGALS, ILLEGAL VOTES FROM DEAD PEOPLE and DemocRATS from voting MULTIPLE TIMES. Hundreds of thousands of voters–are registered in MULTIPLE states and locations AND ARE VOTING MULTIPLE TIMES! FACTS!!

    8. joeinz says:

      Mr. Zimmerman, I try to display respect for people with whom I am diametrically opposed . . . . but consistently swatting away the unthinking . . . totally unsubstantiated . . . fool-hearty and asinine comments that come from the droning talking points that emanate from your side . . . well, are boring and beneath intelligent discourse. Comment again when you want to speak intelligently on a subject above 4th grade level ! Who is Korbach . . . anyway ???

    9. Chief741A says:

      Thanks for the belly-laugh, Ken-Boi.

      Maybe you have forgotten the election last November, and how the Democrats swore up and down the vote fraud not only wasn’t a problem – IT DID NOT EXIST!

      And then Trump won the election – and before you say “popular vote”, I’ll say “Trump 306 – Hildabeast 232” in the electoral college – and before the sun rose the next day, Democrats were claiming that Russian interference in the election caused the Hildabeast to lose. Somehow, OVERNIGHT, vote fraud magically appeared in the liberal lexicon…

      Face it, Ken-Boi, vote fraud is only a problem to you when your candidate loses.

      I have voted in every Presidential election since the 18 year old vote was ratified – on my 21st birthday. I have presented photo ID at each and every election – and I vote in person. The only times I voted absentee was when I was a soldier on active duty. You should have to vote in person, and you should have to present photo id to do so.

      It’s been said before but I’ll say it again. You seem to be incredibly dense, so this bears repeating: You need a photo id to buy beer and cigarettes. You need photo id to drive a car. You need photo id to board a commercial flight. You need photo id to open a bank account in most places. I personally have 3 photo ids in my pocket – 2 of them are, among other things, medical insurance ids. What part of that don’t you understand? Obviously you consider buying booze and driving a car more important than voting!!!

      The only people in this nation without photo id do so willingly. Nobody is trying to stop YOU from voting – they are trying to stop you from voting more than once, and voting under assumed names. Millions and millions of Americans have no difficulty finding the id necessary to register and vote Democrat – so what is your problem with photo ID?

      If vote fraud is not your concern, it is YOU that is Un-American. I EARNED my right to vote with 20 years in the Armed Forces. What did YOU do? I mean, besides being born here?

    10. KenZimmerman says:

      My one and only reply to those who replied to my post. First, I’ll not apologize for showing anger when a bunch of rich folks and neocons hatch a plan to take away voting from any and all who disagree with them. Second, the level of voting fraud in the US in the last 20 years is estimated to be between a high of 0.0075% (Heritage Foundation) and a low of 0.000125% (Federal Government – DOJ). Third, voter fraud is not a problem; voter suppression is. Fourth, remember Martin Niemöller, “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist….” Right now they’re suppressing Hispanics and African-Americans. But they will get to you.

      1. slinkiecat says:

        Again, you’re wrong. In my state, you can’t vote without verified photo and signature ID, provided by the state. Nobody asked me for income, race or any other means of denying me the right to register in my precinct, or to vote in the time allotted for voting in any local, county, state or national election. We stand in line with all other voters, whether black, brown, red, yellow — you name it! There is absolutely no voter suppression when everyone has to meet the same qualifications, and they just show the proof that they are qualified at voting time.

      2. Keith Amherst says:

        Nobody is taking voting away from anybody that is LEGITIMATELY ALLOWED TO VOTE. A**wipe.

        1. KenZimmerman says:

          Wipe yourself. The smell if offensive. Stopping people from voting is a hallmark of American history. We’ve been doing it since 1789. This is just the latest chapter in that history. Come on, study some history will you!!!!

    11. Keith Amherst says:

      KZ you are an idiot. If there is no fraud then the Commu….Democrats have nothing to hide. Are you allowed to vote? Got a picture ID? what’s the problem?

  5. Dave T. says:

    Democrats have poor character quality!!!

    1. Procius says:

      Not completely accurate. Democrats have NO character quality at all.

      1. Dave T. says:

        I stand corrected.

  6. shavager says:

    ANYBODY (American CITIZEN) caught participating in VOTE FRAUD–should LOSE their voting rights for no less than 10 YEARS, no more than 20 years. Any NATURALIZED citizen should LOSE CITIZENSHIP and be DEPORTED. And ILLEGALS VOTING? IMMEDIATE DEPORTATION upon conviction for do so. Think that won’t persuade a LOT of ILLEGALS from getting involved? I’m a LIFETIME DEMOCRAT VOTER–REGISTERED FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS—THIS IS the DemocRAT party now, they’ve morphed into the National SOCIALIST DemocRAT Party of Islam and George Soros. Any party who aligns themselves with George Soros and his ANTI-American, ANTI-Constitution ideology is as corrupt as the Castro brothers, Vladmir Putin, Kim Jun Un, Bill and Hillary Clinton and the HEAD IMAM IN CHARGE–Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

    1. Randy Nielson says:

      Thank you for your honesty concerning where the Democrat party is really headed….it is not even close to the party ideals of the ’50/60’/70’s

      1. shavager says:

        Randy–Democrats of 60’s like Sen.Hubert H. Humphrey and Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson, would QUIT the DemocRAT party of today. The Kennedy brothers–JFK and Bobby, would’ve KICKED the ass of Ted “the Red, Moscow” Kennedy over his socialist leanings. These people today are COMMUNIST INFILTRATORS dedicated to POCKETS, Party and POWER—THEIRS! Maxine Waters should be thrown OUT of her seat with Nancy Pelosi–don’t know if it’s age or botox–BOTH are nutty as fruitcakes and Schumer’s no better. “Dirty” Harry Reid SHOULD be in jail, I hope before it’s over in Nevada he’s jailed along with his real estate partner and son Rory who’s just as corrupt. THAT is the reason Reid decided to retire from Senate in 2016–AFRAID that a new AG might go after him over corruption, especially with GOP holding BOTH Houses.

  7. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    If they have to show I.D., then illegals can’t vote, & neither can dead people. I think they need to stop the early voting since that’s one thing that Dims use, plus they need to stop the absentee ballots too, until they can PROVE that the person voting is legit. And, they can yell discrimination all they want, but, if a person draws a welfare, or Social Security check, they HAD to prove they were who they say they are. If they have a bank account, they had to prove they were who they say they are, if they have a doctor, dentist, etc, they have to prove who they say they are. It’s ridiculous that they always play the race card. I live in Tennessee, & when I vote, I have to show my driver’s license. And, it is NOT a big deal. Tennessee gives FREE i.d.s too.

  8. Gen11American says:

    Crooked Democrats have been using dead voters to fraudulently win elections at least since 1960, helping to assure the election of John F. Kennedy. Buoyed by that success, I’m sure they’ve used the votes of dead voters to win many elections since, including possibly Governor Terry McAulliff’s in Virginia! There has to be a good reason he’s refusing to comply with the request to submit their public information voter rolls to the Voter Integrity Commission. What better reason than to cover-up election fraud? All the other states refusing to submit their voter rolls to the V.I.C. probably have valid reasons to hide massive voter fraud, especially those states which issue driver’s licenses to illegals and use Bill Clinton’s Motor/Vote Law to register them to vote! The Democrats are even demanding that everyone who is issued a driver’s license be registered to vote! If that asinine law is ever passed, registering non-citizens and illegal aliens would become legal in the US and since there are at least 30-60 MILLION non-citizens and illegals in the US, every election could be overturned!

  9. littlesmoke says:

    Is this a Felony? If so he should lose his right to vote.

  10. highiq says:

    And Terry McAuliff who is Governor has refused to allow the election commission to look into VA voter roles

    1. Keith Amherst says:

      Good ole friend of the clinton gang. nuff said

  11. Doxie says:

    No big surprise, voter fraud…it’s all so natural for Democrats; this is the No.1 reason they fight voter I.D. so vehemently.

  12. william g munson says:

    It has been going on for years too and you never hear that Republicans are doing it why?

  13. Grant1959 says:

    It’s revolting, it’s alarming, i9t’s not fair, it’s ILLEGAL, yet Al Franken dismal third rate ex SNL comic is still a Senator, so nothing is done about the election fraud, the compromised election results are allowed to stand, so what is going on here, nobody cares? I don’t think so, I think people care but somehow the people don’t count!

  14. george briar says:

    black Ho’s matter.

  15. Keith Amherst says:

    If there’s no voter fraud then what are the democrats afraid some will find, You’d think they’d jump at the chance to prove PRESIDENT TRUMP (I like to see that in all caps…he.he.he) wrong

  16. davegrille says:

    Over the past hundred years only Democrats were caught committing election fraud.

  17. Delbert Townley says:

    I am no computer whiz, “but” there are records of deceased persons… On record.. Just ad an alert when a farce live person pops up—- Then you will surely know “for the record” and the ability to eliminate the fraudulent voters!……..but the demonocrats will wet their panties…so demand they wear pampers or some other absorbent diaper… That can be done for finding out the ones that vote multiple times… But don’t forget the diapers…!!!

  18. mpdMD1965 says:

    What a surprise !!!!! A dumbocrap politician not following the law?????? I doubt those scumbags can spell law, let alone define it.

  19. davegrille says:

    In recent times Democrats have had a monopoly on election fraud.


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