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Comedy Central Is Aiming To Destroy Trump

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  1. Tony says:

    this is what you do when you are to stupid to think of anything else

    1. Lillian DeVore says:

      Funny how the left is against everything he ran on, and now want to run on the same platform. If they were sincere about wanting to improve the country, why wait? Cooperate NOW.

      1. keedon says:

        Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

  2. MIKE6080 says:

    communist central should be taken off the air

  3. KDC says:

    Comedy Central, who? Don’t watch the hollyweirdos, so who cares? I’m sure Pres.Trump doesn’t.

    1. Jerry Schwartz says:

      It’s only funny to losers who can’t think of anything original.

  4. Dick says:

    Comedy Central? I didn’t realize they’re still on the air; I thought they went away YEARS ago. Anyway, who cares?

  5. CharlyO says:

    Apparently the word comedy has been changed. If you can see humor in this trash you have a brain problem.

    1. Angela Sparks says:

      Ur right,communist democrats are still trying to run everything and everything on tv is democrat except for fox but sometimes they ra dick, too

  6. Broong Kaidrich says:

    Wow, such a new and unique type of show. No, wait. Not that, I meant old and common. That’s what I meant.

  7. Lillian DeVore says:

    Notice how they stereotype the right? Why not tell the truth? All most of us want is a smaller government, reduction in spending, and lower debt combined with higher GDP and restore middle class jobs. Is that a bad thing?

  8. william russell says:

    hey all it is time for the conservatives all across the usa to start a 100% boycott against all the sponsors of comedy central. For all you people that have cable, you are paying for this program rather you watch it or not. So also cut your visable hit them in the pocket. There are more conservatives than liberals

  9. Leo216 says:

    Do you mean communist central?

  10. Nana07 says:

    Every time that bloated orange fool opens his mouth, the jokes just write themselves. To the powers that be, do not change “Comedy Central” for a few crybabies who never watch the show, maybe they will put on their big boy pants and see Orange 45 for the dufus he is…. a walking joke who just happens to be an idiot with money……

    1. Imanwebie says:

      Nana, lick my profile pic.

      1. Nana07 says:

        Is that the best you got?? I now see why you are a fan of orange 45……… Be gone clown!!!!

        1. Imanwebie says:

          It must be so hard for you to type while getting erections from trolling…….you know I make you horny.

          1. Nana07 says:

            Why do ignorant repugs equate everything with sex??? Get out of Grandma’s basement. It must be because they are not getting any… Enough said!!!

          2. Imanwebie says:

            At least I am not in the Basement humping my Nana ! You probably put a Nancy Pelosi mask over her ass while hitting it! Libtard looser……Go yank off to Hillary’s Mug ! Flippin Flaming DemoTroll….What a Moron thinking anyone who calls ypu an ass is a Repug….. I am more Socialist than you !

          3. Imanwebie says:

            Hello, I am Nana, I am the Internet Police and only I can speak, everyone else has to worship me and be in awe because I am always right…..F’nTard!

          4. keedon says:

            Au contraire Nana07. It is the millennial snowflakes found in their parents basements. Talk about sex why do you gullible, liberal Demwits keep dwelling on Trump and his 15 year old statement? Who isn’t getting enough?

    2. keedon says:

      Just remember this Nana07; every night 62 million Deplorables go to bed every night knowing all is right with the world, Trump is in the WH and Hillary isn’t.

      1. Nana07 says:

        Seeing as this post has absolutely nothing to do with Mrs Clinton, come back when you can stay on topic like the rest of us grown folks….

        1. keedon says:

          Grown folks? You gullible, liberal Demwits aren’t grown. You only get upset when the truth comes out.

    3. Rick Phillips says:

      This is the most idiotic post I’ve ever seen. Snowflakes write the dumbest things.

  11. Nina Ferguson says:

    I am not a viewer of the Comedy Central. I stopped watching Saturday Night Live quite a number of years ago. Now if I want laughs, I just watch the MSM and the DNC excuses about why they haven’t turned over their “hacked” server over to the FBI, when Imam Obama was still in office. to find out what happened.

    1. Patricia Anderson says:

      Now that’s hilarious! A true comedian!

  12. Patricia Anderson says:

    Who would watch this trash anyway! Not me!

  13. keedon says:

    They can try but they will go down in flames just as the other liberal Demwit programs have.

  14. rick meek says:

    Comedy Central my A** —– I haven’t seen anything but sick MFers for the longest time….

  15. rick meek says:

    A new IRS investigation SCAM is currently being operated (202)4599868 or other numbers… You’ll receive a call from a heavily accented or not – individual claiming allegations against you….. This is done through internet calling – or even mobile numbers….. currently it’s from a call center established in pakistan (dem IT) or india ——- DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME – USE AN ALIAS – PLAY with them – THEY READ FROM A TERRIBLE SCRIPT – but when possible – ASK ABOUT YOUR 411 IN THE ALIAS NAME – CONFIRM the scam……The IRs used these people as contractors to process tax returns over the years – besides that 411 and in conjunction with the DC leaks and hacks – they have limited 411….Use an alias – find out what they want – ask if they have your file before them – CONFIRM that this is BOGUS – Have a little fun with them – PLAY AWAY – FEDS CANNOT AND WILL NOT HELP YOU….

  16. Vince says:

    Does not mater what they do , I stop watching Comedy Central when the great man Donald Trump started running for president. CC is a one topic station all BS.

  17. Bennie Bennett says:

    I am really sick of these people.

  18. Matthew Adams says:

    I do not watch any programs that slam President Trump or any programs that support the perversion of the LGBTP community!!

  19. Russell Lang says:

    They should stick to jokes and not take sides. By all means joke about politicians in an unbiased way. After all there is no bigger joke than the Democrats. If they don’t balance then they lose viewers (customers) as they are doing bad business and that brings te joke back on themselves.

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