College Football Player Writes About A Very Serious Issue

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  1. GRAMPA says:

    What a bunch of BS Depression comes from a chemical imbalance in the brain. give a kid a bunch of sugger and they will bounce off the walls with energy. then they will crash. he is a football playerand the natural high he gets from the dopamine produced from the bodies self defence is like any drug. it was produced when needed to override the pain signels so the body could perform and get itself out of danger. as the body continues to produce it the body no longer responds and it takes ever more to produce the same level of responce. now the body must return to a normal state and with the amount of energy expended the body must recover. to do so it must go into a lower level state of activity. today this is classified as depression. they are told by doctors that this isn’t normal and to take a pill to cure it. well in doing so it does damage to the body. when we repeat actions to our body they become permanent. now it takes more pills so they can feel normal. many suffer from depression that comes form other sources. it still must come from the imbalance in the brain. the swing from high to low. this swing the high isnt very high but the low isnt proportionally lower. the doctors answer is always drugs. the problem is that no matter how many studies you do the results are different for every individual. I know the answers is not found in drugs. small well regulated amounts can help a little. the main problem is the advertizments. they tell us take a pill and everything will be ok. when the result isnt forthcoming the people take more. perception is 99% of the problem just as the problems built up over time they must be handled the same. until we stop the promised miricles the problems will continue with depression. why do doctors and the drug company’s do this? Money. we wont find a cure until the profit is removed. What do i know I am just a senile retired old man.

  2. Houmid says:

    Perhaps a lot said about depression is BS; but certainly not all of it, and quite possibly not a majority of it.
    I went through 6 months of clinical depression when I came back from Desert Storm; and wasn’t identified by the military, but by a clinical social worker friend of the family. Didn’t use drugs, and only did counseling for several months to get back to “normal”; but that normal wasn’t where I was before I left. Some changes in personality do become permanent; the question is whether you can live with them or not. Those who can’t, drugs, counseling or otherwise, suicide one way or another.
    By the way, depression and suicide ARE genetic in my wife’s family. Multi-generational, going back over a hundred years.

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