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Colin Kaepernick Might Finally Get A Job With This Team

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  1. Kirk Kahler says:

    any team that is to pick him up even as a water boy will loose me as a viewer ! this silver spooned ass hole is anti American and should just live his life a way from football ! he made his mind up and did what he did of free will and now should pay for it !

  2. Betty says:


    1. ernldo says:

      I already boycott (man-cott for da bros) the NFL, but I support you!

    2. dude says:

      like I have and will boycott any team that that un-American traitor is on now that he’s not on a team I watch n-f-l but if they let him or any player that disrespects or athem or or flag or morals for that matters i’ll go back to boycotting the n-f-l for good this time

      1. Donaldo says:

        Because of him, I didn’t watch football last year and probably won’t this year. Didn’t miss it. Enjoyed NASCAR till end of racing season last year.

    3. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

      I agree! My husband not I will watch any team that hires him,. He is not a true American and I hope no NFL will hire him.

  3. Bud William says:

    What a shame to have this self serving character playing in the shadow of where the National Anthem was written.

  4. ONTIME says:

    Nah…….The Raven’s have already made another choice…the Kaep is still blowing in the wind….You pays your money, makes your choices and takes your chances..the Kaep might have crapped out…..

  5. Darlene F. Donston says:

    NOPE! Does not deserve to play, PERIOD!

  6. PBHayes says:

    Kaepernick is a complete deuce bag. If the Ravens or anyone else picks this clown up it will be just another nail in the NFL’s coffin. I didn’t watch a single game last year and most of my friends followed suit. The same can be said for Sports Illustrated and their glorification of mental illness by putting Jenner on their cover. Likewise with respect to ESPN with their support for the racist anarchist group Black Lives Matter. I no longer watch ESPN because I refuse to listen to the ignorance of people like Chauncy Billups and Jalen Rose when they discuss race in America and how they don’t know if they can continue to live in a country that elects Trump as their President. The majority of American’s are sick to death of this amoral left wing insanity and now that sports has gotten into the mix it’s clear that far too many people have bought into the lies and PC BS.

  7. EdWatts says:

    Send Kaepernick to Pyongyang or Siberia; he can be with his “like-thinkers” in those places.

  8. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Any team that hires him is going to be VERY sorry that they did. NFL fans, for the most part, are VERY patriotic, & unforgiving to any that break with that. Kaepernick not only dissed our anthem AND our flag, but also all patriots AND our military. He might as well hang it up, his career is over. If he had protested off the field, & not during a game, nobody would have really cared. But, he did it, & has nobody but himself to blame.

  9. KDC says:

    Big whoop! Who even cares? He needs to move out of America. He’s not worthy of “her”.

  10. chuckie2u says:

    Maybe this poor wretch of a human needs to go live in another country he can appreciate . I detest these pampered brats.

  11. Nina says:

    Anti American doesn’t belong playing “All American” football!! Huge mistake!!

  12. whattabunchacrap says:

    Players have shown for a long time it’s all about the money and the fans come second.. I’ve been boycotting the NFL since their strike back in the ’80s. Just a bunch of overpaid whining prima donnas. Screw ’em all.

  13. Colin wrote his check. Now let him try to cash it.

  14. Richard Bagenstose says:

    flacco hasn’t done crap the last couple of years, jut what they need another loser

  15. Ct Two says:

    I will never watch or go to a pro football game again. AND I’m feeling much better now.

  16. Ronald W. Mann says:

    The fans will burn the stadium

  17. Fran Leard says:

    It figures the Ravens will pick up this disrespectful ape. He doesn’t deserve to have a job for the way he turned his back on our country. It’s outrageous.

  18. Les Landers says:

    I certainly hope not, if they do hire it won’t take long to realize that they made serious mistake that cost more money than you should ever spend on someone like him. In a bigger mistake is the NFL, they won’t let team stand up for our heroes but to let this idiot kneel with no consequences while National ANTHEM is being played.

  19. Dave says:

    If the Ravens are stupid enough to put Colon Krapperdump on their team, they are going to get exactly what they deserve.

  20. suesueb says:

    I won’t watch any team that has Kapernick on its roster.

  21. burrus1206 says:

    Best move the Ravens could make.
    For Colin.., he’d be better off with my Arizona Cards.
    AZ ain’t got near the racial antagonism as Baltimore.
    In Baltimore he would be a lightning rod.
    The kid deserves a chance simply because he’s got the talent to do so.
    The fact that he offended this 68 yr old conservative Republican and
    native Arizonan IS IRRELEVANT.
    My VOLUNTEER Vietnamese service wasn’t for an America that ostracized a
    young kid did somethin’ stupid.
    It’s not as if Blacks don’t reason to be angry.
    The problem is that they are consistently angry with the wrong people…,
    specifically, Democrats and the Democratic Party.
    Now.., if he could only let go of his irrational notions.

    1. dragonfire777 says:

      BS. You’re stupid and uniformed,

      1. burrus1206 says:

        And you are brilliant and all-knowing.
        Insult is the first sign of a lost argument.
        You managed to slip in 2 in 5 total words.
        Boy.., are you “lost”.

  22. Richard Hennessy says:

    Not surprising that the Ravens would consider him. The team is in Baltimore, isn’t it? Baltimore officials don’t seem to support law enforcement. Is there anything right in the major East Coast cities?

  23. Jmanjo says:

    Flacco is showing his stupidity now! Why would anyone want to give this flake another chance after sticking it to the nation with his behavior. why should he have a second chance when other people don’t get that privilege and never would have followed his actions!

  24. Gammi2Anna says:

    That happens then we just happen to have the remote ready to turn off all the Baltimore Raven games. This will hurt the teams they are playing against as well, so it won’t be good for their TV ratings or game attendance either. “Colon” (spelled different on purpose) Kaepernick is an unpatriotic low life whose only contribution to society is his ability to throw a football. For any American business that ignores Kaepernick’s slap in the face of every American citizen, then they are being unpatriotic as well. NOT GOING TO GET OUR DOLLARS!

  25. scootertrash197 says:


  26. Bill Van Etten says:

    A loser of a player = a loosing team. Ths devisive idiot needs to never play in the NFL ever again.

  27. Frank W Brown says:

    Another team I will NEVER watch if they hire that POS!

  28. mikegru says:

    who cares

  29. Carson Tyler says:

    He made the decision to disrespect the flag having no one to blame but himself. Disrespecting the flag was disrespecting the family who raised him. If he likes football so much then he should buy himself a TV to watch the teams he likes.

  30. AmericaWakeUpNow says:

    Ravens are better off with Tebow!!!

  31. George T Horvat says:

    It’s almost impossible for Nappynick to ever play football anywhere again. No one makes a helmit big enough to hold that nappy cofer of his.

  32. Bruce Walters says:

    Kaepernick might make a good Piss Boy

  33. N.McDaniel says:

    Black overpaid social;l misfit has got to t to get past the owner!!! Despicable111

  34. Dennis Anderson says:

    The very country that gave this ungreatful nigger a chance to succeed in life and he wont even salute our countrys flag. Why is everyone making such a big deal about this ungreatful mutt???

  35. Dennis Clauson says:

    North Korea would be a Great place for the turd.

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