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Colin Kaepernick Just Drove A Stake Through His NFL Career

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  1. Lillian DeVore says:

    What he did was take all the attention away from his team, who worked hard all year.

  2. blip cat says:

    Kap Gone, Kaperbum has always been a 3rd rate bench warmer, not worth the ink to sign him.

  3. Phillip says:

    Why is it that every article on this feed deteriorates into an ad hominem attack?

    1. Nuf Sed says:

      Phillip, you need to get back to your “safe space”. No one will offend you there.

      1. Phillip says:

        Are you *trying* to prove my point???

        1. Nuf Sed says:

          No, but you just made my point since you think my previous post was
          an ad hominem attack.

          1. Phillip says:

            I wasn’t necessarily commenting on your comment, in particular… but since you started by calling him “Colon Crapper…” that’s a pretty good sign that you post was a waste of otherwise good electrons.

          2. Red Steiner says:

            As are yours Phil.

        2. Red Steiner says:

          You proved it with your comment Phil

    2. Red Steiner says:

      Agreed, he has no character, therefore nothing to attack Phil.

    3. Mathew Molk says:

      Because snowflakes like you are so much fun to flatten. Get back to the safe xone and play with the crayons. You don’t have the horsepower to run with the wolves out here in the real world. Sheep get eaten out here you know,

  4. Nuf Sed says:

    Colon Crapper-nick is a very confused unintelligent individual. He is a good example of someone who makes very bad decisions. This includes decisions on who he will listen to and believe. Of course he is responsible for these bad decisions so don’t waste any sympathy on him.

    Actually, in life, Kaepernick has had many good breaks. He was adopted by a “white” couple that made sure he received a good childhood. They encouraged and supported him in all of his endeavors. Kaepernick’s natural talents guided him to athletics. His athletic prowess earned him many accolades and his adopted parents were always there to support him.

    Unfortunately, Kaepernick’s weak personal constitution and low intellect made him vulnerable to liberals and progressives on the left. They filled his head with liberal nonsense and you can see the results. Kaepernick has thrown away a career and his continued poor choices have now resulted in him being ostracized by those in power. They don’t want to deal with his lunacy.

    There is a lesson in this tragedy for any young person who is smart enough to see and understand it. As for Kaepernick, he is a lost cause.

    1. bendecido says:

      I agree with your comment. And to all other people who think just like Kaepernick, wake up! These leftists have no interest in you nor do they have a good plan for you. If you really read the news from a trusty and true journal, you will find out that they are the enemy of America. If you happen to agree, pass this news on to other people who are falling into their trap. America will be great again with President Trump.

    2. Cheryl Detar says:

      Not to mention his muzzie girlfriend, filling his head with BS.

  5. Ian says:

    I would not root for or watch a team that employs him. Not so much because of the “protest” per se, but for the fact that he didn’t do it when he was starting and winning. What a fraud.

  6. vinny says:

    GREAT!!! The NIGGER got it right up his ASS!!

    1. Phillip says:

      Why is it that comments like this one aren’t ‘moderated’ (i.e., deleted as inappropriate)?

      1. Red Steiner says:

        Yours aren’t…

        1. Phillip says:

          If you see no difference between what ‘vinny’ wrote and what I did, then we have nothing to discuss.

          1. Red Steiner says:

            You’re right.

          2. Mathew Molk says:

            Right on, boy, so get lost.

      2. vinny says:

        Because NIGGERS could call us honkies that is okay. But we can’t say SHIT!!!

      3. Mathew Molk says:

        Because PC is dead and free speech is king here,,,,,asshole. If that booter was free to bad rap my country everybody is free to fuck over him as much as we want.

        Like I said. You are ill equipped to make it out here in the real world where the wolves eat the sheep.

  7. suesueb says:

    I still won’t watch any 49ers game. Their owner should have nipped the Kapernick nonsense in the bud.

  8. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    He brought this on himself. And, as for the shooting of Castile, from what I had read, he wasn’t legally supposed to have guns anywhere near him. The jury found the officer of not guilty, & there’s no higher authority than a jury of your peers. IF the judge vacates their findings, then HE’S in serious jeopardy of losing his judgeship. Kaepernick found out that dissing the Anthem & the flag is totally uncool with the majority of Americans. The Anthem & flag are what our military fights for, & lots have died for them too. If he wanted to protest the shooting, then he should have found another way to do it.

  9. Red Steiner says:

    Maybe the Muslims have a football team. It also ocured to me that Obama would probably hire him to do his lawn, that is, if he can figure out how to make taxpayers pay for that, something like a Lawn Improvement Grant. lol

  10. William Durham says:

    this dumb shit really screwed the pooch so to say. Sadly looking like a muslim radical did not help his case his protesting to create change would be admirable if he had chosen a subject that needed to be changed but his choice of insulting the military,and the Nation were way the hell out of line with the normal but directly in line with black lives matter and other hate groups that want to over throw the current legal system. His bullshit got him just what he deserved.

    1. worried american says:

      Ya know, it was about time some team finally stood up to the BS of those kiddies still playing ball..You going to make a stance in front of half of America? Then you better be prepared to pay the price. While he pocketed who knows how much $$$$ playing ball and then had the audacity to disrespect what we stand for? Deal with it. Rather than throwing a silent hissy fit, you should have been standing proud and tall and thanking America for the wonderful opportunity you had been handed that millions of others missed! DUH!!
      Now to stand up to the Hollywood “Actors” who play make believe for a living. We need to also stand together, and stop going to their movies…Stop buying the products advertised that help pay their salaries…And yes, then WE can make a difference.

      I will never ever watch a Depp movie. Horses ass that he is. Full of himself!

      They need to pass laws about verbal assaults on govt officials. Especially the President of the United States of America. I don’t care who you voted for. That’s your personal business. What I care about it the vague threats and sometimes NOT so vague (Madonna, dreaming of blowing up the WH??). These people need to be prosecuted.

      1. Mathew Molk says:

        Man do I ever feel left out. I never watched the spoiled snotballs playing a game I stopped playing a few months before I got drafted, I never watched depp or any of the other Prad Bitt dickless punks in the first place either. – Hard to boycott somthing you never watched in the first place. – Even NASCAR has turned into nothing but a bunch of rich pretty boys with yuppie pencil necks for fans. Haven’t seen a race in over 3 years. What ever happened to the good ‘ol boys that run what they brung, and it was something they built out in the barn?

        You want to see REAL racing go to your local short track and if you want to see football played by kids that are there to do the best they can go to your local high school. Everything else is just a dog and pony show.

  11. James in Texas says:

    I just guess he never had his Dad tell him…….”Son, in your life you are going to meet folks that think that you are stupid, do yourself a favor and don’t prove it to them”! Self-damage done, get over it Mr. Unemployed Quarterback!

  12. Jeffrey hamilton says:

    Colin KaeperDICK is getting everything that little sweat-ass deserves! I personally can’t wait until the roach hits the bottom and gets stepped on! If it’s sympathy he’s looking for he can find it in the Dictionary between SWILL and SYNCRETISM!

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Not really, He deserves something else,,,,Hot tar and cold feathers.

  13. times two says:

    Last Year Colin started dating a very radical Black Lives Only matter girlfriend.
    All of sudden he’s looking like an extra from one of the Black exploitation films of the 70’s.
    To bad he used the wrong head to make his work decisions.
    He could have continued to make bank and still expressed his girlfriends beliefs without pissing away his career.
    I guess the old Bros before #### could have helped him, but we men do some incredibly stupid things for women.

  14. dude says:

    wel I hope that un-American bastard never get to walk out on another football field as a player or anything more than a waterboy for the rest of his life let him go to another country and play if he wants to but not here

  15. TED from Boston says:

    Berkley, garbage in garbage out

  16. Robert Lusk says:

    Plainly an asshole that wont stand up for his country. A real waste of time. So go sit on the bench and wish you had a job!…loser.

  17. chief1937 says:

    This dude just keeps running his mouth and doesn’t seem to care what he says or does. Maybe unemployment will register pretty soon. Going from making millions and living the life of Riley to earning nothing just may get hie attention. My thoughts he should be sent back to where he came from and without any compensation.

    1. Rodzzz says:

      We could do without his kind in this country.

  18. harold says:

    IF I watched football before I absolutely would not now because of this jerk.

  19. Craig Anderson says:

    Kap’s opinion is about as needed as these other performing monkeys of the stage, their political views are not wanted, just their entertainment is what they get paid millions for.

  20. ny2223jv says:

    He shouldn’t stand, he should walk out just before it starts, and keep walking south east back to Africa I am sure there is a tribe that will pay him 9-10 mil for throwing a ball. BTW make it a one way trip.

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