CNN’s Absolutely Insane Reason Why Saudi’s Loved Melania

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  1. LIVE FREE OR DIE says:

    Everyone thinks that “phlegminism” was started in the 1960’s with the “burn the bra” BS, but the fact is that it was first written about by Marxists at least as early as 1892, in an effort to slut-ize women and and destroy the family unit. The ’60’s was “Second-wave”. IT has always been about $$$$ and nothing but; in contrast to their male Marxist counterparts who were unable to raise any real money decrying the “wealthy industrialists” Phlegminism gave them a way to blame half of the world’s population for the alleged evils they say are perpetrated by evil men (and ALL men are viewed as evil [just ask Rosie O’ Strap-on]). this enabled them to claim and play the victim’s role (whether or not they were) and to expand that to virtually every minority and sexual perversion. Today, it;s has morphed into identity politics and political correctness and is largely a bald-faced lie spread and maintained by non-stop propaganda of the MSM. The people who earn most of the money and upon whose backs the cancerous socio-globalist system is built should take a LOT OF TIME OFF, and let the tax receipts to Treasuries dry up. In addition to the reference I below I encourage you to learn about the work of Erin Pizzey and Tara Palmatier, Psyche D. if you have not already.

    1. Maria castro says:

      I burnt the bra, never wearing it home or vacations, could never feel comfortable, and I am a PROUD DEPLORABLE AMERICA FIRST TRUMPIST

  2. Maria castro says:

    How can we expect from these idiots. They are scum, and dont understand protocol, much less what is to have class. Can you imagine, we had it less than a year ago, our country in the hands of these ignorants, barbarians, uneducated idiots!

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