CNN Does Something Despicable

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  1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Anybody that’s still watching CNN, needs their heads examined! Fox News is getting almost as bad. A differing point of view is one thing, but the outright hatred & lies are pathetic. I didn’t like Obama, but, I never hated him. Still don’t, but, I sure do dislike him intensely. Even more so now, than when he was in office.

    1. Tonya Parnell says:


      1. mikegru says:

        if Dishnet is Not going to OAN I will change

      2. KDC says:

        What is OANN?

        1. wally11881 says:

          One America news network verizon and other cable companies carry it

          1. KDC says:

            Thanks, I’ll see if I get it.

          2. Craig Vandertie says:

            You may not be aware of it but the vast majority of 4G-LTE services are owned by “Socialists Moonie Muslimes,” it is a given they have to be both followers of islam and Socialists, they promote the rapid spread of that deadly viral disease and they are no more immune to it than the rest of us, if you do not bow to their demigod you die.

          3. Craig Vandertie says:

            The Verizon investors are nothing but a bunch of Deep State deeply intranced Looney Libtards all favoring a NWO/OWO, they own AOL and Yahoo who did free campaigning for Killary and the Demoncommiecratic party.

            All the way up until the finals ballots were counted you would see adds posted to AOL proclaiming We Stand With Hillary, as for Yahoo I am positive the same held true, but I no longer use Yahoo, the filthy scumbags sold my e-mail addresses to 3rd party people and I was constantly bombarded with junk mail.

  2. EE says:

    Obama, a white collar muslim traitor of the USA, as all muslims are ,or will be forced to be, needs to be hanged for the many acts of treason he/she committed.

    1. SD of AZ says:

      Totally incompatible. The Japanese will not take moslimes for that very reason into their own country. One of the sane reasons to reject this whole send em around the world NWO agenda. But what did we all get? Certainly not the sane choice! So the agenda is clear, we people, citizens, workers of this country DO NOT COUNT TO OUR LEADERSHIP! Nor does the constitution, our laws on the books our sovereignty. President Trump has been our only hope! No one else gives a damn, in fact, they would expedite the nations demise and turn us all over to the UN! Go Trump!

    2. Craig Vandertie says:

      If they adhere to the demented ideology of their false god Muhammad, Mr. 1st and 2nd party man, what you do unto me you do unto allah proves Muhammad was the only being spoken about in the quran.

      Deception of and hatred towards all non-believers is repeated through the quran, no 1 of any other faith or those who have none can ever trust a “Moonie Muslime” the quran is proof of that.

      Any non-muslim who is not an islamphobic is a fool, as in being completely naive.

  3. Fast Edddie says:

    CNN better turn their act around . Trump won the election by our nation’s rules. Many Millennials have not been taught our history and the meaning of the electoral College. I hope that all who supported the president stop buying from their advertisers and let CNN feel just how our economy works.

    1. SD of AZ says:

      Boycott! Yes, the pocketbook is always the first place to start. How about Soros? He owns progressive and the voting machines. We can reject Flo. Anything else of the old collaborator we can NOT BUY EVER!

      1. Craig Vandertie says:

        Not with Progressive, but thank you for that information, I have now completely ruled them out as my insurance provider, Progressive, the name certainly fits, Progressive, you may as well say NWO/OWO insurance.

        I trust that Farmers and Mutual of Omaha are not owned by any Globalist family.

        1. mooreworld says:

          USAA not really owned by anyone except maybe its members. If you are eligible worth a look.

          1. Craig Vandertie says:

            I am a patriot just not a veteran, younger brother and the younger of his 2 sons are USAA members, both Army.

      2. Johnstoirvin says:

        Soros doesn’t own Progressive. That’s fake news from a long time ago. But regardless, he’s still a traitor.

    2. Craig Vandertie says:

      Millenials aka Generation Y were those born between 1980 and 1995, then it became Generation Z aka the Zombie generation, every bit as delusional as Generation Y prone to suggestion walking around with their eyes glued to the screen of their Smart device.

      1. David Estes says:

        It is the way the kids were brought up. I have 2 sons in Army, I am a 20 year retired vet and daughter has a PhD in Psychology. There children a college graduates or in private school. All of the family are believers in our Lord and Savior. I agree with you. The problem is they way they were raised and where.

    3. Craig Vandertie says:

      Sad truth of the matter is that the general populace of certain states are simply tto delusional to be allowed to vote CaliMexifornia and NY for instance, lovingly embrace everyone no matter how deviant their dogma.

      Aforementioned viewpoint and the belief that just because there are unethical U.S. business owners who are thrilled to have illegal aliens to perform labor at dirt cheap prices does not make it moral.

  4. KDC says:

    INDOCTRINATION. If I was a parent and they pulled this at my child’s school, I’d be up in arms!

  5. SD of AZ says:

    Really fed up with the fake news. The media propagandist just do not get it. WE ARE ON TO THEM. They will get nowhere receive no new dummies to manipulate and we will still avoid their pieces, their shows, the “FAKE NEWS”. It is all BS! Go away CNN and all the rest of the propaganda machines of the left. We just do not believe your crap any more! BE GONE! Dry up and blow away!

    1. Michael Keeys says:

      Just because the news doesn’t fit your beliefs or agenda doesn’t make it fake.

      1. jdalabama says:

        no, it’s fake

        1. Michael Keeys says:

          so what makes it fake? Do you know the definition of fake?
          not genuine; counterfeit.
          “fake designer clothing”
          synonyms: forgery, counterfeit, copy, pirate(d) copy, sham, fraud, hoax, imitation, mock-up, dummy, reproduction; More
          a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham.
          “the painting was a fake”
          synonyms: forgery, counterfeit, copy, pirate(d) copy, sham, fraud, hoax, imitation, mock-up, dummy, reproduction; More
          forge or counterfeit (something).
          “the woman faked her spouse’s signature”
          synonyms: forge, counterfeit, falsify, mock up, copy, pirate, reproduce, replicate;

          So what is fake about it? Like I said if it doesn’t fit your beliefs it doesn’t make it fake.

          1. Juicer4life says:

            I know it’s warm outside, so stay cool, enjoy your hot chocolate and dont let those crayons melt on ya!

  6. Jack says:

    these haters, have NO SCRUPLES, nor sense.

  7. joleenworden says:

    Since Trump was “never being investigated”, as Comey said 3 times, then CNN blatantly lied by asking children what they thought was the reason for him being investigated. We are up against a campaign of lies and propaganda and brainwashing children. Liberals claim Trump’s warnings about Islamic Terrorism are scare tactics, but they use scare tactics about terrible effects from Climate Change. Their exaggerated absurd predictions have never happened because they are not based on any real climate science, climate history or real recorded data. Sadly our Public Schools are almost as bad as CNN and are preaching the Muslim Religion while claiming Christianity and the Bible cannot be mentioned in a Public School.

  8. CaptTurbo says:

    If justice is ever reversed to spin in the proper direction, many if not most of the officials from the past usurpation of our government will be charged with high crimes and prosecuted. Fake “news” spewing networks such as CNN will have to be charged with sedition and or treason and face the consequences for betraying the people of this country.

  9. Dick Ellis says:


    1. Michael Keeys says:

      why don’t you just say you’re a bigot and get it out in the open!

      1. jdalabama says:

        why don’t you say you’re a moron and get it out in the open

      2. Dick Ellis says:

        Cant waste my time commenting on JACK ASS’S like you!

    2. Chi Sam says:

      Bagger, stupid. Are you somehow not familiar with the concept of the double-consonant?

  10. maggie in florida says:

    Anderson Cooper is a phoney.

  11. Duane A. Fisher says:

    CNN Fake News Propagandist! CNN : Communist News Network of the Leftist “TRAITORS”! Truly Despicable!

  12. William Collins says:

    A cursory study of Marxism,which is the left wing branch of the Democrat Party, reveals its continuing manipulation of children for political ends for the last 100 + years. This is done with the willing participation of some parents but many times, as our government run schools have shown, it is done without the knowledge of the parents. This is the tactic of a movement which has been rejected by the mass of adults and so they resort to underhanded manipulation of impressionable children who haven’t learned how to reasonably think for themselves.

    1. Michael Keeys says:

      You do know that the Democratic party was actually the republican party, right?

      1. jdalabama says:

        oh please

      2. William Collins says:

        I do know under Obama there were times the Republican Party was indistinguishable from the Democratic Party as they seem to capitulate to his whims and desires instead of acting like an opposition party.

      3. Chiefbuck says:

        The current democrat party is the former communist party and is a socialist version of it. If you fail to realize that you are a socialist. The GOP is at a crossroads at this point. Trump who had been a democrat demonstrates, that conservative principles will save our nation. If Mrs Clinton had become president our country would now be on it’s ‘last legs’ as her liberal socialist dogma would be implemented. The fierce opposition to President Trump is the left wing parasite socialist extreme effort to resurrect their efforts. I might seem to be working until you take a good look at what is happening. The democrat party is dying a slow miserable end and as it fails it will hurt the average American because it weakened so much of our traditions and beliefs systems. Our nation was strong because our system depended on people’s strengths and independence. Our current system encourages dependence on government and when poor leadership fails so does our nation. President Trump like him or not has us moving in the direction that will make our nation what it once was.

    2. Chiefbuck says:

      Correct, as education standards are ignored and forced unionization takes place even more reliable news sources are diminished. Some Fox News journalists still maintain their ethics but their numbers are falling. OAN will benefit as former Fox folks join the network. The American conservative people demand honest news and will not accept the ‘fake news’. Daily newspapers have also taken a serious hit as liberals have taken control of the large news sources. The papers remaining are primarily privately owned. Gradually conservatives will be forced to move to all online news.

  13. Craig Vandertie says:

    That “illegal homosexual Kenyan nationalist puddle of toxic waste Bathhouse Barack Osama” is a dominant demon among demons, just like the Clintons, they are lieutenants for the devilish Globalists such as the Bilderberg, Koch, Kushner, Rothschild, and Soros families.

    No, your eyes have not deceived you, Jared Kushner and his family are Globalists, and I wish Mr. Trump would boot Jared and Ivanka out of his Inner Circle, if you want to know where the majority of the leaks to the Lamestream media are coming from start with his dear son in-law/Senior Advisor.

  14. chief1937 says:

    CNN has been against Trump right from the beginning. They are a perfect example of fake news I never watch them ant more had rather watch grass grow.

  15. LIVE FREE OR DIE says:

    That’s ironic: I just read an article about how ISIS does the same thing in battle (like the Viet Cong did back in the ’60’s). Media Research Corporation (MRC) just reported that CNN was forced to fire one vehement anti-Judeo-Christian mooshtard because of overwhelming support voiced against his broadcasts. Could be the beginning of the end: get solid, unite call these bastards in the media and in politics who are nothing but the bribed anti-freedom scum for the oil dollar, pedophiles and islam. http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/curtis-houck/2017/06/09/breaking-cnn-axes-reza-aslan-firing-disgusting-anti-trump-tweets?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiT0RZM1l6ZGtaVGMyWVdFeiIsInQiOiJ3dzhXUjIyOFVpNkJqRXZHK2l3OVlzVEpmMlM4Q09jT1dEOCt1N3hnWjJcL28zTXFVREFENVRkdHJFV3oyRn

  16. David Estes says:

    I’m sure there are Muslims that want peace but they have a hard time assimilating, but there might be a terrorist in the families. PC is the problem because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Also, it is hard to tell on someone who will not usually hurt them. BUT, I do want to talk about history. During the Ottoman Empire, the hoard that tried to rule over the world at that time burned everything they didn’t want, killed or enslaved everyone they conquered. Guess what: They were Muslims using the Koran that is in use today. I believe they should and some will live under our laws in peace. Another thing that has caused many, many problems is social media. This is what the terrorists are using to recruit terrorists.

  17. Duane says:

    CNN is despicable.

  18. tryscavage says:

    Except for Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity, the FOX and Friends, Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters and Judge Jeanine the entire Fox anchors are slovenly trying to tear Trump apart. As he keeps getting done what the American people wanted him to do these other anchors will gradually disappear. Video tapes are being held.

    1. Chiefbuck says:

      Fox News is a classic example of the gradual brainwashing of conservatives. This time it failed and those responsible at FoX News should be forced to pay for their misdeeds. I’m sure that they covered their rear ends and won’t lose a cent of their own money. The network should be forced to merge with CNN.

  19. Babsan says:

    Communist No NEWS or Clinton News Network is despicable and

    should have their license revoked.Anti American complete ass holes

  20. jerry1944 says:

    Useing kids is one way for me not to trust those that use them Kids dont know anything to start with and now with nut lib teachers they may never have great brian that know the truth

  21. maquignon says:

    The CNN arm of the Democrat propaganda machine has become even more sleazier and slimier than the MSNBC arm of the Democrat propaganda machine – And that took some doing!!! CNN is the largest collection of human excrement on the planet!!!

  22. jreg9304 says:

    This weak minded, weak kneed, lowly poltroon with slanted liberal brass hollow balls! Had to use these poor little kids to do his dirty work? This Clone of Bozo the clown, should have grown a backbone and asked these kids what they overheard their parents say about Obama!! Now that would have been totally unprintable of what their answers might have been!!!!

  23. crockett says:

    GITMO IS THE WORD OF THE YEAR for those who betrayed our country . LIFE ! !

  24. Dick says:

    The next time you try and sway folks go to a gun fight with your knife. You are surely what is called a SIMPLETON…… CNN SUCKS TRUMP 2018

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