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Chelsea Clinton Tweets About School Lunches And Gets Destroyed

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  1. msueh says:

    1. geez louise. why cannot kids of (IN)famous parents just shut the heck up? who cares what you think?
    2 we don’t care a fig about ANY clinton opinions.

    Just be a good wife & mother, raise your kids in a decent way and try to distance yourself from your (IN)famous parents, chelsea.

    1. Craig Vandertie says:

      Do you not mean infamous parents?

      1. Askjrsk says:

        Criminal parents. On the tarmac, in the Oval Office, and a trail of body bags.

        1. Tomahawk says:

          And BS foundations.

          1. Askjrsk says:

            Spot on

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Serious? Good wife and mother? Where would she have learned that?

  2. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says:

    Is Chelsea trying to prove how stupid she is!!! Try no more Chelsea You’ve proven it!! Sit down and shut the hell up!!!

    1. Askjrsk says:

      At coffee yesterday, one about her age was yelling and screaming how much he made and how great he was. People had to get up and move. Obviously, mentally ill — just as Hillary and her illegitimate Chalsea.

      1. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says:

        What do you mean ( illegitimate )?????????

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Chalsea is not Bill Clintons, but Wes Hubbles. You should have been able to pick that up.

          1. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says:

            Who hell is Wes Hubble’s???

          2. Tomahawk says:

            Google “Rose Law Firm” in Little Rock. Have a nice read.

        2. Tomahawk says:

          What part of illegitimate are you having trouble with?

          1. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says:

            I do not have a problem with the word illegitimate nor do I have problem understanding the word!!!!! I have never heard anyone say Chelsea was illegitimate!!!! Thanks for asking If I’m having a problem understanding the said word!!!!! Do have a nice day!

          2. Tomahawk says:

            Apologies. I assumed most everyone had heard about it.

          3. Bilgeez says:

            U been living under a rock for 25 yrs…

  3. Tomahawk says:

    Chelsea Hubble, still dumb as a rock.

    1. Jim Norris says:


      1. dw2558 says:

        She must have been taking lessons from the other “Dumber Than a Rock” supporter of her mom, none other than Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who must have been asleep when brains were being passed out.

      2. Chi Sam says:

        Whatever is simply one word. Typical.

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Almost. A rock is smarter.

  4. Stephen Howe says:

    Actually? The research I recall suggested that being a little peckish enhances learning and retaining knowledge. Too much food makes kids sleepy & sluggish.

    I keep wondering how much “work” Chelsea has had? Remember how fugly this dogfaced girl was back when her daddy was lying under oath and being impeached? Firing HIS FBI director and offing Vince Foster? I’m sure her parents could afford the best plastic surgeons.

    1. Craig Vandertie says:

      Chelsea, the walking/talking Muppet, with as little intelligence as 1 as well.

    2. pateboo says:

      I think she bears more than a passing resemblance to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, back when Chelsea had the frizzies.

      1. kbmiller says:

        Web Hubble.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Poor Wes He DOSENT want anyone to know. Who could get drunk enough to sleep with and screw Hillary? Poor guy. Imagine the morning after.

          1. Tomahawk says:

            Maybe she raped him. It runs in the family, I hear.

          2. Askjrsk says:

            It had to be. This is the only scenario that makes any kind of sense. Thankyou. Rape is a Clinton recreational sport.

    3. Mathew Molk says:

      Dead nuts on the money, Steve.

    4. Askjrsk says:

      Plastic surgery gone wrong. Happens to famous people all the time. No one comes out that butt ugly naturally.

    5. wes says:

      Then they need to get their money back and sue the surgeon. Somebody effed up.

  5. KenZimmerman says:

    My, my, envy doesn’t become you. Jealousy of Chelsea Clinton is a waste of my time. But not yours apparently. And just to lay a fact on the table, Donald Trump’s proposed budget does zero out school lunch support. All my sympathy to you rich guys. I know how much you need the money for kids’ school lunches to purchase that 2nd yacht.

    1. kbmiller says:

      It’s about controlling the minorities. The Dumb ASS ok RATS must have ~95% of their votes in order to even compete in elections, let alone win. Control food, housing and health care and you control them. See Hitler/Nazis and Stalin?communists. The FOOLS on the left will never admit this.

      1. KenZimmerman says:

        So you’re saying Trump and the Congressional Republicans intend to starve our kids (and I assume our seniors) till we shut up about the Repubs. and their policies.

        1. Jim Norris says:


          1. kbmiller says:

            Yep, the libturds will try to project their ,”Feelings” onto others words.

          2. KenZimmerman says:

            I feel for lots of things. The history of the American community that is being destroyed by criminals like Trump. The democratic hopes of America betrayed by many of its so called leaders for money and power. And the ignorance of both of these by too many American citizens.

          3. kbmiller says:

            The Clit ons and OHOMOs are perfect examples of leaders betraying America for money and power. Thanks for admitting that. Both of them going into the White house with less than $1 million and both leaving with $10s of millions. How does that work Ken? Maybe selling uranium mines to Russia? Perhaps selling State Dept influence? Or having the gummint gives $millions in subsidies to green energy cos. as they’re going bankrupt? Or, the gummint paying $750 million to your college friend’s business for a failed health care website, then accepting $millions in campaign donations from those businesses. The donations which, may be converted into your own bank account after you’re out of politics. The Dumb ASS ok RATS have turned their style of politics into a public sector union slush fund. Absolutely NO accountability for failure, while demanding higher wages and benefits in exchange for fewer hrs. or work. Political graft is a thing of beauty to you crooks on the left isn’t it? Stop with the LIES and BS, Kenny.

          4. KenZimmerman says:

            Economist Jeffery Sachs of Harvard got it right. Both political parties are owned by special interests – the Republicans by fossil fuels and mega casino owners; the Democrats by Wall Street. But yelling about that and insulting them with stupid outbursts like this is pointless. It changes nothing. If you democracy back you’ll need to work, not shout for it. And you’ll need to drop this neocon crap. Neocons are an enemy of democracy. Get your screwed on straight.

          5. kbmiller says:

            Re read your post. It doesn’t make sense. The words are in the wrong place, changing the content. Figure that out 1st, and stop sending any more crap. If it’s pointless, then stop it. Go the F away and stop bothering others on here.

          6. Mathew Molk says:

            There you go reading again instead of SEEING.

            And Harvard? Look at what came out of Harvard. If I found a resume on my desk and it said a candidate for a job went to Harvard I wouldn’t throw it in the trash. I’d hand carry it out to the dumpster to make sure nobody accidentally called them.

          7. KenZimmerman says:

            Where’d you attend college? I’m certain there are those who have the same feelings you have about Harvard for your college.

          8. Mathew Molk says:

            YOu are against money and power and then voted for that cackling witch. Even to them you are a useLESS idiot.

          9. KenZimmerman says:

            The old joke applies – with two evils pick the lesser. Hilary Clinton was the less evil. I believe Trump has proven me correct on this beyond all question.

          10. kbmiller says:

            They use idiots like him for their vote.

          11. BoTexan says:

            do you propose we get rid of a bunch of our american CITIZENS and let the illegals take over, we tried that for 8 years with dumbo and what did that get us??????

          12. KenZimmerman says:

            If you believe 99% of the unemployed want to be in that situation, then you really are ignorant about American history and economics.

          13. Mathew Molk says:

            We are OUT here in American economics you commie bastard. You only read about it. I’m retired, I worked my way through collage with help from the GI bill (which I earned in Vietnam) as a Cleveland Policeman. It too me 10 years to get my engineering degree but while I was on the job and in school I also was operating a milliwright contracting company part time. When I got my degree I quit the job and ran the company full time, 12 and 16 hours a day for 6 and 7 days a week. – OK snowflake, Tell me all about there is no lazy scum in the ghetto and how there are no other people that you can’t force to work at gunpoint. – YOu were in some liberal commie collage on somebody elses’ dime while I was at the broken end of a bottle almost. every day between 1970 and the year before last when I retired. – And I still take jobs when an old customer calls me, you lazy bastard.

            And let me tell you another real world fact you asshole. There are tons of unfilled jobs out there but the laxy pukes like you with their hand out will not even apply for them.

            YOu got me pissed off snotball. – dont shut uP DROP DEAD

          14. KenZimmerman says:

            I did all you did and a bit more. Yes, there are many unfilled jobs now available. Mostly because there are not enough properly trained people to fill them. Help people get that training and education instead of bitching here.

          15. kbmiller says:

            It’s the A$$WIPE Dumb A$$ ok RATS like you who make the complaint that immigrants take the jobs that Americans won’t do. Why won’t they do them? Because you Dumb A$$ ok RATS pay them enough welfare to live comfortably enough without having to get educated and work for a living.

          16. KenZimmerman says:

            Two words – anger management. Those are my final words to you.

          17. kbmiller says:

            Get help you A$$WIPE. See a shrink, take your meds, get your pacifier and take your nap. Go Away you JERK.

          18. Chi Sam says:

            College, stupid.

        2. kbmiller says:

          Is that what I posted, Ken? How about the idea that able bodied men and women WORK and EARN their wages so that they can take care of their own, not expect the gummint to take other people’s money in exchange for votes to do what they refuse to do. Isn’t that what made this country great in the 1st place? Isn’t that why so many foreigners want to come here? Or is it the free handouts the Dumb ASS ok RATS make available? Try thinking this out before you expose your ignorance again.

          1. KenZimmerman says:

            Don’t know much American history do you? Americans, a nation of immigrants learned quickly that surviving in a frontier land required they support and help one another. Everyone I grew up in the great State of Texas was taught this everywhere from Sunday School to Civics in junior high school. Those who didn’t live this way are given lots of names in American history – tycoon, robber baron, financialist, industrialist, entrepreneur, and just plane outlaw. They were and are feared and often dominated others’ lives with their money, political power, and ruthless disregard for law. We have never been able to rid ourselves of them. But we’re still trying.

          2. kbmiller says:

            Ruthless disregard for the law. You mean like the Hillbilly Clit ons and OHOMOs? Yep , still trying to get rid of those crooks. That, I agree with, little else you post tho. Was the state of Texas built by a bunch of idlers standing in a welfare line? Volunteering to support and help one another is a lot different than the gummint confiscating one’s property in order to redistribute it to a segment of society to buy their votes.

          3. Mathew Molk says:

            Man are you ever full of shit. You obviously never were out here in the real world where the wolves eat the sheep.

            You may have read about it, but we LIVE it every day you commie piece of shit.

          4. KenZimmerman says:

            Again, try to control yourself. Show some maturity.

          5. kbmiller says:

            Maybe if you stopped insulting others commenting, they wouldn’t expose your stupidity.

          6. kbmiller says:

            Good one Matt, This Zimmerman JACKASS is a real MORON.

          7. BoTexan says:

            we were taught like the bible says if you can work and don’t you don’t eat. people who can’t provide for themselves have always been taken care of —–but bums and deadbeats are despised in my TEXAS!!!!!!!

        3. kbmiller says:

          Shutting up would be a great start.

          1. KenZimmerman says:

            I applaud you volunteering to not write or speak again on this. “Shutting up” I think you call it.

          2. kbmiller says:

            Re read your post, you moron. You posted, “…till we shut up about the Repubs.” I believe that means YOU are an insignificant part of, “We”. So…… STFU, you F’n JackASS.

          3. KenZimmerman says:

            Show some decorum and respect. Try to behave like an adult.

          4. kbmiller says:

            Oh, I see your attitude. You come on sites and insult other people posting comments, but when someone “Outs”, you, you get all sanctimonious and sit in your high chair. You are a FOOL and a hypocrite. But, there’s no fool like an old fool. Go away you JACKASS.

          5. KenZimmerman says:

            I’ve not used the word jackass once. It seems to be one of your most popular. Who’s insulting who?

          6. kbmiller says:

            You accused others of sin and told me to act like an adult after you criticized others. That exposes you as a FOOL and a HYPOCRITE.

          7. BoTexan says:

            you called me a smartass—-stay off the koolaid—and be checked for dementia.

        4. Mathew Molk says:

          If “our kids” means the kids of illegals, moslem(sic) refugees and lazy pukes that will not get up and get a job it works for me.

          BTW, I’m 70 and all the people in my pier group feed themselves. My Mon died last year at 98 years old and she fed herself right up to the end. – Never needed the Nanny state to take care of her, – Same with my dad and his entire circle. They took care of them selves all their lives. Never needed the government to do anything for them.

          And we want to starve you ’till you get a frigging job and feed yourself. like the rest of us.

          1. KenZimmerman says:

            Mathew, your comment sickens me. I’m 70 also. I grew up in a community in which neighbors helped neighbors. The United States has tried to be such a community for all the immigrants who come here. Most, just to remind you came illegally. Think about your own immigrant ancestors.

            Working is about more than “feeding yourself” or even feeding your family. It’s about helping the nation and all who live here. If you can’t see that then somewhere along the way you’ve lost touch with the American Dream.

          2. BoTexan says:

            if you are 70 surely you know that most of the immigrants who came here in the 1800 & 1900 came through Ellis island where they were processed, vetted, and quarantined for disease. I’m 76 and i learned that during 19 years of education, i think that made my ancestors legal!!!! i grew up in a community where we had illegal mexicans, but they came with their families worked hard, were god fearing, honest and became americans—– not crooks, drug cartel people, living on our dime and declaring that this is their country. if all you want is to feel good, then go to mexico or iran or syria and adopt some.

        5. BoTexan says:

          go where republicans are running the show and compare the kids & elderly there— to chicago, detroit, baltimore, new york, philly, & dc and then shut your dumb koolaide drinking ass up!

      2. Jim Norris says:



        1. BoTexan says:

          they also have to have the illegal alien/immigrant’s votes so we must entice them to come with free everything to get them here and get their votes. a harvard study just revealed that 8,000,000 of them voted in the 2008 election!!!! how many of them do you think voted in 2016 ? why do you think the dimocrats are so against stopping the invasion!!!!!!!! calif and ny have the largest aliens populations, — who won those states?

          1. Mathew Molk says:

            Cut off the welfare and prevent them from working by arresting anybody the employs them and they will all go home. We could have them gone by New Years day if we did that.

          2. Chi Sam says:

            That, not ‘the’. What a clown.

          3. KenZimmerman says:

            Read the study, not the summary published by political blog. The actual research notes indicate that voting by non-citizens is rare, very rare. This supports the results of every other study that has looked at this question.

          4. BoTexan says:

            i have worked the polls in texas and before we had photo ids required illegals by the thousands voted and we could not stop them— probably why the dimocrats fight so hard to defeat that requirement even though you have to have a photo id to check a book out of the library or get your welfare!! i’m sure your every other study was funded by liberals/communists who were fighting photo ids. go read the Harvard study and us smartasses or just off setting you dumbasses.

    2. BoTexan says:

      we know that you have good intentions and we do need more basketball players.

      1. Mathew Molk says:

        I yhinkyou got the snowflake pegged.

      2. KenZimmerman says:

        But we don’t need more smart asses.

    3. Mathew Molk says:

      I’ll take the tax cut even if it’s 2 and a half bucks. Nobody paid for my kids anything so why should I pay for some snowflakes puppies that should never have been conceived in the first place. I’ll take the $2,50 and buy a beer after work.

      Death to the nanny state!

      1. KenZimmerman says:

        Of course somebody paid for your kids. The doctors who attended public university, the streets your kids walked to school over, the schools your kids attended, the water your kids drank, the electricity in your home, etc. all were paid for in part by taxes. No one comes into the world alone, no one lives in the world alone, and no one dies alone. This is not being a nanny. This is normal human life. And has been for 70,000 years.

    4. keedon says:

      Which I’m sure you are jealous of Trump’s yacht. Us Deplorables aren’t jealous of that loser Chelsea. Remember beauty is only skin deep, ugly cuts right to the bone.

      1. KenZimmerman says:

        I’m not jealous about anything regarding Donald Trump. But I would like to take him on long boat ride and return without him. Let him find his way back, if he can.

        1. kbmiller says:

          So, you admit that you’d like to be a murderer. Yet you criticize others. You are truly a POS. Didn’t you post taht someone should act like an adult on here? Good God, what an A$$hole you are.

        2. keedon says:

          The Demwit Party went on a long boat ride and hasn’t returned yet.

        3. keedon says:

          The liberal Demwits took a boat ride and haven’t returned yet.

        4. BoTexan says:

          the man does more in one day than you did in your whole life, teaching by most college research professors is a dropout , they were afraid to join the real world so they curled up in the womb of academia. Trump has lived in the real world he has tried and failed and suffered the consequences and he learned like people in the real world you pick YOURSELF up and try again. he would be home before you could find a free ride home!!!!!!

  6. livefreeordiehard says:

    Here’s hoping that the dimocrats will run chelsea next presidentual election. Even dimocrats aren’t dim enough to vote for this obvious moron.

    1. Jim Norris says:

      U WANNA BET!!!

    2. Linda M. Jung says:

      I don’t know about that one livefreeordiedidhard, they are pretty damn dumb these days!

    3. Bilgeez says:

      they voted for Davis-Soetoro, twice, dont give them too much credit…

  7. KDC says:

    Chelsea is probably promoting GMO foods for kids. I sure wish there was labeling. 90% of corn and soy are now GMO. Tomatoes, mushrooms and potatoes are the latest. We won’t know what we’re eating. Chelsea needs to crawl back under her rock. At least Pres.Trump’s tweets are informative as to what he’s doing. She’s a nobody, butting in where she doesn’t belong.

    1. Craig Vandertie says:

      90% of corn is used to make E-80 Gasoline, personal there is absolutely no proof that GMO foods are bad for you, just more leftist hype, now crops grown the conventional way have toxic chemicals in them from all the pesticides and herbicides sprayed on them which has been scientifically established.

      1. KDC says:

        I disagree. They don’t know if GMOs are safe. And why is the FDA allowing this if they don’t know for sure it’s safe?. I think it’s more of a globalist Left issue. I think the Left pushes it, to ” save the world” from starvation. Which in itself makes me suspicious. ” The health consequences of eating genetically modified organisms are largely unknown. Genetically engineered foods have not been shown to be safe to eat and may have unpredictable consequences.. Many scientists are worried that the genetically altered foods, once consumed, may pass on their mutant genes to bacterium in the digestive system, just like the canola plants on the roadsides of North Dakota. How these new strains of bacteria may affect our body systems’ balance is anybody’s guess. Genetically engineered foods have not been proven to be safe, but the few studies conducted don’t look so hot. The organs of rats who ate genetically modified potatoes showed signs of chronic wasting, and female rates fed a diet of herbicide-resistant soybeans gave birth to sterile babies.”
        You can eat them, but I prefer not to.

        1. Mathew Molk says:

          Who cares? If it smells good, eat it!

          That;s what I have always done and I’m 70 and never have been hospitalized with any illness. Eat lot’s of butter and cheese and 80% hamburgers and gallons of regular beer an your cholesterol will be as low as mine.

        2. kbmiller says:

          If you think about it, every living organism on the face of the earth and under it is a genetically altered life form. The “Theory of Evolution” is based on genetic mutation at a slower rate than lab alteration tho.

        3. Bilgeez says:

          The same “scientists” who say GMO food is questionable are the same ones who say “global warming” is man made.

    2. Askjrsk says:

      For sure.

    3. Bilgeez says:

      ALL foods produced today are GMO, they have been for the past 70 yrs, at least, GMO is another false flag by the Socialist environmentalist loonies who want us all to starve to death by their globalist doctrine to reduce the over populated earth, which itself is a false flag, Socialism works better on a smaller group, the smaller the group, the easier to control. I couldnt care less if food is GMO or not…The Egyptians were practicing modifying crops 3500 yrs ago! If not, corn would be a tiny grassy weed that they started with…same for wheat and barley.

  8. Rose Ribitzki says:

    speaking for America, Chelsea, “America is sick of the Clintons !!!!! ” … BACK OFF & TEND TO YOUR FAMILY ..

    1. Craig Vandertie says:

      That illegal homosexual Kenyan nationalist Moonie Muslime Bathhouse Barack Osama, that She Demon Succubus bitch mother of Chelsea right down to the Deep State deeply intranced Looney Libtards that support them are no more likely to ooze back into the toxic waste barrels they oozed out of than anyone else on the Globalist payroll, oops!, I omitted the Lamestream media that is owned by the Socialist Moonie Muslime Globalists.

      1. 906 Sparky says:

        Well said!

      2. Askjrsk says:

        You said it.

      3. twinspineve says:

        get your news from t.v. fight the newspapers.

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Well said.

  9. joeinz says:

    The scary thing is that the Left is bubbling over with enthusiasm and confidence that THIS is their future and their HOPE ! Let them dream on ! We need to keep our noses to the grindstone. One thing they DO have on that side is a brigade of mind-numbed, uninformed, rhetoric-repeating lemmings, equipped with immovable blinders on their eyes. As long as there are rich Leftists (Soros, and alike) to perpetuate the funding of their failed political dogma . . . their crap and crappy politicos like the newest Clinton venom-spewer, will have a viable place in our political landscape . . . UGH !!!!

    1. Craig Vandertie says:

      If not her they are backing that vegetable Joe Biden, they may as well endorse some celebrity like Michael Moore, Rosie O’Hippopotamus, or Charlie Sheen, they could not be any worse than the 1st 2 mentioned.

  10. Craig Vandertie says:

    Who is responsible for free lunch, back when I was in primary and secondary school it was school lunch at a much lower cost than fast food or vending machines, it was never free.

    My parents gave me money to purchase lunch tickets, if I lost those tickets I either had to buy more out of my allowance or Summer job money I had saved up, fortunately I rarely if ever lost them.

    Free lunch, if you are that much of a loser to have children you cannot support then go to a food pantry and make take along lunches for your children, mooching off the taxpayers is just wrong.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Yea, Like ADC doesn’t give the looser welfare mothers enough food stamps to buy food for their kids. Ever hear of a lunch box?

      1. Chi Sam says:

        Ever hear of the word loser?

        What a molk.

  11. vinny says:

    Why don’t you become a teacher, then you could teach your students how to be CROOKED!!!

  12. davegrille says:

    Gee ,this is creepy.

  13. James in Texas says:

    Poor Chelsea, she is so confused! She just can’t understand why companies give her huge salaries for a job she doesn’t have to show-up to and thinks her Mother is the President. I guess it’s all about being unsure who her “real Father” was!

    1. pateboo says:

      She should talk to Danney. What is he to her, step brother?

      1. Askjrsk says:

        No relation.

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Ask obama about being illegitimate. Chalsea knows, they are illegitimate.

      1. James in Texas says:

        If there was a “string of facts as long as the Colorado River the Dem’s, Snowflakes, Socialist, Smores (Confused-sex Idiots) and BLM folks would declare that “We don’t need no stinking facts, she’s our next President”! Yeah right, just like her Mom!!!!!!!!

        1. Askjrsk says:

          No way not in our USA.

  14. Duane says:

    So now Republicans want to starve children? Really! You know, some people should just sit around looking stupid instead of speaking up and proving that they are.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      As school children threw their Obama school lunches away. One look at that half a man Michelle scared the heck out of the kids. That and the servings made them gag. Anyway, Who’d want to look like Michael/Michelle that ape in high heels?

    2. Linda M. Jung says:

      Really Duane? And just how many kid in middle or high eat lunch today! They can do it the old way like I did, called lunch boxes or bag lunches! Oh, but that would mean their Moms would have to get up and MAKE THEIR LUNCHES. And that would be just way to hard on Mom, maybe Dad, who, who?

      1. MNCM(SW/SS) says:

        Even though Mom was at home during our school years, she had a day care center in the house, and when we were old enough, we made our own lunches to take to school. If I felt that four tunafish sandwiches, an apple, a bag of chips, a Little Debbies treat, and a roll of Smarties would help me make it through the day, that’s what I’d pack; never had a bad lunch at school, and aways ate it all. I was a skinny, hyper kid–now that would call that ADHD I suppose–and never had any problem with my afternoon classes, except I might have been bored if they weren’t challenging enough. Mom always had plenty of nutrition choices for our lunches and gave us the autonomy to choose and each what we thought we would want/need. It worked for our family of six. But that was the 60’s.

      2. Bilgeez says:

        I did my own lunch since 3rd grade, kids can learn, do they have to have EVERYTHING done for them?

  15. Buford says:

    She is no more special than the other imbeciles, but keeping her drivel in the limelight will ensure another Soros-backed presidential run from the Clinton crime syndicate.


  16. tryscavage says:

    Bad boy, bad boy.

  17. Countrysunrise says:

    It’s wonderful if kids would be able to eat a free breakfast or free lunch if their Parents can’t afford it. Breakfast, after all, is the most important meal of the day for a child!! I see 2 problems with this program, however. One problem is that the workers do such a thing as child-shaming. The child gets called out, and the workers take their tray away from the child, so they don’t GET their meal!! I’ve read these stories on line, and that’s terrible to do that to a child!! it’s not THEIR fault!! The other problem is the garbage that Moochelle expects those kids to eat — weeds and lawn grass with milk on a plate, while her Daughters DINED at their school!! That’s SO WRONG!! Bring back the old school lunches, since it’s the only meal some of these kids are going to eat that day!! There’s still a way of making a good lunch for those kids, without having them look like a science experiment!! Let them have FUN for lunch, and let it taste good at the same time!! Don’t call out the kids who can’t afford it without losing your minds!! The kids will do better in school, and it will be a win-win situation!! I’m sure the food manufacturers will pitch in something towards the lunches!!

    1. kbmiller says:

      How about paying for your own kid’s food? Don’t have kids if you can’t afford to feed them. Spawning children shouldn’t be a means of acquiring welfare.

      1. pateboo says:

        I agree with what you said, but a lot of parents could afford their children once upon a time. Then we started sending all our jobs overseas. The major company I used to work for, has been sending the jobs overseas for YEARS now.

        1. kbmiller says:

          Why do you think that they move?

          1. pateboo says:

            The companies just follow where it’s cheaper to manufacture, wouldn’t YOU??? They’re out to make a profit for their shareholders and the CEO’S make crazy salaries. The CEO of the company I got laid off from, one of OBAMA’S council members, she was making over 9 million a year back in 2011. She was sending the jobs overseas then and still is now, and Obama HAD to know all while badmouthing other CEO’S for doing the very same thing.

          2. kbmiller says:

            Yep, it’s about profits. Constant union demands for artificially increasing pay and benefits has priced them out of the world market. Increasing taxes, corporate, real estate, etc. decrease the profitability of businesses. Both are policies favored by the Dumb AS ok RATS. Many businesses relocate to nearby states. Some go further. Hopefully Pres. Trump can fix this mess. I do agree that CEO’s shouldn’t be overpaying themselves either.

          3. BoTexan says:

            compare the CEOs to the athletes, a guy who can throw a ball or put it in a basket is paid 100s of millions of dollars. the athlete has no one he responsible for or to– the ceo has thousands of people he is responsible for or to—-if you were a ceo would you expect to be paid at least like an athlete????????? maybe tv has destroyed the world. teachers are blessed people –teacher/govern employs unions run by community organizers and control by DC bureaucrats/dimocrats have destroyed the world’s most expensive education in our country.

          4. kbmiller says:

            The teachers are just as greedy as members of other unions. I’ve heard the words,”It’s for the children”, and, “They promised it to us”, way too many times. If it’s wrong for bakery shop and restaurant owners to run their businesses with their beliefs in mind, it’s wrong for teachers to run their classrooms with a leftist agenda.

          5. Mathew Molk says:

            Teachers are FAR more greedy and way less skilled then other unions. – No matter how much you wat to bad rap the UAW they still have to produce cars. Teachers have not made a saleable product in over 30 years.

            You can not blame them for getting everything they can, though. Let’s look to the school boards that give them every thing they ask for without a fight.

            And no matter what you think or have been told, in the building trades we have something called “Get him his money” – They pay you off and send you down the road because “If you can’t do the job, you can’t stay” – In the movies and on TV it may not be that way, but trust me, It’s that way in in the construction business in the real world.

          6. nightspore says:

            You’re assuming these CEOs are as talented as the top-flight athletes. Unfortunately, often that’s not true – and even more unfortunately, they’re not always held to the same standards. The case pateboo describes may be an example. She sounds like she’s just following a recipe.

          7. nightspore says:

            (cont.) If my assessment is right, she’s rather like Chelsea, now that I think about it.

          8. BoTexan says:

            since when have talented people accomplished anything other than entertained the movers and shakers of the world, court jesters were not indispensable!

        2. Mathew Molk says:

          The MSM is doing their best toi hide it but that is coming to an end and jobs ARE coming back. – At least here in the Buffalo to Detroit “rust belt” area.

      2. Mathew Molk says:

        But it is,,,,,and has been for decades

    2. Mathew Molk says:

      In Italy lunch is considered the most important meal for everybody. Breakfast is very light or not at all.

      It is a damn sin that parents don’t care if their kids eat or not,,,but that’s on the parents. We cannot solve the troubles of the world and we have closed down the nanny state. Don’t try to get it going again.

  18. Countrysunrise says:

    Chelsea – a word to the wise. Stick to raising your family, instead of trying to raise a Country. You don’t have it in you, and every time you open your mouth, you put your foot in it!!

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      But mommie told her it takes a village,,,,Turned out to be the village of the damd, though.

      1. Chi Sam says:

        That isn’t a word, stupid. What a molk.

        1. keedon says:

          HAHAHA!I know what a molk is. Do you? If you didn’t have a Thesaurus you would be lost. Kudos for having some intelligence to use your Thesaurus. Most liberal Demwits don’t know the alphabet and can’t read. That puts you one step above.

      2. keedon says:

        And Chelsea is the village idiot.

  19. Chelsea is just doing what all children do when they first try to “be like a parent”. She has no clue that her mother is a witch and her father is a womanizer, and both are very selfish persons without conscience. Parents themselves are now experienced and disciplined and have learned the pitfalls of aggressive self-assertion, so now they just do what they can get away with. Chelsea’s mimics are going to repeat hooligan blunders until she slowly acquires numerous ‘don’s’ the hard way. It will be a hoot now and for several years….

  20. pateboo says:

    She CLAIMS she is NOT going to run for any office, NOW would be a good time to prove it. Time to disappear and remove all doubt.

  21. pateboo says:

    One minute Democrats are complaining everybody is overweight, and the next minute they’re complaining everybody is STARVING. It can’t be BOTH, so which is it????

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Good point…..

    2. Bilgeez says:

      It’s whatever suits their narrative at the moment…

  22. Robert LaBiento says:

    we could have done without her photo!

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Kind of turned my stomach too.

    2. kbmiller says:

      HA HA HA still laughing at that one.

  23. CCTexas says:

    My word, she even looks dumb.

  24. Ronald Hagler says:

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest: Ever wonder why the Democrats chose a Jackass as their party’s mascot?

  25. Mary Clouse says:

    When I look at Chelsea {seriously} all I can think about is,
    someone please fix her hair,she always looks disheveled,
    I never really pay much attention to he ravings,she is poor
    at speaking well..

  26. mrp15 says:

    Despite all her plastic surgeries to improve her appearance, she still has that trademark horse face. And not too bright either.

    1. Procius says:

      That ‘Horse face’ you mentioned, is it the south end of a north bound horse?

      1. Mathew Molk says:

        Stop insulting Trigger. – That horse was a hero to us kids!

  27. Fred Renz says:

    Ur S______g me! A nobody whose claim to fame was a no-show job at NBC paying $600.000+ for one + lousy written piece. CLINTON’S genes are running amok. From daddy to mommy to offspring!

  28. Mathew Molk says:

    The ugly daughter is WRONG! – Research has shown you learn (remember) better when you are a little hungrily. – There is a reason everybody is asleep Thanksgiving afternoon.

    1. Chi Sam says:

      Hungry, stupid…ironically.

      1. keedon says:

        The grammar Nazi strikes again. Now if you had some intelligence to go with what you learned in high school.

  29. keedon says:

    Chelsea Clinton, make-up by the Pillsbury Doughboy.

  30. cal10pilot says:

    She stands the test of time along with carolyn kennedy…. neither can putv2 words together without an ummm, uhhhhh, oooh, duuuuh….

  31. mpdMD1965 says:

    How sad to be bombarded with braindead prattle from Clintonville.
    If Billy Boy were not spending his time checking out the babes available for his daily cardiac workout he also would be on TV as a regular hoping to get a gig for Hillary so he could get “down to business” without fearing discovery by hateful Hil!

  32. General Patton says:

    Chelsea—foot and mouth disease runs in your family. Do us all a favor, and shutup you buffoon.

  33. Askjrsk says:

    One look at this dumb ugly thing and one wants to run. What could this irrelevant out of touch illegitimate child of Bill and Hillary possibly say or do that causes one to take her seriously. Chalsea Hubble is poster child for Dipp Sh it of the century. Then take one look at her mother. Train wreck. The train left the track a long time ago.

  34. Arielle says:

    OMG Chelsea. Please shut your ” Pie Hole”. You spout the same type of garbage as your lying, deceptive mother ! She taught you well.

  35. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Oh she is reconized all right for being dumb, stupid and out of touch with reality

  36. rapunzel972 says:

    I really think Chelsea ought to pursue another occupation. Politics is definitely NOT her forte. She’s the joke.

  37. Alleged Comment says:

    Chelsea WHO?

  38. Bilgeez says:

    I have nothing against helping TRULY needy kids get adequate nutrition so they can perform better at school, but the school lunch program GIVES breakfast and lunch to just about ALL publik skool kids. And the awful Michael Robinson lunch plan is a joke, it needs to be replaced with something realistic and sensible and for kids who truly need it, not just everyone who comes to skool.

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