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Chelsea Clinton Finds New Ways To Annoy People

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  1. Joel Goodman says:


  2. mary ann says:

    I read half of this, i cant believe what i just read. The clintons are just disgusting reptiles.

  3. Countrysunrise says:

    So Hillary is on her “Angry” tour, and Chelsea is on her “Stupid” tour. Nothing new. They’re just scraping the bottom of the barrel now, doing what they can for money!! Reminds me of the ladies of the night on the street corners, but those ladies are a lot better looking, I’m sure!! It’s just a matter of time before their farces are up, and they go to prison!!

    1. Azreal says:

      And bill is on his Rape Tour

      1. Jeronimo Dan says:

        Observing Bill, to rape someone today, he’d have to drop by the Doctor’s office and pick up a couple tongue depressor’s and a roll of gauze?

  4. Cecilia Robarge says:

    These displaced females should stay in their own countries and don’t come and cause chaos about menstruation to us. Period. (No punt intended.)

  5. bp 58 says:

    i dont think isis would even do killary or chelsea these are two vile butt ugly whores..

    1. mrp15 says:

      That’s for sure. President Trump has Melania and Ivanka; Bill has Hillary and Chelsea. Tell me–who’s the winner and who’s the loser???

      1. Rex1949 says:

        Mrp15: And the answer to your question is who is the ugliest? And the answer to you’re
        Question. Drum Roll Please! As we have the final results. It is Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. Ta- Duh. That answer should of been a done deal from the get go. Bet you didn’t know this about Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. They ride on there brooms! And Hillary taught her
        Daughter how to ride on brooms too.???

  6. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Chelsea appears to be a period her Mother had one month, while living in Arkansas. Appears Hillary kept and nursed the tampon and 35 years later this is what we have?

  7. Dave says:

    I wish this entire white trash family from Hell would just go away.

    And I don’t care if they go away mad, either.

  8. Kenny Albert says:

    Who mandated the world menstruation hygiene day? It isn’t on the calendar. Also according to this very irritating woman, the U.S. taxpayer is supposed to supply every female in the world with tampons. She should spend the money she and her parents stole from the Clinton foundation to pay for her favorite causes.

  9. Bilgeez says:

    Anything to blame on Trump for failures that he has nothing to do with. Where is the left’s wonderful UN in all this? I thought they were the cure-all, be-all for everyone on earth? Why can’t the wonderful UN solve all the world’s problems? Oh yeah, those pesky Conservatives! The excuse machine never runs out of fuel…

    1. Rex1949 says:

      Bilgeez: You forgot one thing here. Billy Boy Clinton screwed this country up with the aid of his leech wife Hillary. Then came the biggest evil of them all Barrack Hussein Obama and his leech wife Michelle. Who is a man and not a woman. Now we have intruding into our governments life is all who I mentioned but a additional leech named Chelsea Clinton. Need
      To wipe from this good earth these people and wipe out the disease they spread to this country and other countries.

  10. mary ann says:

    Chelsea needs to keep her father locked up so women can be safe.

    1. ongelofelijk says:

      You mean here step-father !

      1. mary ann says:

        You’re right, I forgot about Hubbell.

  11. jong says:

    Of course her period lasts like her mothers all month long. And it now appears that Chelsea for some reason thinks that the US Taxpayer should now put out for safe places to insert Tampons. If this was not so idiotic it would be a joke for the likes of Monty Python,.

  12. justaman says:

    Webster Hubbell’s daughter is annoying.

    1. ongelofelijk says:

      My point exactly !

  13. Alleged Comment says:

    Wendell Hubbell’s daughter. YUCK!

  14. Anthony says:

    Like mother , like daughter

  15. Sparkle says:

    Hasn’t anyone told Chell -c that the clinton dynasty is over & she will soon be
    Visiting the family in prison. Not to mention her Uncle George .Soros. The whole
    Clan shud be locked up. She needs to stay home with her child. & the women’sspecial day?? – Ain’t nothing sacred anymore.. Really, how stupid can
    She be? All this crap thinking she is going to win an election? OMG HELP US !!

  16. mrp15 says:

    Chelsea with the horse face is trying to make herself relevant because she is preparing to run for office in order to keep the donations pouring in to the Clinton Foundation. After Hillary’s defeat the foundation has taken huge losses and the crooked Clintons now need Chelsea to carry on the family business, as unqualified and corrupt as she is. Even her husband has created his own scandals on Wall Street separating many of his investors from their fortunes, and he was counting on Hillary to win in order to attract more investors. Sorry, Marc. She lost and you’re stuck with Chelsea.

  17. Ralph H Moran says:

    Females have had their periods from the beginning of time and somehow they have figured out how to take care of the “problem”. Now Target Stores and some schools allow “men” in the ladies restrooms and dressing rooms, so now there is a problem with the girls having a period once a month for about a week and they need a “Safe Place” they had one it was called the ladies room.

  18. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Unbelievable…she is so disgusting it’s pathetic. Please just go away & stay away. My stomach can’t stand much more of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Linda Lee says:

    How can we ensure girls and women’s personal hygiene and dignity by having boys dressed as women in their locker rooms? That’s my first question? And let me add that I am in complete sympathy with the plight of those who are transgender (I have one in my family) need a safe place to go to the bathroom, but it can’t be in the opposite sex’s bathrooms. The guys wanting to be women are in real danger in men’s bathrooms from men who hate them, and girls shouldn’t have their privacy invaded by boys wanting to be girls. Trans genders need a place where they can feel safe using the bathroom. I don’t know how they are going to accomplish this.

    Second, women like Chelsea Clinton who are behind these marches that are sponsored by the likes of Linda Sarsour are doing girls and women a huge disservice and may be even putting them in danger.

  20. Chris Berg says:

    The US and other civilized countries are not responsible for the health, hygiene and special feminine needs of the third world countries. Every human being throughout history has dealt with this, the civilized countries handled it well, and progressed, the primitive societies of the third world did NOT. It is THEIR requirement and responsibility to advance beyond their present conditions. Chelsea Clinton is trying to position herself for a run for any political office based upon her name and her wacko socialist/feminist agenda and desires.

  21. Arielle says:

    Chelsea is desperate. She wants to be influential, regarding different issues, but she just looks ridiculous !

  22. Floyd says:

    Chelsea should get back under daddy’s desk like all the other 2 bit girls and George Steponallofus

  23. yatesracing says:


  24. Discusted says:

    Hey there Chelsea Hubble … GO TO HELL !

  25. Discusted says:

    Damn … I thought her name was Chelsea Webb ! Hell she looks just like her real father !

  26. Diane Ross Eslinger says:

    OK, let me see if I have this info correct….if you’re a woman, and you’re poor you cannot afford to have your period….SERIOUSLY??????? Back when I was in school [hate dating myself here] BUT EVERY MONTH, girls lost a few days out of school due to cramps and everything else that comes with the territory AND generations of women before that went thru the same thing…don’t matter how much money you have once a month you’re going thru the same thing as every other woman on the planet AND yeah Chelsea, I’m going to broadcast that to the world every month that “it’s time”…exactly what the heck is she suggesting here….that if you’re poor you can’t afford to have a period……what the heck is this girl smoking

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