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  1. Gen11American says:

    Since the Clinton Political Machine has been allowed to operate since before Bill Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas, leaving 90 to 100 corpses in their wake during their rise to the Presidency, it’s no wonder they feel so entitled to do whatever they want without suffering any consequences. That’s what’s been happening all along! Even scrubbing 33,000 emails from a private server after being issued a subpeona from Congress didn’t get Hillary indicted by Comey even though “Little People” have been incarcerated for far less. As long as Americans realize there is a two-two justice system operating in the US, lawlessness will be rampant, and unless the elites are punished just as severely for committing crimes as the “Little People,” the “Little People” may start taking the law into their own hands and meting out justice vigilante style when it’s least expected.

    1. SG says:

      Agree – they have always thought that they were above the law. I hope they all go to jail, but as you said the little people do go to jail for leaks, r mishandling of classified documents. Why hillary still has access is beyond gross negligence of the govt. You have to re-certify on your security clearance and I’d like to see what she puts on there to keep her clearance. It would be full of lies and again, she and obama, lynch, holder, waters, reid and all of those Anti-Americans NEED to go to jail period.

      1. gg says:

        If the government does nothing to these criminals, there will be nothing to stop others from criminal actions. Important for them to prosecute or we will end up like the wild, wild west in days of old.

      2. Mathew Molk says:

        Clearance is NOT equal to access. Even left over obomites arnt stupid enough to give her dsirect access to the shit house at CIA HQ in Arlington.

        1. SG says:

          Never say never, the left follows NO law, and if they can’t get info they make it up. The rules are for everyone else not them. I think with democrats, it doesn’t matter if hiLIARy doesn’t have access or a need to know, she will ask her democrat buddies and they will get it for her, or have it leaked.

    2. gg says:

      One thing we have seen, Trump and his team are much wiser than the left and sure they are on top of everything. I know they have reasons and show in the past they have out smarted the left. Go Donald Go!

  2. Robert Jumonville says:

    When will they revoke Hillary & companies security clearances? why has this continued.

    1. mpdMD1965 says:

      Who has the right to demand the revoking of all security clearances now being allowed by Rotten Clinton and company? Which bonehead group is aware of this and continues to allow such a travesty. Cease and Desist order should be initiated pronto and firing of whomever allowed this fiasco should occur PRONTO.

      1. vts46 says:

        Actually,Secretary of State Tillerson could revoke Hillary’s security clearance immediately if he wanted to,why the delay in so many decisions in the Trump Administration is questionable.

        1. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says:

          Please don’t say that!!! Otherwise??????

        2. WuDanFu says:

          Try to understand that everything that anyone in the Trump administration does is under a microscope and is susceptible to spin, accusations fly on an hourly basis

        3. skw says:


          1. doug says:

            Hillary has done enough to put her under the jail . Anyone else would be in federal prison if they did what she has done …Just ask Comey lol

        4. Mathew Molk says:

          Does anybody really believe that even a dunderhead lefte over onomite would risk making the can by givint the cackling witch access to secrete information. – I had a clearance when I was in the Army and I never was told it was revoked,,,,but it’s uesless. – Ever hear of “Nice to know” vs “Need to know” ? Of you ever dealt wotj classified material you would know.

    2. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says:

      I would dearly love to know the reason myself!! Creepy & sleazy!!

  3. mad max says:

    Chilton is dangerous to America and American people. Just look at what the liberals have done. Inter cities running wild and when a cop kills one, they collect tax payers money. Let illegals in by the hordes and puts them on welfare like the inter city bunch. They bring in thousands of America hating muslims, and again tax payers pay the price, not only with money but with women and children’s lives. Americas abandoned to let die, and millions of American dollars sent to Iran our worst enemy. Killing unborn children, just because their unwanted by the mother. Not because of any problem health wise. Thinks same sex is marriage is a good thing. And pervert men in little girls restrooms is fine. This is only the tip of the ice burg. Now we wonder why America is in the toilet.

  4. US Patriot says:

    Her Security Clearance as well as her staffs security clearances should have been revoked on November 8, 2016. She has no rights having a security clearance

    1. Red Steiner says:

      Actually they should have been revoked when she resigned as secretary of state. I assumed this was a dodge to keep from being tried for complicity in the Murders of the Benghazi Diplomats and Military personnel who were killed due to she and Obama’s lack concern for their safety.

      1. CurlyJ555 says:

        Red, nice catch… These people sure are clever rascals, aren’t they… I’m thinking how clever I’m going to be at their sentencing… Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget.

        1. Countrysunrise says:

          Thank you for your service!! Enjoy the 4th of July!! You, of anyone, deserve the right to celebrate it more than anyone!!

    2. David in MA says:

      I wonder, do Powell and Kissinger still have their clearances?
      And other former people with past clearances still have theirs……?

  5. William L. Ramsburg says:


  6. travis690 says:

    Reality Winner broke the law, apparently by her own choice. She was not forced to do so by President Trump, or by anyone else. She deserves a full and complete prosecution for releasing this information from a top-secret area.

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      She did it to try and be a hero, to get back at President Trump. She was actually one of President Obama’s people – not President Trump’s people!!

      1. travis690 says:

        I concur. I was more into pointing out that she was opposed to President Trump by stating that he didn’t tell her to reveal this information. I have no doubts that she was inspired by Obama and the hillbillies to break the law.

        1. David in MA says:

          And, she may be in violation of the Hatch Act.

  7. pappy450 says:

    It is long past due to haul the whole cabal of TREASONOUS TRAITORS in, try, prosecute and execute, or imprison them.

    SOROS the “financier” of MOST of this CRAP needs to also be included, Along with all of his minions.
    These “organizations” that are constantly trying to undermine and overthrow the government need to be stopped and ELIMINATED permanently.

    1. gg says:

      Agree with you, Soros is a Nazi and sure pushing that to the left; who would vote for satan himself if he ran on the donkey side of the fence. He is on the names of the investigations and seen a fake post that he said he was retiring..haha all who believe that, stand on your head.

    2. Countrysunrise says:

      This man is wanted by several Countries for ruining their economies!! He tried to overthrow the election in his native Hungary just recently, by funneling thousands of dollars to his offshoot group. He pays people here to protest, and gets away with NOT paying for the damage he causes for property damage that they cause!! He and his buddies are trying to cause a soft coup, and should be arrested!! I’m sick of looking at photos of that old, sick man!! His friends are no better, and they’ve all been brainwashed!! They need intervention — NOW!!

  8. Red Steiner says:

    My qestion is, When are they going to indict her and the rest of the Obama/Clinton

    Cartel for treason, complicity in the Benghazi Murders, complicity to commit various other felonies, etc?

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      We need to keep up the heat on Jeff Sessions to try the Obama Administration for crimes against our Government!! Only then will he try her and the rest of them – Holder, Lynch, Lerner, Pagliano, Abedin, Brazile, Podesta, Jarrett, Power, Rice, Farkas, McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Clinton, and more to come. They need to be tried NOW!!!

  9. tryscavage says:

    I can’t believe that no one has figured out why Hillary had numerous classified documents sent to her private email site. She has committed the same crime years ago when she was First Lady and did get caught. This time she had figured a way where if she were to be caught she could claim that some one broke into her private site and stole the information. Therefore she took information that some one or country paid the Clinton Foundation for and put it one her site and told that person how to break into her site to get the information.

    1. CurlyJ555 says:

      Trys, think about the fact she sent SAP, TS, S, U, C,Conf., information to “her” lawyers…. And we are to believe those individuals have the appropriate level of clearance to view the documents?
      Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget.

      1. Countrysunrise says:

        Comey said himself that her home-brewed server was compromised on more than one occasion. That means that other Countries got our Nation’s Secrets!! She should be brought up on charges for that fact alone, and she hasn’t!! There are so many charges that woman is guilty of, but the charges hasn’t been brought up yet. The entire Obama Administration is guilty of crimes against our Government, and hasn’t been brought up on charges. This goes from Obama, all the way down to the janitor, but not counting the janitor!! Get ready for the Trial of the Century, when they get ready with the paperwork!! I know Judicial Watch isn’t done with her yet!!

  10. Rodney Steward says:

    I thought her clearance was taken away after the server was found in her bathroom!! How stupid can you get, this is like sending a man with aids to a whore house!!

  11. skw says:


  12. Mathew Molk says:

    What planet is this bozo the sensationalist clown from? While the NWO Marxists are fighting him tooth and nail my President’s administration has in no way been undermined. As far as all the good done so far? – Under reported by the MSM, Yes. Undermined though? Get real.

  13. William Durham says:

    Clinton and her whole little group are fucking crooks and liars. They think the US is their money bank and they will do what ever they want or need to keep it that way. Jail the bitch and all her pals

    1. Countrysunrise says:

      She’s losing money for her slush fund Foundation, and needs to find a way to put money back into it!!

  14. Countrysunrise says:

    Because Hillary was the former Secretary of State, until she is accused and convicted of her crimes, they won’t take her Security Clearances away. But why are her cronies still given their clearances?? They are nobodies now — just average Citizens!! Those clearances should be dropped immediately!!

  15. dude says:

    I agree they should not have any gov. info and they need to fire or transfer any body that had anything to do with hillary or obama and revolk all their top secret clearances and obamas too

  16. Bill Cash says:

    I would like to know when and if the laws have been changed concerning classified materials??? It has always been the law that when someone was removed from the government, either by prosecution or retirement, that someone would be debriefed about their work and their security clearance revoked immediately. The law EXEMPTS NOBODY!! The law further states that anyone who violates the law by discussing, releasing, or in anyway compromises the nations security will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Hillary Clinton and staff would have gone through that debriefing and signed a sworn statement to that effect if the law had been followed. NEXT QUESTION: Was the law intentionally ignored for Clinton and her staff??!!

  17. CurlyJ555 says:

    Patience is one of the attributes of a sniper. We have acquired the targets and they know it.
    The moment of execution must accommodate the laws of logic. Hold fire until you see the whites of their eyes. Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget.

  18. jhforsythe says:

    The leakers are traitors, and should be caught and punished accordingly. Personally, I like the firing squad to show them the error of their ways.

  19. David in MA says:

    “The results of this most current investigation ‘could’ lead to Clinton and staffers losing their security clearance, according to Fox News.”
    These people are clearly in violation of law and must be stripped of security clearance and jailed as “probability to flee prosecution” while being “investigated”, this is no time for “professional courtesy”.

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