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Breaking News; Another New Obama Scandal

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  1. kybob says:

    And soon we will be paying for internet service for to use
    on their smart phones.

    1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      Legally they aren’t allowed smart phones. Back a couple of years ago, I had bought an android phone, & promptly lost my Safe Link service, So I have no idea how people are getting smart phones through this program.

    2. Rose Ribitzki says:

      WHAT ???? … I KNOW FOLKS THAT HAVE THOSE “FREE” PHONES & HAVE MORE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET THAN I DO !!! … … claim they are broken & go get a new one… upgrade, etc … biggest fraud there is ! … makes one wonder when all this will STOP !!!

  2. Elisha says:

    We put up with 8 years of the Rodhamites, then 8 years of the Busheviks, and then 8 years of the Obammunists. This is more than enough of the deep state, establishment, Wall Street types. The current crop of elected officials is a clique of paid, professional liars. They’re all Demolicans and Republicrats, Demonrats and Rethugs, Democraps and Redoodoolickhands. After all, the “D” stands for Dinosaur while the “R” stands for Reptile. This all pretty-much amounts to a one-party state, which is not in keeping with the Constitutional Republic we are originally intended to be.

    1. Phillip says:

      Dude! Have you lost your mind???!! “Facts” and “truth” have no bearing on this conversation.

      IMHO, Obama should be impeached before he invades the Bay of Pigs again!!! In the meantime, let’s give him back he phone so he can keep himself busy by ‘tweeting’ during his morning BMs (lord knows if he gets bored in there, he may actually start reading his PDBs and start acting like a real president!).

      1. Eric Hartman says:

        You are absolutely correct. How ever so silly of me. I hope you can find it your heart to forgive me.

        1. Phillip says:

          If you promise to keep ‘roiling the waters’, I think that can be arranged.

          1. Eric Hartman says:

            Done Deal 🙂

  3. richard black says:

    i fear it will take my lifetime to cure what this dumbass did in 8 yrs !!!

  4. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I have a cell phone through the Safe Link program. But, it’s not a smart phone, so I can’t access the internet with it. I only have it for emergencies, if I’m out in my truck. It’s a ’96, so I never know for sure that it won’t break down, plus I also have health issues, & never know if something will happen with those while I’m out running errands, going to the doctor, etc. The only thing I had to prove to get the phone service, was that I draw food stamps. I had read an article about the rampant cheating in the types of phones they gave out, & in those who didn’t really qualify, If worse came to worse, I CAN survive without the cell phone. Most people are addicted to their smart phones though.

  5. Dan says:

    Aren’t we all just so sick of Barack Hussein Obama? We’re sick of his face, we’re sick of his voice and sick of everything he stands for….

    1. george briar says:

      I hate the bugger and that dude he’s married to.

    2. Rose Ribitzki says:

      AMEN ! AMEN !!! & AMEN !!!!!!!

  6. joleenworden says:

    So if there is a private bank account with $9 billion in it, just whose money is it and where does it really belong? Let me guess, this explains all those ridiculous expensive vacations the Obama’s take? Seriously, why would a Government Program have a private bank account? Isn’t that our tax money? Someone better wake up and get rid of the fraud.

    1. nicholsda says:

      No, it isn’t your “tax” money. And it really does not belong to the government either. It should be refunded back to those who have been paying that fee every month. The consumers who paid it in in the first place because they have a phone line.

    2. Rose Ribitzki says:

      AGREE ! … AGREE 1000% !

  7. Ed C says:

    Obama was just another illegal Chicago thug. He is now receiving his payoffs for his corrupt administration.

    1. Rose Ribitzki says:

      AND IT CHAPS MY ARSE THE WAY HE HAS ABUSED HIS POSITION !!! … but that is the reason he was so wanting to be president… for HIS benefit & to bring our country down to a third world MUSLIM status

  8. Russell says:

    Some of the phones I have seen has free calls to other countries. Well if you say the tax payer are paying it. Sure its free .

  9. Ginger says:

    As more comes out about the corruption during the Obama years, it’s easy to see how Obama doubled the national debt in 8 years, adding more debt than all of the prior presidents combined. Yet, we have very little to show for it. What a disgrace. I hope the Trump Administration will undo all of this damage.

    1. Rose Ribitzki says:

      it will take longer than 2 terms of Trump to undo all the damage inflicted upon this country … will take decades !!! President Trump can only do so much, & with the sorry congress to back him, … well… go figure !!!

  10. Grant1959 says:

    President Obama, Commander and Thief…..just sayin…..

  11. george briar says:

    the democrats know all too well it will take more than two terms of Trump to uncover all the fraud and corruption created during the Obama years and it’s why they are so desperate to get back in power. we must never let the democrats back vote them out every time and every where they run. In time Trump will put a huge dent in their corruption but we must be careful after Trump leaves after two terms because if they get back in they will reverse everything back. Obama should be arrested for treason along with George Soros. Trump was the best thing to happen to this country.

    1. Rose Ribitzki says:


  12. AXT says:

    You guys are all such fools…. this article is misleading beyond belief.
    1) the program predates the Obama administration, and the “Obamaphone” name was added to go along with the other welfare programs under the administration. Obamacare, etc.
    2) there isn’t a PENNY of the US taxdollar being spent on this. The government administers the program, but CELL PHONE PROVIDERS pay for it. This ‘scandal’ is the doing of private corporations, not the government.
    3) To prove the above point, 19 fraudulent​ applications were submitted to cell phone carriers. 12 passed. None of them went through the federal government, mind you.
    I swear, this entire website is a ship of fools….

    1. Grant1959 says:

      and you think the cell phone providers are doing this for free, talk about being born yesterday……

      1. AXT says:

        I never said that. I never even implied that, they pay for this by making your phone bills a few cents higher each time. However, blaming the government for this issue is like squirrels for food shortages. Sure, I could probably come up with some connection, but it isn’t the actual problem. If you take issue with this, take it up with AT&T and Verizon, who abuse the program to make money. The FCC has already taken steps to clean this up, but ultimately, your dollar controls these companies.

    2. Phillip says:

      Dude! Have you lost your mind???!! “Facts” and “truth” have no bearing on this conversation.

      IMHO, Obama should be impeached before he invades the Mars del Whacko again!!! In the meantime, let’s give him back he phone so he can keep himself busy by ‘tweeting’ during his morning BMs (lord knows if he gets bored in there, he may actually start reading the newspapers and start acting like someone who understands the world).

      1. AXT says:

        Lmao thank you sir, I need that comedic relief and proof that America still had some logical people in it. Good day to you sir.

        1. Phillip says:

          And, to you! 🙂

    3. chief1937 says:

      If what you say is true why is there a charge on my phone bill for this It’s listed as acc and franchise fees. The government can pay nothing but what they get from tax payers that my friend is their only income. The government has no job and makes no money themselves.

      1. AXT says:

        I have absolutely no idea what you meant or implied in the slightest. The franchise fees are to cover the costs of the stores, workers, etc. Each company has the ability to charge such fees if they desire; some make their plans flat rates, others don’t.
        Are you trying to argue against taxes? Saying the federal government is a for-profit entity? I mean, I could read you a billion articles by philosophers and economists about how taxation is necessary and collectivism, but I could be wasting my time on another brainwashed fool.

        1. nicholsda says:

          Franchise fees are what the telcos pay to the county/state for use of right of way. That is what you see on your bill and not for stores.

          1. AXT says:

            It varies by carrier, as I said before and I’ll say again. Some charge fees wherever possible, some compile them into a “service fee,” some don’t even charge you any fees. But none of that matters anyways.

  13. Phillip says:

    Obama just keeps sinking lower and lower!

    First he divides the country with his coded (and non-coded) racial campaign messages, then he babbles through one ‘interview’ after another proving that if you can’t baffle them with brilliance, try burying them in bu11$h1t!, and just today it’s finally revealed that his campaign staff colluded with a foreign government to get him ‘elected’. I’m sure that any minute now we’ll find out that he really was involved in Benghazi and the email server in his basement includes secret communist love letters (and sexting!) with Lenin, Stalin, and Chairman Mao!

    I wish that he was still president so we could IMPEACH him!!

    1. chief1937 says:

      I think most of us are just glad he is gone but unfortunately not forgotten.The president should revoke his citizenship, oh wait it has not been proven he is a citizen, and send him back to Kenya.

      1. AXT says:

        The above was satirical….

        1. Phillip says:

          Actually, it was more like shooting fish in a barrel.

      2. Phillip says:

        I find it TOTALLY amazing that the CIA would abet Obama in his lies!!

        That the CIA would (under cover of DARKness!) sneak into libraries all over the REAL United States of America and swap out 50 year-old microfilm of the Hawaii newspapers so it would SEEM like his birth announcement had been included, is HORRIBLE. PLUS, that libraries all across OUR country (especially those in ‘red states’) would agree to be party to such a FOOLISH lie, confounds my brain!

  14. chief1937 says:

    Regardless of when this program was implemented it should be discontinued if you want elderly who can not afford a phone to have emergency coverage subscribe to one of the life support programs most phone companies have. I have never understood the reasoning behind Obama phones they provide absolutely no nourishment to anyone only an opportunity for fraud and misuse.

    1. AXT says:

      Welcome to the 21st century kid. Access to telecommunications, including cell towers and wifi, are necessary to succeed in society. Don’t have a phone? You’re screwed if you want a job or a family. Don’t have internet access? You’re uninformed and can’t file anything. This program is an attempted to change that; to give the unfortunate a chance at a normal life, to give them something necessary in the modern era. The richest country in the world – The united states – has a duty to help those slightly less fortunate. By ignoring the cry for help, we are making waste of our American values and resources. If poorer countries can do this without a hesitation, it’s a shame there’s so much backlash in American society. Nothing ever became great because of traditional values, the US has become great because it was on the cutting edge of technology and society.

  15. mary says:

    Obama phones should be given to those in need with stipulations. They can call their doctor or hospital, the ambulance or cab to be transported to the doctor or hospital and one or two people to let them know there is a problem. They should not be able to call someone just to chit chat and definitely no texts.

  16. Rose Ribitzki says:

    my opinion ….. discontinue this fraud (taxpayers expense) immediately ….take all the phones away, or discontinue the service !! … most of these phones… 95%… are being used for personal social benefits … has NOTHING to do with looking for jobs !!!… if you take them away, more folks WILL go out looking for jobs… so many buzzard’s programs were only meant for the public to DEPEND ON THE GOVERNMENT !! … ALL PART OF BUZZARD’S PLAN TO TURNING THIS INTO A COMMUNISTIC COUNTRY !!!

  17. William M Durham says:

    cancel the whole damn program period. Want a cell phone pay for it with your own money. Give the poor a land line for emergencies.

  18. EE says:

    “O” isn’t a dumb ass– he is a muslim white collar terrorist with the dumb ass goal of destroying the USA so shariah law can replace the Constitution! He is the enemy from within and all his appointees! GET IT!

  19. Dan says:

    Obama’s evil hurt all Americans. He is a worthless baby killer not worth his weight in crap. The good Lord will take care of him as he has been a Judas to all Americans.

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