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Anthem-Protesting Quarterback Gets Support From Trump Enemy

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  1. Lillian DeVore says:

    Sports organizations need to stay out of politics. It is ruining their viewership. Seattle wants them to hire someone based on their own political views. It would be a mistake if they listen.

    1. iceman2 says:

      Wrong. I every company there is a poison pill that damages the environment. He IS that pill..

  2. chief1937 says:

    If Kaepernick makes the roster it just might be detrimental to the welfare of the whole team. His so called protest against injustice was no reason to disrespect our flag. He is a loose cannon and teams should tread lightly with him.

    1. iceman2 says:

      If they sign hom, it will be a slap in the face of the fans. Our team is made up of really good people of which he has issues…

  3. richard black says:

    dont even have to read the story…… WASHINGTON STATE…. nuff said !!!

  4. DPMP says:

    If any sports team listens to a political party, no matter which side, it would be their loss. We the people want less government in our lives not more. Let’s make America better again not worse.

  5. Corey Trew says:

    say it aint so? that pos is getting everything he deserves!!!!!! you made your bed now sleep in it Colin! only a team like Seattle would want to give its money away while your sitting on the bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good riddance ya pos !!!!!

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      This is a king county official NOT Seahawk’s bigwigs themselves (yet)

      Perhaps this is the same person who is pushing for $15 minimum wage while ignoring that her native India still has severe class issues, mistreatment of women (gang rapes) and sewage in the streets but she feels it is ok to complain about the country that let you immigrate into a productive society.

  6. tjmorgan says:


  7. David Stottlemyer says:

    Kaepernick is a total ASS and he is a DISGRACE to Every American!!

  8. mjmaf says:

    Team chemistry is of absolute importance and Colin Kaepernick has tainted his own well.

  9. KDC says:

    Sawant is just another communist who hates America. She’s also an anti Semite. Birds of a feather. And this coward isn’t doing himself any favors by having her as his spokes person.
    “Opposition to U.S. support of Israel. During the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict, Sawant unsuccessfully urged the Seattle City Council to condemn both Israel’s attacks on Gaza and Hamas’s attacks on Israel, and called on President Obama and Congress to denounce the Israeli blockade of Gaza and to cut off all military assistance to Israel. Sawant’s call to condemn Israel’s actions prompted a response from Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer, calling for Sawant to retract the statement.”
    We don’t need people like this in our country.

  10. CaptTurbo says:

    Let Peckerneck rot!

  11. RIOCAR says:


  12. Martin says:

    A unamerican POS.

  13. gilfaethwy says:

    Kaepernick showed a complete ignorance of American and world history by his diatribes against our country. EVERY country in EVERY age has had prejudice against minorities— America is the odd-man-out because that prejudice is, relatively, so mild here, despite what Leftists and rabble-rousers state. And compare the lives lived by most African Americans here to those lived in, oh, say, Somalia or Sudan or Chad or Congo or Zimbabwe or Rwanda… or Haiti, for that matter. They should bless, in retrospect, those responsible for their being here. (And THOSE, despite the pseudohistory being inculcated into our children, were overwhelmingly OTHER BLACKS, not the relative handful of white slavers blamed with kidnapping millions of Africans, something logistically and numerically VERY unlikely, an in any case, impossible without the collusion and participation of other Africans)…
    As far as Kshama Sawant is concerned, she is a bigoted Black supremacist, a demagogue, and anything but a fair judge of racial issues. And she and Kaepernick both display a biliousness combined with an ignorance and a Leftist “holier than thou” smugness that is truly unfortunate.

    1. Robert Lee says:

      Leftists, liberals, and rabble-rousers only call people racist because if there were no racists, they don’t have a platform to fool the majority of the black community. So they lie and call everyone a racist.

      1. gilfaethwy says:

        I quite agree, Robert. A classic case of shadow projection… kind of like when Pee Wee Herman would retort, “I know you are, but what am I?”

  14. Kenny Anderson says:

    NO! DON’T! Don’t do that to the dignity of your team.

  15. Barmaid51 says:

    If Kaepernick never took a knee, he still would have a hard time getting another contract. He’s a mediocre player at his best, an albatross at his worst.

  16. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

    SEAHAWKS better think twice-your 12th man fans are as red white and blue loyal as they come! Don’t cut your fans and economic throats by playing politics!

  17. Swihartkc says:

    I will get as many season ticket members as I can to PROTEST HIS A**hem

  18. Swihartkc says:

    Colin has a communist woman doing his bidding… he wants to a field negro AGAIN

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