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Nancy Pelosi Just Ended The Democratic Party With This Accusation

  • Franie

    Geez, Pelosi is another one of those insane political loons on the Left. Not only that, but she too, needs to be prosecuted for all her misdeeds and crimes against humanity!!!

  • Elisha

    Rep. Pelosi is experiencing a major, unfortunate issue (of a personal nature) with alcohol abuse. And her current string of public statements demonstrates that she’s on the wrong side of history. Nevertheless, it is Hillary R. Clinton who has thoroughly trashed what’s left of the Democratic Party. Hillary is a criminally insane Communist witch.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    Her accusations fit very well with the DEMOCRATIC party, not the Republican party. BUT, the Republican party is on it’s way out too. People are fed up with them NOT doing what we voted for them to do. WE have the majority in the House, & the Senate, AND a Republican President, yet they continue to blame Dims for not passing laws that We The People want. In ’18, they may just lose their majorities.