Delusional Comedian’s Violent Gesture Towards Trump Backfires

  • Betty

    Now she and her lawyer are claiming the Trumps are bulling her. What a joke her “apology” didn’t get off the hook,so lets just blame the Trumps. She and Rosie and the male “comedian” who said add a torn off leg should all be boycotted if that is their idea of comedy

    • Pat Robertson

      Well she learned the victom game from her idol Hillary

    • dragonfire777

      Rosie is a pig in human clothing.

      • Louise Adams

        Yes she is and so is Kathy!

  • 3Curmudgeon3

    She thinks she’s being bullied? Are you kidding me? If she doesn’t like the country where she makes her money, she should leave and go to the Congo where they won’t understand her comedy (did I just say comedy) either. She’s a pig of the first order, no disrespect to the pigs is intended.

    • EttaMae Williams Svider

      She is just like what the pigs slosh around in 😡

  • mary ann

    Kathy Griffin is hillarys twin, blame the other person. Griffin is a terrorist, she showed her true colors. She endorsed terrorism when she presented that horrible picture of our President. It wasn’t only bad for Barron Trump but for all children who will see that. She really needs to be punished for this.

    • Louise Adams

      There definitely needs to be consequences for this, that was a threat
      to the President and I thought that was a crime in itself people have
      been jailed for much less! She is promoting violence and encouraging
      the enemy! She needs to be arrested I guarantee if it was Obama she
      would be and as bad as I detest Obama I would say the same if it was
      him, that is actions of a terrorist plain and simple!

      • mary ann

        Is anything being done to griffin? I havent heard anything. It seems its ok to say or do anything to our President & you get a free ride.

        • Louise Adams

          The democrats and liberals think they have the right to say
          or do anything to the president or anyone else that they disagree
          with, these people have to be stopped one way or another or
          we all go down with them!

        • erleebird

          It was my understanding she’s been fired from CNN and has lost a couple of sponsors! Sorry, Kathy, you brought it upon yourself and It is shameful what you did. As a woman, you are certainly NOT a role model!

  • The Capatin

    Anti-Americanism, vulgarisms and poor taste are hot selling items, right along with flashy and cheap appeal to those with no ability to craft intelligent humor. Gone are the days of Will Rogers, Gracie Allen, George Goble, Red Skelton and Bennett Cerf. They have been replaced by the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Roseanne Barr and Kathy Griffin.

    I am saddened by such social degeneration.

  • Joel Goodman


    • Ron haymaker

      She’ll burst into flames right after she takes her last breath! SUCK IT KATHY!!!!

      • Louise Adams

        The devil is waiting for her!

        • Ron haymaker

          He’ll be busy,but I’m sure he’ll make time for her. Did you notice “he’ll” & “hell” have the same letters.

  • “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

    Kathy Griffin’s Trump Beheaded shot is a perfect example of providing aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States.

    We have more than the required 2 witness to her and Tyler Shields’ photography group’s act of treason.

    Conviction carries the death penalty.

    I propose an equivalent punishment rather than immediately executing the lot of them, we fly them to the Middle East, and parachute them over the center of ISIS territory.

  • ernldo

    Kathy…whore…please, try suicide!

  • Watchdog

    What a turnaround. She still doesn’t get it.Not everyone has the same sense of Bates humor.

  • cp123

    Just go away. You are finished and rightly so.

  • 3Curmudgeon3

    This woman is probably getting more airtime than she would normally get, which is in a sense too bad. To me it represents treason, but most people won’t see it that way. A sitting president is still our sitting president and that action by Kathy Griffin constitutes prosecution in some way. Since I’ve seen nothing, I guess it’s up to us by not going to her concerts, watch her TV appearances or attend her routine (which is not that good) at comedy clubs.

  • Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Run over her ugly face with a lawnmower–it will improve her looks

    • Shayne Jenkins

      After all the rain we’ve gotten these last few days, I have to cut my grass… Bring her over…

  • Rick D.

    It want take long before the brain-dead Hollywood elitist will rally together in support of this repulsive wench!!

  • dragonfire777

    She thought she would get away with her vile act and it back fired and cost her plenty. She made her choice, now she can live with the results. I have not one shred of sympathy for her. “Suck it up buttercup.”

  • Arielle

    This NOT FUNNY comedian, actually thought this tasteless, disgusting act was funny ? Even after getting flak from both Political parties, and every body else with any common sense, she insisted on talking about it on end. What she should have done is apologize, and then BE QUIET. Unfortunately. she is not smart enough to know that !

  • james.m.heller

    I think allowing so called comedians to miss treat anyone let along President Trump, are catalyst for the miss directed to act our there fantasizes.

  • MIKE6080

    besides blowing up the wh ,madonna was going to blow all hillory voters

  • Robert E. Herbst

    Extremely Stupid PIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cecilia Robarge

    Hey murderer in your heart and soul, you are going to hell as soon as Jesus calls for your soul and that will be your punishment for your crimes of the heart. amen